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An Open Letter to DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones

Dear Madam Secretary,

Kamusta po? Let us be direct to the point. Unlike the other open letters addressed to different government officials, the aim of this letter is not to point out your incompetence. Puno na po ng negativity ang Facebook, Twitter, and even Insta world at ayaw na po naming dagdagan. Hindi katulad ng sa iba, hindi po naming kayo sisisihin sa bulok na sistema na meron tayo ngayon sa kagawarang ating patuloy na minamahal dahil alam po naming hindi naman po kayo ang tanging dahilan kung bakit naghihirap ang mga taong nasasakupan ng DepEd lalo na ang mga guro.

In the past days, different Facebook and other social media pages and groups of teachers have been filled with posts addressing their rants, sentiments, and complain after the BELOW 5K SALARY they received. We busied ourselves reading the comments on different posts which expressed same grievances.

I’m tired of working with the DepEd.
Suko na ko. Nakakawalang gana na maging guro.
Lagi na lang bang ganito ang Sistema?
Kawawa naman tayong mga guro.

Member, TeacherPH Facebook Group

At dahil po sa isyung yan, naungkat na ang lahat ng mga anumalya sa kagawaran at iba pang sentimyento ng mga guro tungkol sa kanilang trabaho. That is why, we decided to compile all the comments we read on social media and all the sharing of our friends working in the public schools who experienced unpleasant things related to their work.


by Ms. Public School Teacher Sana

Hi madam! I am not a public school teacher. I was about to become one but I chose not to because of a bad experience during the hiring process. Addition na lang po yung mga unpleasant sentiments that I have been hearing from the teachers who are part of your department.

Here is why:

Unfortunately, the voices of the aspiring public school teachers are not often heard. The Department of Education neglects us. We suffer from a very flawed hiring process. The hiring process is totally flawed in most divisions, I should say.

I remember myself some years ago: I wanted to pursue my MA and pay for the medical maintenance of my mom while supporting my younger brother for his college studies. A graduate of Education, I knew that being a public school teacher was the most possible way to do all these things so I decided to apply. I made sure my documents are complete. I spent time and money collecting them (my PDS, NSO, NBI clearance, Barangay clearance, Police clearance, Cedula, Photocopies of every certificate I had, and etc.).

But.. on the day of the demo and interview, I was amazed of how they treated us, hundreds of applicants from different municipalities of the province. We waited for a long time (some literally did for three days) for the interview and demo teaching only to find out that our teaching skills will not be assessed very well. So this is what happened, it took two months for the school administrator to call and inform us that I had to appear at the division’s office for the demo and interview. I found out that it was going to be a “division-wide” ranking so hundreds of teacher applicants in the whole division came to the office just to secure their application only to find out that the interview and demo teaching were cancelled. This left us disappointed since most of us travelled for more than three hours just to get there and of course to save money, we needed to stay at the cheapest hotels in the city. The next day, hundreds of teachers again appeared at the office and formed a long queue for their names to be listed down on the attendance sheet. Of course, since there were hundreds of us waiting for our turn, the other applicants were asked to come back the other day which made them enraged! They had been in the city for a day and had spent their money for a night of stay at the hotel and there they were again…. Finding themselves in the same situation they were in the last day. It is just so sad because most applicants came from remote municipalities so they had to pay for a hotel. Some of them were even crying literally because they did not know where to get money to pay for the additional night of stay in the city center.

I was very fortunate because our group was called on that very day. So when we entered the room, we were asked to answer a specific question and introduce ourselves. In front of the other applicants. Our answers could be heard and it was obvious that those who do not know how to answer and what to answer to the question given to us could get some ideas from those who volunteered to give their answers first. Then I felt even more surprised when the one who volunteered to answer first was asked to leave the room telling her she’s done. When we asked about the demo teaching, THE PANEL SAID THAT “THAT WAS IT!” They have already graded her demo teaching skills.


Some of the applicants were also embarrassed by the panels demoralizing them. In my opinion, it is not right to turn down someone in front of everyone. Especially if he/she is a teacher since it makes them lose their confidence. I believe that any official working to serve the teachers and students should be after boosting their confidence. Not degrading them. Shame on the panels! They did not deserve the applicants’ respect.

I can say that this system of screening and judging the ability of teacher applicants is ROTTEN. It is very obvious that this institution is not organized and it prevents the mobility of teachers nationwide.

What saddens me the most is that we don’t have an assurance and it leaves us thinking whether we’ll get hired or not. It’s a tough competition especially now that a new DEPED order was just released stating that an applicant should score 70 points to get qualified for a teaching position! AND THIS IS SUCH A BIG JOKE!

They also encourage us all to accomplish the online application and they seem to have introduced a new process of hiring which left us puzzled.

“Are we going to be interviewed again? Will we repeat the demo?”

OH! SHAME! This just made this application more stressful!


by Mr. Math Teacher Sana

Hi madam! Hindi ako umaangal sa sweldo. Unlike the other teachers, I don’t have a serious financial struggle. My only concern is that I am teaching Filipino when in fact, I studied Math as my major. I don’t want to fool myself and the students as well. I am not very good at teaching the subject itself. I was not trained to teach language but numbers. My enthusiasm is dying. I have written a formal letter to my head and to all people who can possibly help me get over this but I have been teaching Filipino for three years now. I know in myself that I’d be a better teacher if I will be given a chance to teach the subject that I mastered.

I am aware that I am not the only one who has this case. Marami kami madam! At unti-unti kaming kinakain ng Sistema. Petmalu ang struggle. Mas pressured pa kami sa mga bata sa takot na mapahiya araw-araw. Of course, our students are smarter these days and they know whether their teacher has mastered what he/she is teaching. And hindi naman po kami makapag alibi at magsabi sa mga bata na: “Sorry mga anak, hindi ko talaga gamay ang Filipino kasi Math major ako eh. Napag-utusan lang magturo ng Filipino.”

Dahil ayaw naming mapahiya ang mga namumuno sa kagawaran. Anon na lang iisipin ng mga bata sa sistema? Kahit papano ay pinangangalagaan pa rin naming ang reputasyon ng mga nakatataas sa amin. Ngunit kami? Asan na ang pangangalaga para sa min? Who thinks about our growth as a professional? As a teacher who is able to improve more in teaching his specialization?


By Ms. Sumbungera

Mula sa gula-gulanit na dingding tuwing matatapos ang bagyo, pangit at magaspang na sahig, walang kulay na silid, sira-sirang upuan na gegewang-gewang. Madam, lodi na yata ako ng mga co-teachers ko sa instant make-over na ginagawa ko taun-taon sa classrooms na natotoka sakin. I always make sure na shining, shimmering, splendid naman ang sahig at colourful than a rainbow ang wall nito at ginagastos ko ang sarili kong pera para bumili ng materyales na kailangan. Some of my friends who are not teachers even tell me that I am such a fool to spend my money for the school because the school should provide the money to beautify itself. They do not understand that the school fund which is supposed to be used for school’s benefit is not being used at all. It seems a mystery how it is being spent and us, teachers, pretend that we do not know anything about what’s happening with the MOOE.

Madam, I have already written formal letters to the division’s office but I ended up being bullied by the officials there. Paano ba naman kasi, bff nila ang school head namin. Magkakasabwat sila. One more thing, madam! Palagi na lang alis ng alis ang school head namin. She’s always out of the picture tapos biglang post sa FB ng hashtag travel goals nya with her family and friends. It is very unfair. Hindi sa ayaw naming na masaya sya na maglagalag at kung anu-ano pa. It is very obvious kasi kung saan napupunta yung nakukurakot na MOOE. We are not born yesterday. Kahit sino naman pong may common sense, knows na knows na kung bakit hanggang ngayon, ang pangit pangit pa rin ng school namin. There is no transparency sa MOOE. Tapos ngiti lang ang binibigay nya samin. Parang ngiti na may threat na: SUBUKAN NYO LANG UMALMA, TODAS KAYO SA MGA BFF KO SA DIVISION’S OFFICE.

