DepEd Teacher 1 Hiring Process: It Sucks!

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DepEd Teacher 1 Hiring Process: It Sucks!


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So who is to blame? The Government? The Department? Or the System?

ADMIT IT. Most of the EDUCATION GRADUATES are from the poor and middle class families.

So why do we apply for jobs? Why do we choose to work in a government institution?


Why do we want these?


Unfortunately, the voices of the aspiring professional teachers are not often heard. The Department of Education neglects us. We suffer from a very flawed hiring process.



I’ve been a licensed teacher since 2012 and started my career in a private school. I have been teaching for two years and I admit that I envy my friends and my former co-teachers who are now working in the public schools. They earn more than I and they enjoy a lot of benefits.

So, I just decided to apply to a public school.

I did and experienced the following:

1. Collect the necessary documents, certificates and government ID’s for the completion of my requirements. It cost me a lot and ate most of my precious time! I think the government makes it hard for the poor to get the necessary papers they need to apply for a job. These documents should be given for free or if not, they should charge a very low price to the citizens.

And it took me a long time to process these unnecessary shits that the SCHOOL AND THE DIVISION’S OFFICE won’t probably check! Why did I say that they don’t scrutinize and check each of them? Because my friend, who now works in a public school faked her barangay clearance and certificate of residency for her to get hired in the school she applied for, yet, she got in!

2. WAIT FOR A LONG TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW AND DEMO ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT MY TEACHING SKILLS WILL NOT REALLY BE ASSESSED WELL. So this is what happened, it took two months for the school administrator to call and inform us that I had to appear at the division’s office for the demo and interview. I found out that it was going to be a “division-wide” ranking so hundreds of teacher applicants in the whole division came to the office just to secure their application only to find out that the interview and demo teaching were cancelled. This left us disappointed since most of us travelled for more than three hours just to get there and of course to save money, we needed to stay at the cheapest hotels in the city. The next day, hundreds of teachers again appeared at the office and formed a long queue for their names to be listed down on the attendance sheet. Of course, since there were hundreds of us waiting for our turn, the other applicants were asked to come back the other day which made them enraged! They had been in the city for a day and had spent their money for a night of stay at the hotel and there they were again…. Finding themselves in the same situation they were in the last day.


I was very fortunate because our group was called on that very day. So when we entered the room, we were asked to answer a specific question and introduce ourselves. In front of the other applicants. Our answers could be heard and it was obvious that those who do not know how to answer and what to answer to the question given to us could get some ideas from those who volunteered to give their answers first. Then I felt even more surprised when the one who volunteered to answer first was asked to leave the room telling her she’s done. When we asked about the demo teaching, THE PANEL SAID THAT “THAT WAS IT!” They have already graded her demo teaching skills.


Some of the applicants were also embarrassed by the panels demoralizing them. In my opinion, it is not right to turn down someone in front of everyone. Especially if he/she is a teacher since it makes them lose their confidence. I believe that any official working to serve the teachers and students should be after boosting their confidence. Not degrading them. Shame on the panels! They did not deserve the applicants’ respect.

I can say that this system of screening and judging the ability of teacher applicants is ROTTEN. It is very obvious that this institution is not organized and it prevents the mobility of teachers nationwide.


What saddens me the most is that we don’t have an assurance and it leaves us thinking whether we’ll get hired or not. It’s a tough competition especially now that a new DEPED order was just released stating that an applicant should score 70 points to get qualified for a teaching position! AND THIS IS SUCH A BIG JOKE!

They also encourage us all to accomplish the online application and they seem to have introduced a new process of hiring which left us puzzled.

“Are we going to be interviewed again? Will we repeat the demo?”

OH! SHAME! This just made this application more stressful!

My friend in Cebu, who has been trying to get employed in a public school for four straight years told me he is not being informed about the status of his application and the division’s always fails to provide them the results of the teachers’ ranking. IT LEAVES HIM CLUELESS AND DISAPPOINTED. Imagine the money, time and effort spent!

Edi Wow! Meme

To My Fellow Teacher Applicants:

You are probably worrying about the future. I am not surprised, because the system is broken, the government officials are not held responsible for any performance markers, ie, applicants should be given timescales for decisions and decisions should be given within so many days. Although the methodology of collecting information should be revised so that all the information for the necessary documentation should be provided on application. Our Union should be campaigning for a streamlined and efficient system. We should also campaign for the residency rules to be reviewed. This department gravely and unfairly hamper the mobility of teachers, and also hassle teachers.

