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DepEd SPG/SSG Appointment Guidelines

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the Interim Guidelines on the Conduct of SPG/SSG Elections for School Year 2021-2022 Under the New Normal that will be implemented nationwide by public elementary and secondary schools for the said school year.

Attached herewith is Enclosure No. 4 of the Interim Guidelines on Student Government Elections for School Year 2021-2022 Under the New Normal – SPG/SSG Appointment Guidelines.

SPG/SSG Appointment Guidelines

I. Nomination of Possible Appointees

The Class Adviser shall nominate possible appointee/s from his or her class. He or she shall also accomplish and complete all the components and forms of the Appointment Application Packet (Enclosure No. 9) of the possible appointees.

The Appointment Application Packet (AAP) is comprised of the following:

Certificate of Good Academic Standing (Enclosure No. 9.1)

This is a tool to know the academic performance of the possible appointee and assure that he or she has no failing grades from the previous semester/academic year. He/she must possess or present a certificate of Goof Academic Standing.

Certificate Good Moral Character (Enclosure No. 9.2)

This signifies that the possible appointee has not been subjected to any disciplinary action and is fit to serve the organization.

Parental Consent (Enclosure No. 9.3)

This is a proof that the parents/guardians give their consent for the possible appointee on the undertaking.

II. Distribution and Retrieval of Parental Consent

a. Distribution

The Class Adviser shall distribute the Parental Consent to possible appointees for signature.

b. Retrieval

The learner (represented by the parent or guardian) shall submit the accomplished Parental Consent to the Class Adviser.

III. Submission of List of Appointees

The Class Adviser shall submit the accomplished AAPs to the COMELEC together with a letter of endorsement containing the list of appointees.

IV. Evaluation of AAP by the Selection Committee

The accomplished and submitted AAP will be evaluated by the Commission on Appointments’ Selection Committee (using Appointment Application Evaluation Tool, Enclosure No. 10), composed of the following:

  • COMELEC Chairperson
  • Current SPG/SSG Adviser
  • School Head

V. Announcement of Newly Appointed SPG/SSG Officers

The Selection Committe shall validate the official results, and come up with official list of school’s newly-appointed SPG/SSG officers this school year, signed and proclaimed by the said committee, and endorsed to the Division’s Youth Formation Coordinator.

VI. Issuance of Certificate of Appointment (Enclosure No. 11)

The COMELEC shall issue a Certificate of Appointment to all appointed SPG/SSG officers.

VII. Distribution of Oath of Appointment Form (Enclosure No. 12)

a. Distribution of Oath of Appointment Form

To make the newly appointed officers’ undertaking official, they shall obtain and accomplish the Oath Taking Form. This also signifies their pledge for the organization.

b. Retrieval of accomplished Oath of Appointment Form

The newly appointed officers shall submit their accomplished Oath Taking Form to the COMELEC.


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