We are powerless. How do we solve this problem? We don’t want to spend too much of our salary to pay for what the school can’t. Pero nangyayari pa rin dahil ayaw naman po naming mawalang gana ang mga bata. At least, we want to give them a little motivation to continue going to school. We love our students a lot and we will do many things just to make sure they are motivated. Maybe some teachers won’t but please ayaw po naming ma generalize na wala naman kaming pakeelam sa mga bata tapos ang lakas naming mag demand ng salary increase. No…. our point is, we want salary increase para naman kahit papano hindi namin maramdaman ang malaking kabawasan ng pag spend naming ng pera for the school and instructional materials and more! Thank you madam!


by Ms. IM’s 2017

I am very lucky for having friends who work in private institutions. Madam, isa ako sa mga nakikinabang sa mga sample copies for evaluation na dinidistribute ng mga publishing companies sa mga private schools. Matik na talaga na sakin binibigay ng mga friends ko ang mga books for evaluation tuwing matatapos sila sap ag evaluate ng mga ito. I believe that my fellow teachers will understand why. Ang mahal kasi ng textbook kung bibili ako. It ranges from 400 to 700. Kaya umaasa ako sa bigay and thanks to the generosity of these private school institutions kasi minsan nag dodonate pa sila ng used books ng mag students nila. Tsk. Madam, I am one of those who are getting tired of the system. Kulang na kulang po ang textbooks. I have more than 40 students in the classroom at hati hati pa sila sa textbook. Minsan nga, yung iba wala talagang gamit. Papaano sila matututo nyan? It is very hard for us teachers to teacher them kasi dapat naming isa-isahin sila. Hindi effective yung one to two days discussion. Ang isang lesson, nagtatagal minsan ng 5 days dahil nga walang materials especially saming mga English teachers. Of course we do not want to provide photocopies of the reading text all the time. Imagine…. A ten page story… Kung ipapa print or I papa photocopy po naming yun at paulit ulit naming gagawin yun sa loob ng isang taon, wala tlaga kaming matitikman sa sahod namin.

Please madam, do something. Hindi kaming mga guro ang kawawa kundi ang mga bata. Gustuhin man naming na makapagturo ng maayos, malayo itong mangyari sapagkat kulang na kulang an gaming kagamitan.


By Ms. Bullied

I only have one question, madam:

Who will protect teachers from student bullies?

Sadly, teachers still get the blame for their misbehaving students and that they are being shut up and told not to complain and are being told that it’s their fault why their students behaved so. I am a victim of student’s bullying both personal and on social media and sadly, the student was just able to easily run away from it. Hindi lang kwento ng isang guro ang kwento ko. Kundi kwento naming lahat. Hindi lamang TURO o Delivery ang kaakibat ng pagtuturo! kasabay nito ung kalusugan mo hindi lang pang pisikal pati mental at emosyonal!

Read: Students and Parents Bullying Teachers: A Fast Spreading Disease


By Mr. CZ

We are over burdened with too much paper works, idagdag pa po ang mga non-teaching paper works na trabaho dapat ng ibang government agencies pero sa teachers pinapagawa ng walang compensation. Plus the LIS na literally mapapaiyak ka talaga. Yung napala bagal ng internet or may problem sa website ng DepEd. Tapos dis oras na ng gabi or madaling araw sya gagana ng mabilis kaya ka mapipilitang magpuyat. Then, you come to work tired and sleepless, you have noo more energy to teach but still, you’ll push yourself to the limit because you don’t want to give the least to your students.

DLL, DLP, and more paperwork together with the overloaded schedule.

We want some rest din po madam.

The things mentioned above were just some of the thousand concerns of the teachers nationwide. We hope that you take time addressing our issues working in the department. Alam po naming madam na tanging kayo lamang po ang makakapagpabago ng sistema at pupukpok sa mga opisyal na di ginagawa ang tungkulin nila. Bilang sekretarya ng kagawaran, kayo po ang may kontrol sa lahat ng ito. Makakaasa po kayong susuporthan naming kayo sa kung anuman pong hakbang ang inyong gawin upang malutas ang mga problemang nabanggit.

BTW madam, we took some comments on a post in TeacherPH Facebook Group Page. Pakibasa na lang po sana.

TeacherPH Facebook Group


There are 2 things that pain me as a teacher:

1. My salary that the government pays me despite the fact that the FUTURE of the PHILIPPINES is in MY CLASSROOM!

2. My salary is always compared to anyone outside the agency, always regarded as higher than the “basic” when my responsibilities are a hundred folds heavier than theirs…them, not understanding that I DO NOT WORK FOR THE FUTURE OF SOMEBODY ELSES BUSINESS, I WORK FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY! This is totally an OMG!

Karen Meode-Dongon


Jboy Lonub Ramoj

Prioritize the learners by giving them what is for them like LM visual aid na di kukunin sa bulsa namin…
Lagyan nyo ng tv ang bawat room para di na kami bibili..pagawa ng library na may libro..maayos na palikuran at facililies..

Bawasan ang paper works na walang kwenta..ang gawaing pang d.o.at staff ay kay staff ang trabaho namin magturo wag puro delegation…

Ayusin ang pagpromote sa dapat …magobserve at magevaluate ng mabuti sa deserving ibigay hindi sa kamaganak o pet o kakilala o kumpare o kumare…

Ser Cyrus

1. Dishonesty of teachers(were always saying honesty is the best policy and yet teachers are the first violators)example.. doctoring of student’s individual grades,los result,periodical test result etc..(im not saying all of us teachers but belive me, MAJORITY!?)
2. corruption starts in school- better not to have a feeding program(anlaki ng pera dito,ANDALING DAYAIN ANG RESIBO?)MOOE-marami akong alam na prinsEPAL ngpapagawa nalang ng resibo nagbibigay nalang ng TIP???…CENTRALIZED TEST PAPER DISTRIBUTION..(anlaki kita ng mga prinsEPAL at visor jan)ID nako corruption din yan…
3.the most painful is-the result of corruption and dishonesty of teachers to the LEARNERS

Velasco Rednax

Remove rpms-ipcrf..it sucks our time…and we are teachers…therefore our duty is to teach our pupils to achieve quality education….

– Alma Gomez Espinoza

top 1 ko po ay ang hindi ipromote kht pirmado na ng superintendent,asst. superintendent, hrmo officer, administrative officer, wala po palang kwenta kapag pinag initan ka ng district supervisor ,pinaikot ikot ka lang d ka naman ipupuwesto
top 2 ung pinagyirapan mo iayos ang rum mo for so many years ka na e isang araw ay di ka na dun dahil may ipupwestong like nya
top 3 un mga opisyal na kagaya nyang c lola liling walang awa

Wilma Ballesteros Miguel Marquez

1. Classroom structuring – na dapat provided na kasi govt institution ang public school. Di dapat kay teacher ipagastos yan!
2. NO BUDGET FOR INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS – either si teacher ang gagastos or pinapa homeroom project sa mga parents.
3. Malabong payroll and payslip. Ang gulo ng sweldo. This month meron, malaking sweldo, pagdating ng next montj or a few months after biglang walang sweldo or maliit lang, maraming deductions. Kesyo daw nag overpayment last sweldo. E hindi naman Naka detalye sa payslip na sobrang hirap basahin kasi dot matrix na printer pa ang ginamit pam print ng payslip. Kung tanungin ang personnel or incharge sa sweldo, they can’t even give you straight answer. Nakaka frustrate! Para kang nanglilimos ng sweldo e pinaghirapan mo naman yun. Uggggh! Grrrr!
4. No restday – sembreak na nga lng, may naka sked pa na MPRE. 1 whole week from 8-5pm na nakaupo pra makinig sa mga speakers na makaduka. Couldve just used the sem break to finish all the necessary things needed to prepare IMs pagbalik ng klase. Sat/Sun naka sked ang mga seminars and trainings na ang sabi may service credits DAW. Pro truth of the matter is, joke ra diay. Kay wala daw na approve. Ano un, lokohan?!?! Nakakapikon!

Salvacion Salve Villanueva

salary is for the classroom improvement, finance students need specially during competitions, professional development, and of course, not the least, for the family and personal needs…ow, please justify if the teachers are well compensated.! .. please dont ever compare us with other government agencies… DAHIL WALA SILANG IBANG SINUSUPORTAHAN SA SWELDO NILA KUNDI SARILI AT PAMILYA NILA.. PASALAMT KAYO MAHAL NAMIN PROPISYON NAMIN!!!

Sherwin Cerezo

Idagdag na rin natin yung walang katapusang evaluation sa Gulayan sa Paaralan, Room Evaluation, Disaster Evaluation at kung anu-ano pang Evaluation… May pundo nga ito pag nakasali ang mga ito sa Annual Procurement Plan, pero ang katutuhanan na nag papalabas ng personal na pera ang mga guro para manalo rin para sa IPCRF natin. Minsan nga nag review tayo sa mga estudyante natin para sa mga quiz bee, nag bibigay din tayo ng snacks sa mga students natin. Hindi naman sa nagbibilang ka sa mga gawain pero sanan huwag naman nilang bilangin sa mga guro ang hinihingi nitong umento sa sahod dahil yung mga totoong guro sa Public Schools ay hindi nag bibilang sa mga naiambag nito sa Lipunan.