– Aviator 😉

148 thoughts on “DepEd Teacher 1 Hiring Process: It Sucks!”

  1. Lara Dianne Libunao

    no, if one would assess a teacher’s attitude, Its better for it to not be mentioned because he/she will just play along the idea of having “right manners and good conduct” to the person’s face. but the attitude is measured how that person is acting on reality.

  2. Good pm po, ask ko lang po kung pwede po yung contact center services may points po ba yun sa pag rank? Salamat po sa sasagot.

  3. Hayyy isang Taong pag hihitay ng item hanggang ngayon wala parin Lagi lang sinasabi ng DO mag antay.. Hanggang Kelan mag aantay.. Kailangan din naming Kumain at Mabuhay.. Sana naman baguhin na ang sistema ng Deped.. Wag naman sanang paasa. Yung Hindi mo alam Kong Kelan ka mabibigyan ng item ang hirap palang mag antay sa wala.

  4. Ipa-hotline 8888 na yang nga ungas na yan para ma-duterte na ang pagnanakaw at pagbebenta ng items.

    Dapat silipin rin nang ACT yan. Pati yung mga magnanakaw ng mooe na principal. Jusko! Naglipana sila.

  5. Tingnan daw sa memo yung instructions. Hindi daw sila talaga tumatawag. Hindi po ba sinasabi kung anong idedemo? Ako na bahala kung anong grade level at subject? First time ko kasi magapply at clueless ako kung anong sunod kong gagawin. November pa ako nagpasa, hanggang ngayon wala pang tumatawag. Kaya nagulat ako nung nagfollow up ako sa division office na bumalik na lang kinabukasan. Wala man lang pasabi na maghanda for the demo/interview. Hindi ko sila magets.

    1. DisappointedApplicant

      I agree. Mas mataas ang scores ko mostly sa results ng RQA compared sa ibang applicants na pumasok sa ranking. Sayang lang ang pagod sa paglakad ng mga pertinent papers tapos ganyan din pala ang mangyayari.

  6. I have been disappointed with my application. Even now I am preparing for my documents, pangalawang walang ko na to. Di na nga ako nagfile ng resignation sa private school na pinagtatrabahuan ko manigurado nang di mawala ng trabaho. Dagdagan mo pang nanay ko guro ng Deped, sobrang pressure! Badtrip! Kung pareho lng tlga ang sahod ng mga private schools sa DepEd naku di na ko magbabalak pang lilipat.

  7. This is very true! Here in bicol talamak ang ganyan. Though what I experienced was quite far from this pero ganun at ganun pa rin ang nagiging resulta. I taught at a private school for 2 years and undergone trainings at TESDA. Yet yung points ko sana for specialized training were not counted during my first try to apply in DepEd. I tried to check what was wrong sa SDO, that’s how I learned na hindi pala naisama yung tesda training ko. 10 pts din yun, sayang. I tried to ask SDO kung sakaling ma fill ko yun, eh makapasok na ako, positive naman ang response nila. I tried to wait for the Recalibration yet again I didn’t make it. And then Special Ranking came, recent lang ‘to, I was then really hoping that this time I willl get in kasi nga yun nalang ang kulang ko. And I can say that the panels were impressed by my demo teaching and interview because they told me that they would get me in. Kasi nga I have the potential; nakilala pa nga nila ako na old applicant, and sabi nila they thought nakapasok na ako nung unang salang ko palang. I was full of hopes, that I even gave up my job in a private school and decided to resign because they won’t allow teachers who have pending application outside their school. Yet when the result was out, I was really dismayed. Yung nakakapasok, either anak ng principal o kamag-anak, o kaya naman kakilala.

  8. maestralakwatsera

    Nakakstress naman po talaga yung pag aapply sa public school for teacher 1. Dito sa district namin, last week of may pinatawag lahat ng applicants kasi napakamali ng computation ng mga schools na nagcompute ng aming initial scores (education, teaching experience, LET results, specialized training). bumuo uliy ng bagong committee yung district supervisor to ensure transparency and fairness sa ranking. Imagine, naloka ako. I was teaching for only 4 years in a private school pero 3 points lang yung nilagay sa experience ko instead of 6 points (since eveery 10 m0nths is worth 1.5 points). kasi pag hindi ka bet ng principal, at hindi rin keen checker yung supervisor, nganga ka talaga. mabuti na lang talaga may rechecking yung district supervisor at tama na yung nakalagay sa teaching experience ko. nakapasok naman sa RQA pero sad to say, WALANG ITEM! (walang mag reretire at wala ring bakante). So maghihintay nanaman ako ng susunod na ranking sa January.

  9. tanong lang po kung my alam ba kayo kung ilan points value ng 6months teaching if nag volunteer lang ng 6 months. ilang points po kaya yun sa ranking?

  10. Eduction graduate poh ako. I am pregnant now without a husband. I am so curious. Pwedi parin poh bang mag apply sa deped kahit 3 months pregnant poh ako ngayon at kahit wla akong husband? Please bigyan nyo poh ako ng piece of advice.

  11. Teacher 1 TO BE SANA

    Heto na naman po ang ranking ng DepEd schools. Heto na naman tayong mga hopya. Tayong mga kasama na sa RQA last year tapos waley natanggap na tawag sa buong taon. Heto na naman makikipagsapalaran na naman ng pera, pawis at walang hanggang pagtitiis. My gulay! Good luck sa ating magpapa-rank na naman!

  12. Made it to the RQA this year; I’m a fresh graduate. Sadly no one ring a bell for me. All I thought the DepEd needs a lot of teachers this year; yet haven’t got any item. Very frustrated. I gave up the offer of a private school hoping that my on the list would make sense, but I’m completely wrong.

    1. Kruk Kruk Enemerj

      So true yan. Ako rin, tuwang-tuwa pa ako kasi 80+ yung points ko then kasama sa top 10. Tapos dumaan na ang isang taon, kruk kruk enemerj! Ni isang call wala akong na-receive. Then, nitong nakaraan lang na submission for ranking din, hindi lang pala ako nag-iisa sa City Division na nga-nga! May ilan palang nilumot rin sa pag-antay sa call pero ayon, na-hire pala mga kakilala, kumare, anak ng co-teacher etc. hahaha nakakaloka!

      1. Ay achie! I feel you.. Kunin mo name nung ranking officer tas i-follow up mo. Supposedly kasi dapat maexhaust muna yung RQA bago kunin yung mga kakilala nila. Pag wala pa rin, at nakita mong nalagpasan ka na. Dial 8888 ka na. Ganon ginawa ko para mabawas-bawasan naman mga ungas sa deped. Ayun, may nag call na agad!

  13. Panu kung magtaas na din requirements ng private schools, na kailangan na rin nila yung may teaching experience…e di wala na lalo chance yung mga fresh grad…

  14. I agree to most of the comments. The application process is really tedious and it’s really unfair in most cases. But if you are really determined to achieve your goal, no matter how unjust the system is you will still persevere. Just think of this old cliché, DO YOUR BEST and GOD WILL DO THE REST. Just have FAITH.

  15. ashley macapagal

    ang pinakamahirap pa sa ginagawa ng deped kapag naka apply ka sa kanila di pa makapag apply sa private school dahil sa contrata nila. Isang division din ang dapat mung apply so hintay hintay kalang hanggang tumanda ka na rin. Totoo kay God ka na lang mag trust dahil sa system natin manghihina ka talaga ng loob. Hirap nga lang walang ginagawa ang new deped secretary na ayusin ang systema.

  16. Ikalimang Hokage

    Hi guys, ask ko lang… is it ok na mag-wait pa for school assignment kahit mag start na ang classes sa june 5, 2017? Kaka-post lang nila nung RQA namin last week but until now wala pang offer na appointment. I wonder lang if mag wait pa ako or i-grab ko na yung sa private school 🙁

    Tnry ko naman twagan yung div. Office pero hinahang lang yung phone. (Talk about GMRC diba!)

  17. This is very true to at least most of the divisions. Very very messy process. When my wife applied way back in 2014, she was informed to be in the division for a certain date, and surprisingly when she arrived, applicants were all there and being told to come at the same day. Of course, they couldn’t accommodate all in a day so most of them went home and were told to come back the next day and the same thing happened. Are they considering the applicants’ time, effort and money? No! Some of the applicants came from different and far places. Not at all! Most of us may say since we are looking for a job we are willing to sacrifice and do all the hard work. But come on DepEd! It’s too much. Very traditional and obsolete process. They’re letting you apply online and upload your PDS and then you submit a hard copy. Plus when you become a teacher you are fully loaded with paper works. You get to write your lesson/log plans maybe until midnight? or you wake up 3am or 4am?
    and then too sleepy in the classroom? too tired?So much importance given to the paperworks. They want you to be perfect on your lesson plans but too tired, no energy when teaching. What a BS! Well, that’s why you cannot blame some teachers to be incompetent. Not being serious on the profession. I hope this can be seen and heard by the department. But I’m guessing this is not their top priority. I’m a licensed teacher since 2007, but I haven’t had any teaching experience yet because this is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to apply.