Jboy Lonub Ramoj

Babaan ang tax
Bawasan paper works
Taasan ang sweldo 35 to 40k…

Grasyah Grazzy Quipquip Guzman

Tanggalin na po sana ang IPCRF gawing purely teaching nalang c teacher ibalik yung ibinawas na augmentation allowance pabilisin ang promotion

Shirley Erispe

tama rin mam kagaya ngayon all saints day mula.pa.kahapon pinagawa kami ng SH ng Dash Board pasok doon lahat ng docu…gumagawa ng IPCRF at gumagawa ng Teachers M&E report…san don ang pahinga na xnasabi nila kaya dapat alisin na c Briones

Rodolfo Gonzaga


Christian Zulueta

ur right sir wala naman talagang luho…kahit mag survey pa… kagaya ko 2 ang nag cocollege 1 graduating 1 3rd year sabay na nag eenroll para 2nd sem yong isa nag boboard mala u sa pamilya kc ojt na yong NTHP ko 4k lang xmpre mag loloan ako para makatapos ung anak ko bakit c sec Magtolis Briones magpapa utang ba?

Rodolfo Gonzaga

Isa pa, hindi lahat ng teachers na maraming loan ay luho ang pinagkagastusan. Marami sa mga teachers na may problema sa loan napilitang mag-loan dahil sa maed or doctoral nila, for medical emergencies, bayad sa lupa, tuition ng mga anak, and other biglaang bayarin o gastusin na dahil wala mautangan or kulang ang pera ay napipilitang mag-loan bilang solusyon. And alam nating lahat na once mag-loan ang teacher, dahil ibabawas yun sa mga susunod na sahod ang mangyayari mapipilitan na naman mag-loan dahil kulang na ang mga susunod na budget, and tuloy na sa domino effect. Kaya dapat makita at ma-realize yan ng deped secretary. Kung ibabagsak pa niya ang mga teachers with too much deductions, wala nang pag-asang makaahon ang mga teachers na may existing loans at obligadong patuloy na mag-loan dahil wala na ngang natitira sa buwanang sahod. How inconsiderate those above who does not care about the teachers personal and family dilemma CAUSED BY THE BURDENS DUMPED ON THE SELF- & FAMILY-SACRIFICING TEACHERS.

Christian Zulueta

Hirap nga po talaga ng life ng teachers. Ang problema hindi tayo sinusuportahan ng tama. Hindi school equipments and pera lang dapat ang nasa isip ng mga nasa taas when it comes to helping the teachers below. Dapat tinitingnan and kino-consider din nilang solusyunan at aksyunan yung iba pang mga burdens natin na hindi nila nakikita sa spreadsheets. Over burdened with too much paper works, idagdag pa mga non-teaching paper works na trabaho dapat ng ibang government agencies pero sa teachers pinapagawa ng walang compensation, classroom evaluation na obligadong gastusan ng bongga ng sariling bulsa para lang makapag-comply at ma-please ang mga bibisita, at maraming pang iba na sa ngayon ay “wala silang pakialam.”

Christian Zulueta

1. Paper works, never ending report, treeplanting with geocam so hard to get service creadits. monthly report for coordinators with documentation.
2. No books no classroom
3.DLL DLP Making… So many activities required we cant ask money coz no collection policy ang ending ang teacher mo gasto
Pwede pa more???
4. Classroom evaluation na sobrang gastos .. Wala naman silang binigay na money.
5. Late may deduction . Marami naman kami OT walang bayad.. Thank you lang..
6. So hard to pleased superiors .. Mga fault finders.
Actually marami pa..

Fritz Escilam

1. lowest salary tayo among other countries
2. be exempted from tax kc sabi nga we are heroes
3. lessen paper works, para lp lang tlaga at pagtuturo ang gawin bg teacher

Andy T. Macasinag

1. Gamit lahat sa pagtuturo dapat provided sa gobyerno hindi teachers pa bibili.
2. Overworked.
3. Bigyan ng classrooms…

Lyde SatCap

1st salary dapat taasan kasi halos nauubos lang sweldo sa pamasahi o gasolina, pagkain at mga materials pangturo. 2nd is dapat may projector, laptop at speaker ang bawat classroom or may ilang room na meron mga yan na ready gamitin ng mga guro. 3rd is sana bawasan na mg paper works namin mga guro, dami na kasi, minsan pinakokopya nalang mga students kasi merong form na dapat ma pass agad.

Ni Ño

1. Ibaba ng tax s BIR

Aldwin Malonzo

1.ang sahod po ay halos napupunta lang s skul especially po dun s malalayong lugar nagtuturo o kung hnd naman po ay s structuring of classroom..kung gusto mong maganda.. bihisan mo..ayusan mo.. kailangang humugot s sariling bulsa
2. too many ancillary services n apektado ang pag aaral or ang klase n dapat ay nakalaan para s kanila.
3. dapat dw may ict integration.. kung gayon please provide us the necessary equipments like tv, projector, laptop, printer..EACH OF US.. para masabing may ict integration ang klase. mahirap po kc pag hiraman.
4. sana po pag nag sick leave. may sweldo p dn naman po kahit kalahati lang. nakakaputi lang po tlga ng mata pag walang walang sweldo. almost 2 months po ang intayin bgo maksahod ulit. kaya nga po nag sick leave para makapahinga. kung may sweldo man po pambili lang dn po ng gamot.
kung wla paano n po ang sakit..mas lalo p pong lalala..
5. please provide us the necessary equipments that will make our classroom CONDUCIVE TO LEARNING..

Jhoanne Mondejar

Saturday class seminar sat and sunday no time for d family… urgent report within a day asap… no transparency sa diff trainings ng division namin kung saan.at kanino napupunta kc no resibo at posting sa transparency board ng division…

Marlon Fulgencio

1. Medical care for teachers para humaba buhay natin at di lumala ang sakit. Sana may annualy general or executive check-up tayong mga guro at samahan narin ng tamang rekomendasyon ng nutritionist, doctor at tamang exercise from trainors.
2. Kawalan ng text books and other learning materials. At kung meron man mahinang klase ang pagkakagawa kaya madaling masira kahit na balutin ng plastic. Kailangang bigyang pansin ng gobyerno ang kalidad ng kagamitan sa pagtuturo at pag-aaral kasi dito na tayo sa 21st century learners kahit di pa tayo talagang handa dapat gawin naman natin ang lahat para sa mga bata.
3. Teacher – pupil ratio ay di pare-parehas kasi nga pinipili ng magulang kung saan nya gusto pag-aralin anak nya. Kahit na isang hakbang lang ng bata ang barrio school ay mas pipiliin ni magulang si bata na mag aral sa fetral school kasi iba daw kalidad sa central school. Kawawa naman ang central school kasi sagad ang dami ng bata sa bawat silid samantalang si barrio school abay marami na ang 30sa bawat silid. Dapat striktong maipatupad ang zoning at ilatag ang mga dahilan kung bakit ito ipinapatupad. Kasi halimbawang may magulang malapit ang central school sa trabaho syempre mas mabuting mabilis mong silipin ang anak mo kung may aberya at maisabay sa pagpasok at pag-uwi.

Romualdo Montefalcon Cañeda

Yong sabihan ka na ano man ang ginagawa mo , bitiwan at uunahin ang hinihinging report. Tulad ng hihingin ang report ng test results na ang test papers ay hindi pa dumating (PIL-IRI) . Mga reports na kadalasan ay ASAP !

Cecilia Villar

competitions add to the financial burden of teachers. Lging walang pera ang school for the expenses of the contestants. Si teacher lagi ang nag so shoulder ng bastos. di naman siya mare imburse, if ever mabayaran, taaaaaaaaaaaaagaaaall masyado.

Lourdes Gepana Dela Torre

1.personal expense s pagpapaganda ng room pti visual aids at classroom evaluation n need mo lhat gastusan kz my checklist nkkaubos din s budget pti internet khit n report nman gagawin mo 2. Dami contest kawawa ung mga di contestant kz nktutok k dun s lalaban dpat turo lng tau 3.so much report and paperworks

Lourdes Gepana Dela Torre it is not good to know that some school administrators are wasting school funds that do not benefit the school much. Transparency is not observed. SO… remove the SBM from the school heads especially on the financial management. Some of them use their power to divert the use of the school funds not for the school development. COA’s action comes to audit after the money has been used or exhausted.