  18. the committee has wide discretion to accept or reject applicants. kung sa una palang nakikita na nila yung attitude mo na dka karapat dapat para sa position inaaplayan ay dka nila tatanggapin kahit 97 kpa sa rank. dahil hindi lang talino ang batayan sa pagiging guro. kasama na dito ay kung panu ka makitungo sa iba at wastong pag uugali at asal.

    1. I agree, but the ideal process should be: the final grade should have included the attitude aspect. The final grade will not make sense if you hire a person going back to the attitude aspect. The final grade should be a package of evaluation,

    2. Melvin Cacho


  19. hi, im planning to pursue a career in SH teaching. I’m a graduate of Astornomy Technology last 2016. i plan to cover core subject specifically Earth and Life Science. i do have a colleague who is currently taking units of education for physical science, and he told me that it is most likely that, with our education background, we will be placed for physical science subjects. i don’t have any units education units yet, i do have a broad experience in teaching astronomy and earth science (through informal classes). reading the comments here make me feel hesitant on pursuing a career on formal teaching. what do you think guys? is the strand/core subjects i’m interested to pursue would be achievable? im a researcher by degree, and teaching is a passion for me.

  20. ang mga nangyayaring ito ay dapat malaman na ng president digong. para tanggalin ang mga bulok na tao sa deped. itawag nyo na sa hotline ng presidente dahil kung hindi kawawa ang maraming applicants na walang pandrino.

  21. Teacher 1 to be SANA

    Eto naman experience ko just now, March 9, 2017 City Division of Malolos, Bulacan. Schedule of Demo for SHS STEM March 9, 8-5PM. Ang nangyari narecieve ko yung schedule or text for the schedule ng demo MARCH 3, 2017 9:48AM. Oh diba, napaka-considerate lang nila hahaha late na nga announcement, ineexpect pa nla yung applicant to come on time. Kabwiset lang!!

  22. Ronnie V.Patilano

    bakit ang tagal ng applications process para sa mga bagong teacher? Akala ko ba ang daming kulang na guro sa pilipinas? pero bakit ang daming guro ang nakatengga? sana namn mahire na ako plsssssssssss…..

  23. I finished to read all the comments here (and its already 1:07 in the morning). I don’t know what to say. Some words discourage me to apply in public because I’m a fresh grad with no experience and an average English speaker even though I’m an English major. I’m afraid to try because I know I will failed because of my incompetency. But I will give it a shot for the sake of may parents’ dream. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It gives me a glimpse of how hard to achieve our goal in this cruel world of teaching.

  24. Interesting blog post ! I was enlightened by the information – Does someone know where my assistant can find a blank PH NBI Clearance Application Form copy to complete ?

  25. Angel Pangilinan

    Gusto ko ng tumawag sa 8888 ni Duterte. Grabe DepEd. Ang daming dagdag bawas sa scores na binibigay nyo. I hate to say this pero mukha masasayang lang sa inyo ang mga natutunan ko sa PNU. Wala ako masabi DepEd. Such a waste of time, money, and effort.

  26. I also have a bad experience with DepEd Makati. There were irregularities in the hiring procedure. I filed a complaint at the central office against the division office of Makati. The division office was just asked to send a response to my complaint. After a month since I filed the complaint, the division of Makati responded to my complaint but denied all my claims and said that my allegations were baseless and have no merits. I asked the central office what to do next if I want to appeal. I was advised to appeal the case to the Regional Legal Department which is in DepEd NCR.

    By tomorrow, I will be going to the NCR to appeal the case as advised by the central office.

    My question now, what if the case will still be denied? I asked that question because I have the impression that these people who are inside this agency (DepEd) will just protect each other and the tendency is that they will just turn down cases like mine.

    Who can help us then? Is there anyone or any agency whom we can approach to help us?

  27. Okay. Let me share to you a very short story. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Music and I applied for a teaching position in Senior High School Art and Design Track (because my degree is best suited in the track) in DepEd. After going through the process I was embarrassed to know that the people they hired to teach the subjects in Art in Design Track were graduates of accountancy, BS English and what made the situation even worse was the one who topped the RQA was a graduate of Agriculture. I am not belittling these people but how can they provide quality education if there educational background are too far from the subjects they will teach? They might had gone through seminars and all, but still, those are not enough. I am sharing these because I know I am not the only one who experienced s***t like this!

  28. Hi,
    I would like to share my story.
    I’m a 2013 BSEd Graduate, I was able to pass the LET on September on the same year. As of now, Im working in an office but was able to be on the list of RQA last year (2015 ranking). I went to Division Office to follow up my status monthly (May – November) since I was able to pass and reached the freaking 70 ranking points (maybe because of my academic award and seminars attended but I got “0” in Teaching Exp. since I work in an office) but its been my third time now and there’s still no news for me to teach EVEN AS A SUB-TEACHER.
    I am deeply sad, that I have been doing the long process of applying and completing the requirements for 3 years. It took me a lot of time completing those, was able to pass the RQA, still, no slot for me. I’m a very optimistic person but my situation as an applicant really bothers me a lot.

    1. Hi Lucky,
      I feel you. I am also working in an office and no Teaching Experience. How we can earn points in that criteria when they`re not giving us chance to. Our only hope is to teach in any private school to gain points which means we need to sacrifice our work.

    2. Hello,
      Same situation as mine. I was able to pass the RQA but got no teaching experience. What I did was I teached in a private school for 3 years. Now I got in. My advise for you is to have some teaching experience first. It will benefit you anyway. Remember, there are thousands of teachers with previous teaching experience that are also applying like you. You have to make yourself more “salable” than them. Just my two cents.

  29. Teachers, ask ko lang po, ano po ba ang mga possibilities or chances na mahire po ako kahit na below 70 po ang aking nakuha? Kce po last march ang hiring po ng teachers and high school teacher po ako. Thank you po sa sasagot.

  30. kung aasa ka sa tamang sistema. dapat willing ka maghintay ng matagal na panahon dahil maraming tao ang kalaban mo

  31. you should see how many public school teachers behave worse that using foul language. if this offends you, expect to be offended more when you get in public schools

  32. True. some of the panelists don’t deserve to be respected because on how they treat applicants. other will mock you, degrade you, laugh at you and even insult you. I always wonder how those kind of people succeeded to be teachers, maybe through “kamag-anak” or “kapamilya” system. it’s a SHAME and very UNPROFESSIONAL. only in the Philippines. I’m not being sensitive, i’m just against unprofessional behaviors. As teachers we should be a role model. I noticed that most government employees in this country have undesirable attitudes. Even if most of them behave like that, and they’re in a higher position than us, it doesn’t make them right.

  33. As a graduate of year 2014, its really hard for us to enter/ join the institution because of the high standards, that 70 as a score to is really hard to achieve, lucky are those to get high grades during college but me, my professors hate me unreasonably, thats why I got low grades, fortunately, I got high rating in my board or commonly called as LET, but still wont make it. I must agree that the system is not for the smart ones but for the lucky ones who have relatives in the system. I feel so disappointed about it

  34. i applied a certain school where my placenta was buried.. I am 200% confident i will be hired because I did well on my interview than the rest of the applicants,Im not bragging, because even the principals who did the interview told me it was a great job and even my co applicants told me so. same questions to 14 applicants, you could really assist the gravity of your answers.i prepared well on my demo, unfortunately when I begun teaching i guess 2-3 minutes , the principal told me to stop because they said my demo was well, despite it had been stopped, they told me i did well. I did well on the interview more so on teaching. So i believe to them. I passed all the documents needed and did well on the exam.after 48 years of waiting here comes the result (excited!! ako). nang makita na ang result, binagsak ako sa demo, perfect ang interview at binagsak sa experience kasi daw elementary at college teacher daw ang experience ko, dapat daw high school para parallel! ang mga certificates ko wala daw kwenta kasi galing akong private school daw mga seminars ko (nga–nga ng magtanong ang lola, parang wala akong nabasang ganon ba,, ang seste pag newly graduate kaba choosy kapa kung saan ka ilalagay ng school na aaplyan mo eh wala kapa namang lisinsya..) baka nga naman merong naka lagay sa memo ng DEP-ED hindi ko lang binasa…ng makita ko ang result ng kasama kong ininterview na anak ng principal na nag pa stop ng demo ko.. perfect ang demo, perfect ang interview, at ang lahat ay mata-as ang score..pati experience perfect… e kakagraduate lang niya ang March ahh…saan kinuha yong score? .hindi ko ata siya nakitang nag demo..umupo lang naman siya sa tabi ng mama niya habang pinapanuod kaming mag demo take note isang tanong lang ang ibinato sa kanya nung interview fairness! TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF lang tanong na sinagot niya! and the most exciting parts is…item siya agad pagdating ng June.. at hanggang ngayon hindi parin kami mag ka item-item….doon ko lang napag tanto.. akala ko ba dep-ed is aiming to provide high quality students and graduates..bakit ganon ang ending teh? made in china din pala ang ending ng education system ng pinas..