Neth Antonio

1 salary..bakit yun iba ang trabaho gang weekdays lng may ot pa..tayo gang bahay sabado linggo holiday baha at bagyo kahit declared walang pasok may ttrabahuhin at walang ot paysung.
2. Sandamakmak na forms 1.2.3.etc..un nasa tg kokopyahin sa dll..
San damakamak na acronyms means sandamakmak na paperworks.
3. YUN NAPAKATAAS NA TAX!sana tAnggalin na yon kasi public servant na tayo at sa pilipinas lahat ng bilihin may tax na..hAlos lahat ng dadaanan may bayad na din..
Dobol tax! HINDI TAMA

Jessa Claire Calderon Caleon

1.SALARY INCREASE across d board at least 10% mn lng sana
2.GSIS transparency of computation of.our loans na sana nman maliit lng interest at sana meron kami matanggap na dividends

Marylou Gales

LOTS OF PAPER WORKS (karamihan na gawain ng ibang department sa teacher pinapagawa sila magcoconsolidate lng; EQ and Fire drill, Deworming, 4Ps, Bullying etc.)
PREPARATION OF DLL’S (Lalo na kami nsa Small School, Mdami preparation 3am plang dapat gising na)
LIMITED RESOURCES ( Laging panlaban ang maging resourceful daw si teacher)

Christian Rey Rodrigueza Morasa

1. Paperworks, paperworks, as in kawawa si Mother Earth mauubos na ang mga puno.
2. Transparency in MOOE
3. The demands are high but the provision of resources is so limited.

– Louise White

1. I had approved erf reclassification for h.t.3, but I was not included in the budget for the year 2015, because it prioritized the unpromoted teachers. In the year 2016 budget, again I was not included in the list among applicants for that calendar year budget. I thought Reclassification is for all but a selection of one’s own accord. (Surigao Norte Div. )

– Eutiquio Galido Paje Jr.

1. Too much paper work and online work like LIS & other reports… internet connection c/o ICT leader
2. Promotion even if the teachers r qualified for promotion but still iba ang tinitingnan sa tinititigan
3. Lack of support from our department

– Shirley Guzman

dapat po talaga 15/30 ang sahod para nakakaadjust ng budget.haba kasi ng panahon bago sumahod then ang MOOE dapat ibigay directa sa guro para naman sila na ang magbuget ng kailangan nila.Alisin ang mga bully na mga namumuno sa DepEd.

– Anabelle Villareal

Walang katapusan at walang kakwenta kwentang reports na tinatambak lang at tinatapon, uncompetitive salary and lack of teaching supply materials! Grabe pahirap sa teacher! Kung ano ano pinapagawa sa atin kaya d makapagturo ng maayos! Tapos sasabihin ng principal gawa ng paraan para I pass lahat walang katapusan na reports.walang mga pakialam sa hirap na hirap na teacher graveside kaung mga boss!

– Efren Manalang

1) ipapareport ka kung sabado dahil may schedule na activity….pag may mangyayari sayo nyan di ka naman sasagotin ng GSIS….tapus fill-up pa na FULL SERVICE RENDERED, wala namang ngyayari don, wlang OT pay or leave credit na ibibigay. 2) young sahud tuwing kabilugan ng buwan lang….kayat d mag pang abut…uutang ka talaga…domino effect na kaagad yan. 3)clerical works, registrar works, clinic works, administration works, tindira ng snacks from the canteen,….YAN! ANG DAMI PANG ADDENDUM!!! sana pagturuin nalang tayo…yun bang attendance ng bata lang, lessons and IMs, at mga forms sa klase mo ang gagawin natin….katulad sa vietnam mga guro nla doon ngtuturo lang talaga, iba yong ng ko-compute ng mga grades ng mga bata….haaaiiiist….yan lang po…..AY SORRY PO HA, PERO MAY ISA PA PO PALA, IPCRF….abay kada kilos sa loob ng klase o labas ng klase dapat pinipicturan!!! nghahabul lage ng certificate ang guro, kaya d na tuloy maka concentrate sa pagtuturo dahil sa pag wo-worry kung sino ang mag pi=picture sa kanya o saan kaya ang camera/cellphone nkalagay…NOON D NAMAN GANYAN ANG MGA GURO NAMIN, PERO MAAYOS NAMAN KAMING LUMAKI, NAKAPAGTRABAHO, NABUBUHAY KAHIT GIPIT….ngayong mas lalung humigpit ang gipit dahil sa mga addtional na mga gawain na yan….

– Agnes BMags

“No child left behind policy.” It sucks! They promote even those who cannot read!

– Tet Galinato Aguilo

1. Maging Maka-Diyos… Sabi ni Lord ibigin mo ang iyong kapwa kagaya ng pag-ibig mo sa AKIN
2. Maging makatao…gusto niyang patayin sa gutom ang mga guro at pamilya nito…imagine biglang naglaho ang sweldo ng ilang guro sa bansa
3. Maging Makabansa…aba eh nakakahiya na sa kanyang bibig pa nanggaling na namememeke at maluho ang mga guro… Gusto niyang sirain ang magandang reputasyon ng mga guro sa bansang Pilipinas…

– Vener Madia Mabunga

1.GSIS…ang liit ng nahiram na pera sa kanila nangitlog ng nangitlog ng interest.2.paperworks,ang dami..yumaman na ang mga paper companies sa bansa sa dami ng paperwork’s na ginagawa sa school.3.Salary increase na kakarampot sa SSL ni PNOY..sana madagdagan

– Danda Rock

1. PREPARATION OF DLL WITHOUT ANYa I’MS. Low salary comparing to other countries and teachers protection

– Juliana F. Bartolome

Too much paper works….
Limited resources…
Too many academic and non academic contest….

– Claire Marte Ocampo

1. The degrading words from those who never try to understand us
2. Little protection from the government
3. Being the least compensated gov employees now and then.

– Aimee Alabado

1. TOO MUCH PAPER WORKS…., madaling araw na tulog na lahat ng kapitbahay ang mga guro gising pa sa dami ng school report….DLL, SF FORMS, IPCRF + ATTACHMENTS, CLASS RECORDS, PUPILS CARD + AWARDS, PERIODICAL TEST ITEM ANALYSIS AND RESULTS PER SUBJECT, ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT, ETC..ETC… 2. TOO MUCH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES…pati Sabado at Linggo sa school pa rin ang pupuntahan mo dahil kailangan lahat may GULAYAN SA PAARALAN kahit lower grades hawak mo…pwede bang sa higher grades na lang po yan…CONTEST DITO …CONTEST DOON…ubos na ang oras sa pag rereview ng mga bata para manalo sa QUIZ BEE,. magpapractice pa para sa SPORTS COMPETITION, SKILLS COMPETITION, CHAMBER THEATER, BIGSAYAWIT…ilan lang pa po yan …At pati nga TEACHERS ngayon kasali na rin sa mga COMPETITION under TEACHERS CATEGORY…lalo na di nakapagturo si GURO…kawawang mga estudyante…EXAM NA PALA…pagbalik ni GURO… 3. NO BUDGET….masaklap pa niyan wala palang budget ang NO.1 at NO.2 …SAGOT LAHAT NG KAWAWANG GURO ANG GASTOS…TAPOS ANG KAKARAMPOT NA SWELDO napunta lang din sa school…LONDON DITO… LONDON DOON…ang napunta naman sa pamilya….HELLO MTMAS AT CITY SAVINGS…nasan ka GSIS ng kailangan ka namin..

– Lorie Macalagay Galanido

Ang mabilis umangat sa sweldo ay ang mga nasa taas na wala namang nagawang trabaho kundi ang ibalik ang pondo sa gobyerno at magkunwaring tapat sa trabaho.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

1. Little salary
2. Students delinquency due to child protection policy
3. Underrated profession

– Maya Olay

Sarcastic na pagsagot ng mga nakatataas na opisyales sa deped.na sa twing may hinaing ang mga guro,sa halip na tulungan sasabihan na magresign kng ayaw sa pamamalakad ng gobyerno.di ba ang galing?kaya dumadami rebelde.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

Ang basehan ng ranking para mapataas ang position ay papeles hindi base sa trabaho at achievements.kawawang pilipinas.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

Walang books.kung mayroon man,maraming mali.ang pangit nag arrangement.useless.ipinapakita lamang ang kababaan ng quality ng bidding dahil ang binabasehan at kinukuha ay lowest bidder,na syang nagbibigay ng cheap na quality ng mga materiales mapa papel man o konstruksyon.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

1. Inadequate salary
2. Sobrang dameng paper works sumabay p un mga ICT forms n kailangan. Nadoble lng tuloy ang gawain.
3.Budget for integrating technology in the class

– Emjhei Carillo

Papel,laptop,bond paper,printer,ink,curtains,soaps,hygiene kits sa teacher inaasa.pasok ba yan sa 2500 na chalk allowance the whole year?

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

1. family time/weekends are mostly used for school activities/seminars
2. they require a conducive classroom but don’t provide fund for it,,teachers spend much on classroom structuring
3. teachers spend much for school activities,,like contests,sagot ni teacher fare,food ng participants/contestants
4. no free medication/hospitalization yet they give us work that’s slowly killing us
5. big tax on the salary

– Marites Baniya Bumaynin Marrero

Walang hospitalization at even housing benefits ang mga teachers kng kaya pag may nagkasakit sa pamilya mas lalong nababaon sa utang.dahil ospital natin bayad natin

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

yung katapusan ng buwan lang ang sahuran..sana 15/30 para mas magaan gaan kahit papano…hnd masyadong mahaba ang tym ng susunod sahod..sana may health card din…

– Minnie Paulite Quiapo

Walang overtime pay pero may deduction kapag absent.hindi updated ang information tungkol sa leave credits.walang hinahawang papeles ang mga teachers tungkol sa mga benefits.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

Late ang remittance ng deped sa lahat ng ahensya.mapa pag ibig,philhealth at gsis.