  35. Yah, how can we able to reach the goal of k-12 basic education program which is to have lifelong learners and productive graduates in the future , when even the selection of the new teacher applicants are very complicating.. they do not need to pressure the applicants with some repeated procedure.. the old applicants who were in the RQA must remain in the RQA since they were already done their part , if there were changes on the hiring process this year , they were still be given chances to update their status in ranking not to repeat the procedure, wasting their efforts, time and money…. the panels as well as all the officials involve in the selection process know the standards of each applicant after the ranking….why it is hard for them to judge fairly , deploying all the deserving applicants right away… they should know how to show their competence in the selection process… I am one of the applicants who wishes to take part of the challenges brought by the K-12 Program … but, sad to say, i am already disappointed … Goodluck to all newly hired, just do your best…

  36. Liza Adviento

    the 70 points to be qualified to be listed in the RQA for me is very hard to achieve by fresh graduate teacher applicant. Compared to hiring last year, it was only 55. I am praying to God na ibalik yon kasi kawawa naman ang mga nag-apply na di man lang nila makikita ang pangalan nila sa RQA. Kahit hindi sila makukuha ngayong taon na guro basta makita man lang nila ang pangalan nila sa RQA, masaya na sila. Ang hirap ng pinagdaanan nila. This is only a suggestion po! Ibalik po ang Deped order no. 14, s. 2014 sa hiring ng new teacher applicant. Thank you and God bless po

  37. Priscila Arao

    Dagdag bawas sila sa Apolinario Mabini elementary School sa District III Manilka. Si Arceo ang Principal, Sila Mr. Mercado at Mrs. Pena ang rank sa mga new Teacher applicant. Nakakatawa kasi ang Superintendent at Assistant Superintendent na si Priscila de Sagun at Pedro Arao pumipirma din and hindi rin tini check kung tama. Pwede naman talaga kasi dagdag bawas sila lalo na pag kakilala nila ar kamag anak nila ang applicant. Particularly si Armando, Arly ang teaching experience nya ay 1.8 at perfect sda lahat ng criteria hahahahahahahah. Mga unggoy kayo. Sana mabasa ito ng Ombudsman at sa Division ng Manila……….. Kaya hindi ako naniwala sa ranking ranking na yan.

    1. tama ka jan mam.. dto sa division of malolos bulacan.. 1 year experience lng, wla pa training at seminars.. ngrank 10.. 70.27 points nya.. ako 3 yrs na ngtuturo with seminars pa.. 63.54 lng points q.. anak kc ng principal.. kya palakasan.. d din nasusunod ang guidelines n yan..grabe talaga.. phirapan.. buti my bgong deped order .50 na every month ang points..

      1. I’m not bragging but Sir, 15 points lng po ang doesn’t mean n mas madmi kaung exp eh automatic mas mataas na po rank nyo or pasok dapat kau sa RQA…sa division nmin 3 lng kmi pumasok sa RQA, puro walng exp at walang training kaya pasang awang 70 pts lang,,,most of our co-applicants (lalo na yung maraming exp) were also thinking na baka may kapit or whatever,,,,but we made it bcoz of our GWA, LET, at EPT…so khit marami k pang exp kung mababa k sa tatlong yan matatalo k tlga ng fresh grad n mataas sa 3 yan…I don’t think ndadaya yan kc nkapost ung scores ng applicant with the rank…..khit gano pa kalakas backer mo wala silang magagwa para pataasin yan,,,cguro sa demo at interview meron pero 25 points lng un….besides, khit cguro d xa ngrank 10 it won’t change the fact that you only got 63.54….I’m pretty sure mrunong kau mgcompute so if there’s any discrepancy feel free to appeal… 3 years of exp alone won’t give u 70 points…yep I hav 2 agree that DO 7, s2015 is really unfair especially to us fresh grads.. talo n agad kmi exp and training plng,,,so b glad about the new DO because this time may edge tlga kau s fresh grads na walang exp at walng training..

    2. Bkit d po kayo magcomplain? D po ba nkalagay ung score with the rank? Kc kung d nmn match ung scores sa rates abay pwede kayong magreklamo….like ung LET nya ay 80 lng tapos 15 point parin bingay sa knya,,, hindi namn porke kamag-anak o kakilala ng principal eh nandaya n agad… 1 of my co-applicants is anak p mismo ng principal pero walng ngawa tatay nya dhil ang baba ng nkuha sa EPT….ang pwede lng nilang dagdagan ay demo at interview kung mandadaya tlga cla dhil un lng ang walang maxadong basis,,,,pero the rest of the criteria I think di nila pwedeng dagdagan or bawasan….Bka nmn tlgang mataas lng sila sa ibng criteria,,,,Well, anyway kung talagang may ganyan sainyo at may proof ka you can always file a complaint namn…. Sorry, naccarried away lng aq…. I am a fresh grad kc and relative of a principal…. and I hate it when people always associate me getting in RQA because of her,,,,I worked hard for it,,,,besides nkapost ung scores sa mismong division office nmin,,,, So sometimes I know kung marunong ba sila magcompute o mga bitter lng talga…

  38. observer mike

    our department big boss never listen or never look to their people on the field, bagkus ang ginagawa nila gumagawa ng marami pang policy, guidelines , programs para mgkaroon ng magandang rating ..mga sir at mam kahit ano pang sabihin natin dito hindi sila makikinig kasi yung bos natin sa department di marunong makinig galing kasi sa private at exclusive school yan kaya di niya alam ang sitwasyon sa public school , kaya ang nangyayari gawa ng gawa ng policy ,orders at guidelines para daw sa kagaganda ng edukasyon, parang BBL at mamasapano lang yan puru palpak , sana imbestigahan din siya ni sen cayetano !!!! bakit ganito ang nangyayari sa bansa natin?

  39. I applied last year and lucklily got hired on October, naranasan ko rin ang naranasan mo mam, saksi pa nga ako sa ‘on the table’ hindi under the table transaction na yan, mahirap talaga, at mas mahirap pa kapag nasa deped ka na, nasa isang mountain schl pa ang unang schl assignment ko ngayon and I have to travel 2 hrs from home to schl at maraming WALA sa schl frm classrooms to students materials, maraming school forms na dapat gawin, mapapagalitan ka pa ng mga nasa taas, etc. Oh well, this is part of the job hindi ko na lng masyadong dinidibdib, ang mahalaga, hindi tayo sumusuko ganyan naman tayong mga guro di ba? I always do my work well, I enjoy every minute with my students and share what I have, to me these are priceless,,,

  40. My scenario is this: A week before the school year starts, the school officials still insists to me that they don’t have the division ranking results. But how come they’re opening the classes already? Not to mention that they’re also training other teachers than the new ones. What will happen to the new applicants? Are they going to allowed us to handle students without orientations etc.? And why is it the results are not yet released(o baka niloloko lang nila ako)? With all the money, time and effort I committedly spent to that application, what will happen me? DepEd Philippines please address this issue and be considerate to your teachers. #AbusedProcess #FutureRuined

  41. Mga kapatid 70 points is equal to my wife ‘s 70 students this year hahaha, 1:70 s.y.2015-2016,,, anong quality kaya ang maibibigay pa eh sa instructional materials pa lang ng lahat ng subjects nya puyat at exhausted na kami,,maeexecute pa ba ng maayos??DAGDAGAN PA daw NG PRESSURE NG MGA SUPERVISORS NA BASTA NA LANG DADATING SA SCHOOL AT MAG OOBSERVE NG KAHIT ANONG SUBJECT NA MAGUSTUHAN!!!NI WALA MAN LANG SABI SABI NA PPUNTA AT PAG PAG HINDI NAGUSTUHAN ANG NAKITA IKAW PA ANG IPAPAMALITA AT BABALIKAN!!! haha NGANGA

  42. ito po pakantandaan nyo, kmi po na aplikante ay marami na po ang nagtratrabaho, but of course we want to practice our profession, become a part of the system, at kmi rin po ay nagbabayad ng buwis na nagiging bahagi rin po ng mga sinasahod natin. sana po, nararamdaman nyo ang nararamdaman namin. mahirap po, sana po ibaba ang required score instead of 70 make it lower so others po mat get some justice from it

  43. bfore 60 now 70. it it was tough to get 60 before how much more getting 70? Are you this numb deped? Please po, magkaroon kau ng sympathy sa mga applicants hindi po ganun kadali ang ipinagagawa nyo. Please do have some consideration. make sure that in every decision you make at least majority po ay nakakabuti para sa lahat, yong hindi po nasasayang ang ibibayad naming buwis para lng sa walang kabuluhang bagay.