– Analyn Coraza Bergantin

Sana po yung conso loan sa GSIS may amnesty para mabayaran ng mga teachers eh yun ang laki laki ng intetesr, compounded pa.. Saan ang hustisya sa pag utang sa sariling pera?

– Annaliza Acain Bassig

1. Budgetting my own resources for classroom painting and murals, reading corners, medicine kit, trash bins for diff materials, hygeine kit, safety kit etc….
2. Unending reports and paper works (vision-hearing, BMI, health cars, 4ps etc)
3. Teachers protection

– Neth-ski Cio-igna

Spending personal money for regular classroom and flower garden beautification

– Lauren Abella

1. No formal assessment of all students before enrollment
2.no specialists..medical professionals to help teachers to address students special needs
3.No workbooks and worksheets so teachers will no longer need to phoyocopy those from his /her pockets..

– Roselle Relles Antonio

1.salary increase
2.free executive check up every 2 years
3.free instructional materials

– Jenabelle Bartolata Almodal

1. paper works along with the overloaded sched po ng guro
2. inadequate budget for technology inside the classroom, teachers or school pa need mag provide.
3. budget for lm that should be provided to the students e no collection policy po tayo. di naman palaging sa guro kukunin ang budget ng xerox.

– Ma Alona Tan Dimaculangan

Paperworks, exaggerated child protection policy, millineal teachers pero walang issue na laptop, projectors at wifi at printers bawat isang teachers need pa mangutang ng pambili para makasabay. . Delapidated classrooms. . Atbp . . Not well compensated

– AJ Guerrero

#1. Blame sa akin na hindi makabasa ang pupil inspite na ginawa ko na lahat.Hindi nakikita ang parents factor at nutrition factor.#2.Numerous contributions at sabihan ka na your job in the deped is your bread ans buttee.Bakit nag apply ba ako para ibigay ang halos lahat ng salary sa department?#3. You are addressed as children during every conference,training or seminar workshop.Plus ang di mabilang na reports na ipinasa sa classroom teacher na kadalsan naging sagabal sa kanyang major responsibility-ang pagtuturo.

– Ivy Elis

Lack of facilities, meager salary and whom you know when it comes to promotion

– Rosalinda Ladisla Lato

1. Maliit na sahod. Hindi mapagkakasya sa isang buwan ang sahod lalo na kung maraming gastusin at nag-aaral ka pa ng M.A.
2. Sistema sa pagmamarka sa bata. Kahit minsan lang pumasok bastat pumapasok kailangang pumasa. TEACHER’S FACTOR!
3. Sipsipan to the highest level! Hahaha! Kung sino ang mas sumipsip sya ang wagi. Kesehodang hnd gumagawa at hnd nagtuturo.

– Karen Ong

Tpos lhat ng report computerized. Ibig sabihin bumili lahat ng guro ng sarili nilang computer plus dapat nka internet pa

– Maria Lourdes Galanza Coronacion

Masters degree, doctorate degrees, puro fake naman. ang thesis ibinayad lang sa mga unscrupulous “researchers”. Mga pusakal na magnanakaw naka upo ngayon sa deped maliban sa ilang batang idealist pa. sana di sila ma corrupt ng matatandang inutil na at corrupt pa.

– Allowance Mo Anak

Abolish DLL/DLP. Bcoz not im4tant.it is for s school head signature only.teacher needs only CG/TG & LM for d kearners.

– Cristobal Arabis

ang iniinterview kasi nla yung matataas na ang rank sa education….paano nman ang mga mababang rank tulad ko…..dna na nga ako nakapag masteral dahil sapat lng ang sahod ko sa pangangailangan ng pamilya ko,,,budget sa school kng saan ako na assign,,,at budget para sa gagamitin sa room…

– Evangeline Bagas Sanares Magolta

I love being a public school teacher,but its the system that I don’t understand. I wanted to go back to those days where I am focus on my daily lesson plan and making my instructional materials that would help my pypils understand my lesson. The paper works were just the necessary reports. Right now, no matter how much I embraced the kto12 curriculum but still i feel i am not an effective teacher. I don’t know what should i put in hand first.. are the papers that to be submitted right away or imparting the knowledge that my class should enjoyed!

– Cherrie Fe

1. Office and other related functions outweight your teaching time
2. Corruption in power… money…
3. Abusive old school “do-my-work” gods

– Lorifel Slow

Hazard pay for teachers. Chalk residues are hazardous to teachers when accumulated… Posting of GSIS contribution and loan payments must be updated every month to evade from surcharges and penalties. Thank you!

– Myla Panday Adiaton

Books should be 1 is to 1 para sa mga bata! At dapat may mga work book available!

– Godfrey Amori

1. Yung ginawa mo na lahat para sa ikabubuti ng studyante pero pag bagsak student mo tatanungin ka ng WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

2. Sasabihin masyadong demanding ang mga teachers for salary increase, narealize ba nila kung gaano kamahal mga bilihin ngaun at nakikita b nila sakripisyo ng teachers.

3. Yung benefits na nakalaan para sa teachers, natatanggap nman natin pero parang ang bigat sa kalooban nilang ibigay ito. Ramdam ko yun( ewan ko lang baka masyado lng me sensitive).

– Alfred De Vera Verceles

Incompetent skul heads, irrelevant paper works, non sense competition na ang guro naghahire ng coaches para sa papel n matatanggap.

– Michael S. Bautista

1. No exact date the releasing of salaries and bonuses;
2. Lack of support from the school head in terms of contests need pa ang teacher ang gumastos para maka join ng mga contest para sa mga bata.
3. Yung mga upoan at classrooms ay hindi quality ang pgkagawa at ang masakit pa nito ay ang guro ang palaging ng aayos ng mga sirang upoan at mga sirang sahig sa classroom.

– Franzesorwin Pao Torrefiel

Too many paper works. 6 hours teaching kumusta nman lalamunan mo, baga mo, legs mo, etc., LCD projector in every classroom para matugunan khit man lang ang 1st stage (beginning stage) ng pagiging ICT compliant ng education.

– Maria Lourdes Galanza Coronacion

hay naku mah seself rating pa ang guro mag cocompute ng grades ng 4 sections gaya ko 2 section na Math 2 section na MAPEH at isang senior high…gagawa ng monthly report jc adviser ako..plus mga ipcrf mag check ng qiuzzes mag record… pero di ako nag rereklamo na subrang dami ng trabahu ko sa skul ang hiling ko lang sa prc at kay auntie liling wag i pressure ang mga guro…incresan ang sweldo…yon po

– Rodolfo Gonzaga

Marami po ako gusto sabihin pero unahin ko nalang muna to: Why is a public school teacher required to do works that should be and supposed to be work of other government agencies? Dumadagdag pa po ito sa pinagpapaguran ng mga teachers na wala kinalaman sa teaching. Tulad ng mga trabahong Deworming, Child Mapping, at kung anu-ano pa na dapat sana ay responsibilidad ng ibang ahensya considering ito ang mga trabaho nila na binabayaran ng kaban ng bayan. Ang nangyayari teachers ang gumagawa ng trabaho nila habang sila mismo na sumasahod para sa ganitong trabaho ay naghihintay nalang ng report for consolidation mula sa mga schools. This is already and virtually a form of tolerating corruption dahil may mga ahensya tayo na hindi sulit ang bayad na serbisyo dahil sa iba ipinapagawa. Hirap kaya nun lalo na pag nagsabay-sabay itong mga non-teaching related extra burden.

Pangalawa po, salary increase. Hindi dahil kulang ang sahod dahil sa mga loan & tax deductions kundi dahil hindi na talaga patas ang salary ng teachers sa mahal ng mga gastusin. kahit mismong teacher na walang loan deductions pero gumagastos sa kuryente, tubig, pagkain, transpo, at tuition ng mga anak (or sarili in case of maed or doctoral worth up to P100K to complete) super grabe na po talagang kulang ang sahod. Paano pa kaya yung may mga basic loans na napilitang mag’loan pngpagamot or whatever family emergency reason)? Tapos idagdag pa na karamihan sa pangangailangan ng classroom pati narin pag-attend ng mga kung anu-ano para sa school ay hinuhugot din sa sariling bulsa ma’accomplish lang.

Pangatlo, pansinin natin na napakadali ng mga paper works sa mga private schools, & especially sa collegiate level dahil instead of daily lesson plans or DLL ay required lang sila gumawa ng (ano bang tawag dun sa document na listahan ng mga lessons covering a certain school year or sem) and lesson modules. Ang mahalaga lang naman diba ay ma-achieve ang learning and skills competencies? So why not just allow the teachers to prepare and work on their modules na more flexible because they will be able to adjust topics and lessons under a competency ng hindi na kailangan mag-sulat ng mag-sulat araw-araw.

Forth, a clear, structured, & black-and-white TEACHERS’ PROTECTION POLICY. Totoo that teachers can use a number of separate laws for our protection like Direct Assault, and so forth. Kaya lang dahil fragmented at hindi magkakasama, hindi madaling malaman at magamit ng teachers lalo na yung hindi aware sa lahat ng mga existing laws. If we could form a single TEACHERS’ PROTECTION POLICY we will be able to have a document summarizing all related and applicable existing laws (plus news ones if possible) into a single document that a teacher could read, study, & learn from in a single seating that after reading becomes more confident in his function as a teacher after learning all the protections he have under the law.

Fifth, to have a DepEd Secretary who is an ACTUAL FORMER TEACHER so that we will be able to have someone from the top who could truly relate to us, teachers, in terms of our situations not only in the classroom teaching scenarios, but also with our other non-teaching related burdens, attending seminars, and family situations directly affected by our work. Hindi dapat kung sinu-sino lang, not even the smartest person on Earth will not be able to give logic and justice to the DepEd Secretary position unless he or she came from our own field and rank.

– Christian Zulueta

When do u use as SDS or ASDS your discretionary power in terms of giving job item and to promotion? And how many times can u use ur discretionary power in giving job items ans promotion to teachers? Seems like unlimited time and chances….. please clarify if transpareny at work is practiced in the Department of Education..

– Marlyn Wyatt

1. its whom you know not what you know
2. lack of facilities in school
3.poor benefits
4.discretionary power of blahhhh
5 overwork unpaid and take home work unpaid lol but sick leave paid in advance lol

– Lyn Rolfarim

Reduce school activities ,konti nalang time sa academic, depende sa specialization

– Juliet R. Domingo

1. Paperworks
2. Interruption of classes
3. High ranking officials who are highly paid and blame teachers for our loans on something yet they have done nothing to increase the salary of teachers to address the necessities.

– Zshxar On

1.Low salary.2.low salary…3. Low salary. ..even for a single person…. Single doesn’t mean we look after ourselves only. We have parents to share our income and time. So we have to look for a second income like tutoring. A reason why we have to be at the Bundy clock at departure time.

– Ma Michelle de Leon

1. Students na napapabayaan dahil sa paperworks.
2. Asking for quality education pero walang LM, sariling pera ginagamit sa pagresearch sa internet
3. Mass promotion – nakahalata na kasi ang students na kahit hindi sila serious sa pag-aaral, kahit minsan lang papasok, at kahit hindi na mag-aral para sa exams papasa parin sila

– Jed Moore

1. too much paperworks sacrificing quality teaching time to pupils
2. lack of TGs and LMs jived with K12 curriculum
3. provide enough allowance for teaching devices especially so we are obliged to have computer aided instruction. sarili pong bulsa ang pinanggagalingan ng mga gnagamit mgmula sa ink, pantarpapel, pangdownload atbp.

– Bing Garcia Santiago

Sana ung mga Books na gagamitin natin ay tulad ng nasa mga private schools like ung books ng Rex , etc. tapos lahat ng mga bata isa isang books.. may teachers guide din nmn ung nasa rex na mga books nagsisilbing lesson plan ni teacher..

– Jraj Cham Cham

Provide FREE cough vaccine whatever u call that, FREE flu vaccine, FREE reproductive vaccine to male and female employees whatever u call that. That is number 8. Give important value on READING, NUMERACY, COMPREHENSION, BASIC LIFE SKILLS and GOOD MORAL CHARACTER. Meaning less teaching load.that is number 9. Delete overlapping of programs and lessen paler works of teachers. Qould be happy if I as a teacher concentrate only impàrting our great talent and experiences to learrners of the 21st Learning Century rather than by cut-off while performing our basic job desription and performing other roles.

– Marlyn Wyatt

Fair sa pag promote ng mga teachers sana. Walang kesyo brod or sis mo sila kaya na promote. Kesyo mga anak at pamangkin sila ng brod at sis at ng ninang.mo at ninong. FAIRNESS LANG PO. That is one. Overhaul the pomoted teachers from MT 1 to MT2 and up. From Principal 1 and up and more kasi ang dàminng scanned lang ang mga certificates and other papers. That is number 2. Illiminate assistant principal to schools na wala namang ginagawa halos kundi nag watch lang ng palabas ng show sa tv o kaya nag pindot pindot lang sa cellphone doon sa computer room na may unli wifi o kaya wala talaga sa school at kung hinahanap ng principal ng school ay wala dyan.that is number 3. Provide teaching-learning materials tangible to learners and teachers.if not, provide the financial aasistance to teachers on the field that handles subject areas.Let them liquidate after and submit to COA. That is number 4. Verify the authenticity and the veracity of the claimed submitted report of the so called ” seminar”? ” summit” ” , ” convention”, ” benchmarking”? After all, it is tax money. It is peoples money. That is number 5. Require and implement a strict rule to Deped Employees to wear DepEd uniform as prescribed whenever duty time. That is number 6. Make a habit or practice every start and middle.of the school year to discuss proper behavior towards co- teachers, superiors, parents, pupils and other stakeholders.that is number 7

– Marlyn Wyatt

Kung ako ang magiging DepEd Secretary:

1. Ipapatigil ko ang pag gamit ng Lesson Plan bagkus ay bibigyan ko ng Course Syllabus ang nga teachers. Naniniwala kasi ako na ang mga guro ay eksperto na at higit pa diyan, nasa guro ang kagalingan ng isang aralin.
2. Hindi na grades ang mag dedesisyon ng pagpasa ng estudyante kundi isang Qualifying Examination mula grades 2 hanggang 12. Kung bagsak ang bata sa Qualifying Exam ito ay retained sa kanyang grade.
3. Ang guro ay walang ibang gagawin kundi imonitor ang attendance ng bata at magturo sa loob ng klase. Walang reports, turo lang!
4. Bibigyan ko ng karapatan ang mga guro na ibagsak ang mga mag aaral na hindi naman talaga nag aaral. Quality over quantity.
5. Itataas ko ang sahod ng guro at ilelebel sa global salary scale ng mga teachers. Ito ay paraan ko din upang hikayatin ang mga Pilipinong guro na nagtuturo sa ibang bansa na dito na lang sa bansa natin magturo.
6. Hindi na maaaring mag reloan o loan ang mga teachers sa kahit na anong pribadong lending institution.
7. Gagawin ko ding 15-30 ang sahuran ng guro. Kaya naman kasi nababaon ang mga guro kasi matagal ang panahon na aantayin bago sumahod.
8. Palalagyan ko ng computer at projector ang bawat classroom para mabawasan ang gastusin ng guro sa mga teaching materials.
9. Babawasan ko ang tax na natatangap ng mga guro.
10. ICT allowance kesa Chalk allowance.

Ako ang unang taong magtatangol sa karapatan ng bawat guro.

Kaso, hindi naman ako talaga DepEd Secretary kaya itong mga ito ay imahinasyon lang!

– Don Tiburcio De Espadaña

Low salary grade. Salary increase po sana para di na masyado mangutang si titser.
Paperworks. Bawasan sana ang napakaraming paperworks ni titser. Wala na tayong time mag recess at lunchbreak or gumawa ng IMs at LP dahil sa paperworks na to.
Mass promotion. Tanggalin na to dahil walang quality education nangyayari sa mga bata. Dahil nito, iilan lang ang talagang nag-aaral ng mabuti. Yong iba, walang pakialam dahil alam nila na bawal sila ibagsak

– Janwill Ocampo

pretentious curriculum

– Allowance Mo Anak

Allowance Mo Anak unqualified, not even decent school heads.

– Allowance Mo Anak

1. PAPERWORKS that are not important. Yung tipong bawat galaw, bawat kibot need mo magnarrative, mag picture. Kaya nga may mga head teachers to monitor the teachers. Tama na yun. Ang daming nasasayang na papel. School forms na meron na sa LIS, need pa iprint. Bakit hindi gawing paperless ang mga trabaho since “pinopromote” nila ang paggamit ng mga database para sa mga gawaing pampaaralan. RPMS. IPCRF.
2. LOW SALARY with matching pagdedegrade. Unang una sa listahan ng propaganda ni PDuts noon ang pataasin, doblehin, ang sahod ng teacher. Wag sana syang makalimot. Yung pangmamata ng mismong Sec ng kagawaran. Na sana sya yung pumoprotekta at nakikipaglaban sa karapatang pangguro pero baliktad ang ginagawa nya.
3. FREE TRAININGS or SEMINARS for teachers.

– Euqcaj Auteuq Emiaj

60 is to 1 na ratio ng intermediate class. Kakapagod. No learning takes place minsan. Di yata teacher kelangan kundi wonderwoman.

– Marisol Flores Solis

What pains me?
1. Teacher in the Philippines are the lowest paid among other country
2. Electronic works yet there is no computer.ifever there is one, teacher cant find time to sit down due to paper works aside from teaching 6hrs a day.
3. Lack of books especially in senior high. I spent thousands to buy for my personal books in statistic, gen math, pre cal, basic cal, entreprenuer, accountancy, etc. I am a single parent and my net take home which is very low diverted to buying these books.

– Pacita Forto Mores Manipol

That K-12 idea of using mother tongue as the medium of instruction up to grade 3 at pagdating sa grade 4 using English language the medium of instruction anong palagay nila sa teacher magician? Hirap tuloy magturo sa grade 5 walang comprehension ang mga bata?.

– Herminia Manabat Bungay

1. Sandamakmak na paper works yung tipong naisipan mo na mag apply nlng na pagka secretary hindi na teacher. Yung 90% paperworks 10% nalang ang pagtuturo(sorry kung exaggerated ???✌✌✌) Mas masarap kaya kung tutok ka sa pagtururo na walang iniisip masyado na paperworks.
2. TAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (pwde po bang bawasan?over over kasi) yung tipong pati inaasam na hardship ng guro kakaltasan pa. Kunin nyo nalang cguro lahat (echus lang..baka naman pwdeng bawasan ang tax pwd rin pong wala ng tax mas maganda????)
3. Pwde po bang bago kayo magpa implement ikonsulta muna ang nasa field kasi kami ang nagiging kawawa. Puro kasi implement dito implement doon d mn lng iniisip kung kaya pa ba namin. Masyadong hanep eh yung ipinapagawa sa amin is from A to Z. Kung palpak kami na naman ang may kasalanan. Petmalu (ito po ay sa akin lamang kung meron kang di gusto sa comment ko abay wala po akong pakialam ??? gawa ka ng sarili mo)

– Faith Tan

lack of instructional materials which includes laptops, projector/tv monitor, netbooks for pupils and other supplies to cope up to the demands of the department to have a 21st century learners, salary increase which is already long overdue and mountains of paper works that resulted to less teaching contacts with pupils…

– Ma Luz Mabaquiao

Nothing pains me than having a deped leader like briones.

– Vladimirh Narte Rodriguez

Alisin ang mga non-teaching job para focus sa pagtuturo, at ayusin ang mga naimbentong online submission of reports kasi napakabagal ng system, hindi pa pwedeng magsave kung hindi complete ang data, at hindi lahat ng teachers ay may internet connection… free data lang po ang karamihang gamit ng karamihan

– Edna Go Aniban


– Estrella Detablan


– Emily Gaquit Ragrag

Sana may school registrar at dagdagan ang clerk na gagawa ng ibang reports, LIS, etc para makapagfocus ang guro sa actual teaching.Sana may leeway ang guro na magbagsak at huwag i blame sa guro kung ayaw pumasok or/and bumagsak ang bata. Sana huwag na ipaako sa guro ang gastusin sa xerox ilaw cabinets etc dahil sa no collection policy. Yung sobra sobra ang expectations sa guro na hindi naman realistic.Sana maging makatotohanan lahat ng report at walang retoke para lang pagtakpan ang realidad na ang sistema ay mali.Sana ayusin ang curriculum para di ang guro ang umaako sa hilaw na

– Sally Q Pe

1. Compulsory Brigada Eskwela during summer (walang silbi rin ang summer time ni teacher kasi pinagrereport pa rin sa school)
2. DLL at DLP(sa US walang DLL/DLP ang K to 12 nila).
3. Wrongking system sa promotion

– Manuel Zacarias

sana magpalabas na lang sila ng syllabus..or unified DLL to be executed ng teacher para maachieve sa klase ang gusto nila ma achieve?

– Minnie Paulite Quiapo

1. Pataasin ang sweldo nating mga teachers
2. Alisin na ang leson plan mas mainam pa na igugul s pgpeprepare ng ins.materials kesa s lp.atleast mas mapapakinabangan ng mga bata
3.wala nadin sanang mga paperworks…siguradong mas aapaw ang tutok s ating mg aaral

– Janice Dimaguipo Roxas

Please allocate budget as in transparent for contests and seminars. I know a part of MOOE is used for that but unfortunately teachers have to shell out from their pockets in order to push through with the contests mostly if the students can’t afford the expenses. Give what is due to teachers stop using teachers for personal gains mostly those higher ups soliciting bits and pieces of teacher’s work to be used for their promotion. Elevate teacher’s salary not far from other professionals.

– Leni Bulanon Gabarda

Ako lubog sa loan dahil nagkasakit ako at naoprragan taz nagparadioactive pa nasa 200,000 lahat nagadtos ko.wla namang ibang choice kundi magloan kc yan lang an source of income ko.di naman kami mayaman kc farmer lang parents ko.madam secretary walapo akong luho sa katawan nagkasakit lang at nagleave without pay kaya mas lalong nabaon sa utang kc pagpacheck up kailangan ng pera at pang gasyos sa araw araw kaya sana taasan salary.wish kolang.

– Evy Espano Guysayko Fulgueras

Always on call for reports. Maski tulog ka na iisipin mo pa mga reports. Hindi lng 10 hours a day ang work ng teacher 24 hours. Maski my 2 months vacation tayo ay parang wala kc need mo gumawa ng sandamakmak na report. Halos lahat ng gastos sa classroom sa bulsa ng teacher nanggagaling. Low salary and medical health benefits

– Josephine Quinto

Yung paperworks na dapat isubmit pero sa atin nkashoulder ang expenses…yung classroom na gustong conducive for learning pero ikaw magpoprovide ng materials, mga estudyanteng pasaway na kailangang ipasa khit magiging batik sa pangalan ng eskwelahan na sa bandang huli ay teachers factor lahat.

– John Bee Malabuyo

Too many paperworks. Our main job is to teach not to prepare all those paper works for other departments! Sana may supply ng lahat ng materials na kaya natin. Ayusin nila ang mga classrooms na luma and sana may printer, laptop, tv sa bawat classroom. And most of all bawasan ang minimum number of students per class. Super hindi ideal ang minimum of 45 students per class. Paano masesecure ang quality education kung puro extra work and andaming bata ang kailangan alagaan ng isang abang guro. Aba hindi tayo c wonder woman.

– Deeh MAe

1. Disrespected by irresponsible students
2. Tons of paperworks (lack of time, teaching hours have been sacrificed)
3. Low Salary

– Joana Valenzuela Dayag

1. Thinking that teachers are robots or machines
2. Demanding too much from teachers but not from d admin or agency itself
3. Teachers should be given or at least be aided with d expenses for classroom beautification or restructuring….?

– An Myrrh

1. Writing daily lesson plans/dll e may guide naman na naka lesson plan format na…
2. Spending own money for classroom structuring (beautification) …. D pa naka sweldo baon na sa utang…
3. Paper works… Ngayon ang instructions bukas ang deadline….
-Working on weekends and beyond 5 oclock just to cope with the deadlines and subject class preparations…. No family quality time… 2 hours a day lang ang vacant for paper works…not enough for what they’re making us do…

– Kimje Hamoy

I agree with Zetrok Annette that these letters should be addressed to the president. 3 things that pains me a lot are the ff: 1. Everyday fare is P200. 2. Unfair system, it’s whom you know not what you know. 3. Classroom beautification and IT devices must be given importance but sad to say we teachers could no longer sliced it from our wages coz its no longer enough due to loans for families needs. I for one has 4 kids and Iam travelling everyday, our everyday consumptions were just enough for the day. How about sickness in the family? Children’s tuition? Basic needs in school? My fare alone.. Ohh my gosh… I am totally devastated with my chosen field! Now how could we ever have these quality education if we teachers are bothered with our finances and with our system alone.

– Jane Dublado Bustriguez

Too many extra-curricular activities for the students na di naman kayang suportahan financially kaya si teacher pa ang gumagastos. Wala rin namang incentive sa grades ng mga bata kaya marami na sa kanila ang mahirap i-encourage to join. Add to that yung mga coteachers na walang consideration sa mga participating students despite the memorandums. Nagagamit lng ang mga bata sa promotions ng mga teachers.

– Devcatko InVacuo

1. personal spending on classroom needs such as instructional materials, floor wax, wifi load, learning refernces, et.
2. less paper work
3. no use of rpms instead go back using the old format of the performance rating

– Aleth Caveiro

Maraming extra works….sana pagtuturo nlng… Di sapat ang sahod sa isang buwan….daming ginagwa sa ipcrfs….na nakakasuka na tlga gawin …in the end fabricated din ang movs

– Richard Dagonan Samulde

1. Kindergarten ratio is 1 teacher=25 learners yan da deord order. Ngayon 1 teacher =35 learners x 2 sessions. 2.super daming clerical jobs tapod yung ipcrf 3.walang sick leave

– Jo Anne Salar

If this group will make an open letter perhaps these are the things that I experienced:

1 Reporting on a vacation day. Although we are said to be receiving our salary on our vacation. I think we are also entitled on spending it wisely.

2. Pagpapasubmit ng mga papel na hindi ipinapaliwanag ng maayos kung kanino man nagmula.

3. Over time due to inconsistent planning.

Minsan kasi ginagawa na natin yung best natin para makamit yung yung pagsasubmit bago mag deadline. Itatambak at itatambak pa din ang mga gawain.

– Gareth Robert Mabalay Prondoza

Principal’s management style, hindi mka taong pagtrato sa mga guro. They should be taught about the dignity of teachers and proper human resource management.

– Jyne Branzuela Y Molinas

who always see the worst in us, too much paperworks na hindi na sana sa amin-hingi dito, hingi doon, pabalikbalik ang hinihingi na data, kung mag require as soon as possible pa, tapos sabihan kami na ‘do Miracle’…….. Oooooops!

– Anima Bonita Boss

Yung masabihan na nangungutang para sa luho. Ang pagkakaalam ko po kasi ay walang gurong maluho. Mas maganda p nga ang kurtina sa classroom kaysa sa mismong bahay ng guro. Nka curtain rod p, sa bahay tama na ang kawad. Wag nmn i-broadcast sa buong mundo.

– Grace Pascua

1.chalk allowance dapat internet allowance kc may LIS EHRIS,ICT ATBP.

– Thelai Andres

1. As if we teachers don’t have right to tell the truth against the system. 2. Students are always correct, no matter what,that’s why it caused that some teachers are being bullied by the learners. 3. They don’t understand our situation,instead we are being belittled because of the harsh remarks against us. I’ve been sacrificing many things for 23 years of teaching,never did I complain with the low salary because I am contented knowing that my former students who succeed in their lives, I keep on encouraging them to be a teacher too because it’s noblest profession but then what happened to us now?how can we encourage young generations of today to be a future educators too?

– Mercedez Cuerdo Mabana

1. As if we teachers don’t have right to tell the truth against the system. 2. Students are always correct, no matter what,that’s why it caused that some teachers are being bullied by the learners. 3. They don’t understand our situation,instead we are being belittled because of the harsh remarks against us. I’ve been sacrificing many things for 23 years of teaching,never did I complain with the low salary because I am contented knowing that my former students who succeed in their lives, I keep on encouraging them to be a teacher too because it’s noblest profession but then what happened to us now?how can we encourage young generations of today to be a future educators too?

– Mercedez Cuerdo Mabana

Kailangan po ba tatlong lang? Marami po kase. Working ethics palang marami na. Kaso baka macallout mahirap na. But to answer your query :
1. Paperwork. Our main responsibility is to teach but this is compromised because of the number of paperwork the department wants us to accomplish.
2. Resources. We want to teach to the best of our abilities. We try and make use of the resources that we have. But inorder to achieve the said 21st century skills we need technologies that can cope with the demands. A teacher can only provide what we can.
3. The department’s s support. We are the department ‘ s foot soldiers. But why is the department against us? Why can’t you, the department and everyone else in air conditioned rooms and comfortable seats, see the plight of ordinary, passionate, dedicated and hard-working teachers?

– Angelica Dalit Pico

ung para kng pinagdududahan palagi kng ngtrabaho k o hndi… un bng output based lagi pti n s achievement ng bata..kht gnawa m ng lhat pero dpa rin natuto,,kasalanan m n un. kht ano png rason ng bata,,kasalanan m prin

– Nelia Cas Consulta

lack of classrooms and the shifting methods sana gawin 30 students per classroom just like in other countries and focus si teacher sa pagtuturo kumuha ng extra manggagawa sa mga forms para lahat may trabaho hoping 21st century and God bless my fellow-public teachers bawasan na ang mga paperwork po Madam Sec

Eduardo Pagaspas

Sincerely Yours,


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10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones”

  1. Hello po this is the parent, sa tingin ko po na mas mabuti o maayos na ituloy muna ang online class marahil hindi pa talaga natitiyak na wala na ang covid kahit po na gusto niyo eh mas maayos po na online class kesa naman po na mahawaan ang mga anak namin. Sa totoo lang po real talk sasagutin niyo po ba kapag may nangyaring masama sa anak namin? Diba hinde kami ang magkakaroon ng problema kaya sa tingin ko sa ngayon hanggat hindi pa talaga nawawala ang covid-19 ay wag muna mag face to face yun lang ho dahil hindi ko papayagan ang aking anak kahit modular siya.

  2. I agree with all of you teachers. Hindi maiiwasan na mapaisip ano ba Ito napasok ko, gusto ko na tuloy mg apply sa ibang ahensya. Sana po tlga malessen ang paper works. Kahit ngayon pandemic mas lalo na over work tayong mga guro dahil sa dami Ng mga reports na ipapasa, nandyan pa na Kung kailan sinabi ay Yun din araw mismo ipasa. Sana mgkaroon din po Ng dissemination of information Ng maayos at mgbigay Ng ample time para gawin ang mga reports, Hindi Yun Kung ngayon kailangan ay ngayon din ipasa. Sana po ay ma abolish na din ang chairmanship Kasi in our case po Yung chairman na Lang po lagi ang gumagalaw, Sana po mgkaruun Ng distribution of labor. 8 hours lng dapat ang duty pero dahil sa dami Ng reports na kailangan ipasa, Kahit pagtulog sinasakripisyo na pati ang quality time sa pamilya. Nandyan din ang mga collection sa Amin mga guro. Bawal humingi Ng donasyon SA mga magulang Kaya tuwing brigada si teacher ay laging abunante.

  3. Dear Madam Secretary,

    Greetings! Hoping God to give you more years and strength upon serving the education of the Philippines.

    I will directly tell about my sympathy concerning all teachers in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.

    They are wondering why the School’s Division Superintendent requesting them to make modules as per subject assigned. As far as I know, there was a prior notice from the Regional Director that only the Master Teachers and Supervisors are only instructed to make modules. For the Teachers 1, 2 and 3, are only to make activity sheets. As a result, they feel discouraged because it’s not easy for them to make a module.

    This Superintendent is disobeying the memorandum of the Regional Director and even to you as a Secretary of DepED. This kind of School leader needs to be rebuked and corrected and the person to do this, is the Regional Director and You as Secretary of Deped.

    I humbly urge you to investigate that problem because it will create hatred and chaos to the City Division of Talisay City, Cebu. I believe you can do that by requesting your subordinates to investigate and settle that kind of problem. More power to you to you and to the work that God has been entrusted you.God bless you more!

    respectfully yours,
    Concern Citizen of Talisay City, Cebu

  4. The only 1 big very BIG Problem here is the mother tounge that has been implemented. This is insane! You are expecting students today to be globally competetive yet they dont even know how to speak filipino fluently?!! All schools in the Philippines must impose tagalog/english only. Just use the mother tounge(native language of people in particular area) if the student cant understand something. Dont use mother tounge as the medium of speach even in science?!! Whats this? What are you doing? You just make every filipino dumb!. And issuing of books in mother tounge version.this is rediculous! You issued mother tounge books yet you after a month youre going to get it back because of some issues of spelling and mistranslation! How could they learn? HOW? just bring back english/tagalog and let the student cope up! To be a global competitive student. Mother tounge has been taught at home and thats enough! Let students learn something new at school!

  5. Sana po DIVISION WIDE ang paghire sa SECONDARY TEACHERS SA AMIN at hindi po localization kasi po di lahat ng APPLIKANTE e mayroon pong high school sa kanila… 🙂

  6. Lahat po ng sinabi niyo ay totoo.sana po madinig at maaksyunan na po lahat nang eto. Nakakaawa na ang mga guro. This is just my second year in teaching, i used to be the disbursing officer of a secondary school…now i know how teachers feel and it totally pains me.

  7. 1. ‘yong well-mannered school administrators and district incharge. yan din isa sa mga kailangan ng mga teachers. yong fair treatment sa lahat ng nasasakupan, walang favoritism. yong mga school heads and districts na hindi nang-threat sa mga nasasakupan. yong mga hindi one-sided. yong mga marunong magdala ng mga nasasakupan. teachers need best leaders. if teachers have comfortable environment, they can render more service without hatred.
    2. paano ba masolusyonan ang mga “amutan” system? wala nabang lunas dito?


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