  44. and once again, I went through the process of hiring last april 22, 2015, hoping that with my 5 years experience, with my competent communication skill and confidence to become a competent educator will once be heared this time. Please do not just based your hiring criteria on teachers academic aspect. please look at more at the competence aspect. Grades are not enough to hire teachers. there are teachers who didn’t do well in academics during college days due to some circumstances yet they are very competent to becoming real teachers , so you should look deeper, dig in more to trully hire the deserrving one.

  45. being a techer is really no joke, but when you love what you do, everthing just go smoothly. But,…..when you get hired, expect that most of the time you have to spent your personal money since deped requires you to decorating of rooms,Painting etc. for the evaluation. meaning when you are a teacher, you get less you spend more. Which the deped should take a smart look at this. Truth is, high ranking official in the intitution are enjoying a lavish office, previleges while their teachers are against all odds for the sake of their learners. What Im trying to say, it isn’yt easy to become a public teacher but if the government and the deped will try to look at this problem ,I beleive teachers’ lives and profession will be a lot different and will never be a burden above all.

  46. under the table is I guess still in the system. .Please be fair. Being an applicant is no joke. We spent our time, our money and our effort for so many years already. Please give justice to us. You must know hpw we feel because you were once in our situations also.

  47. My great sympathy is with dear co-teacher. I have been applying for straight 10years already. And Where am I? Well, thanks to esl school, my communication skills has given me so much opportunity inspite of the the unfortunate battle to compete with my other aspiring teachers. I must admit, during my college days days, I wasn’t interested so much in some of my academic subject. But, i must also admit that I excelled in English and Filipino subjects. I’ve had good grades when it comes to making lesson plan, when it comes to demontrations,I never settle for the leat graded, That’s why, I’d say, though I hadn’y had really good grades in my other subjects in college, I was a competent one. Those times I was so happy enough receivng at least a passing grade because it was really tough competing with others, but i would say that my teaching skills is competent enough as otheres do. Sad thing is, during the hiring process, grades really matters, and what saddens me more is our place there is this college institution that really gives excellent grades although student is not that good, as long as you have complete attendance, you comply all the project, it’s enough. Their competence as a teacher, is very far to what a real teacher should be. ……Good thing for them is that during the hiring process they rank top because of the academic grades they get from this unfair institution. During the process, I would say, that this applicants are so incompetent, yet, months passed by, you see them already wearing teachers’ unifirm, which i envy much, because I know, I deserve to be hired only if selection process is changed and considerations are going to be made. Not only me, but to those who are suffering same thing as I do. Please do DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, do take a keen look in this applicants’ situation. You’re hiring process is becoming more and more difficult, yet ,the result, hired teachers some of them doesn’t deserve to be there because ther are more teachers who deserve that opportunity. I hope my voice, my co-teachers voice who are in the same situation will be heared. So help them God.

    1. I agree that 70 is really hard to get and unfair for us (fresh grads) but not for you.. I understand that you can’t do anything about your grades but that is only 20 points. You may not get a very high score on that criterion but u will still hav 6 pts as the lowest…and the 15 points for exp and 10 points for training is pretty much on your favor…that’s 25 points already. U said u have a very good coms skills right? I assume that’s both oral and written so interview and EPT should be just a piece of cake for you. Now since you have been teaching for quite a long time then that means u can ace the demo teaching,,, If u add those, it’s even higher than 70…… Now, kindly consider our situation as well, fresh grads. Do you think we are not competent since we don’t have teaching experience? Yes, we don’t have experience and training yet and again it’s 25 points. Where do you think we will get our scores? Our GWA is our only proof that we are competent….It’s not healthy to compare yourself to other applicants and say that they were incompetent. Just give your best and in God’s time you’ll have it.

  48. Sheila-May tolentino

    as of may 15, 2015 nag post na ang deped manila ng RQA Teacher I for SY 2015-2016. Onti lamang ang nakapasa at hindi pa nabibigyan ng school assignment pero ipinangako ng division office na sa MAY 15 ipopost ang RQA with school assignment.Isa ako sa napasama sa RQA ngunit ako ay nalulungkot para sa mga kapwa ko guro na hindi naisama sa listahan dahil kinulang ng 1 o 2 puntos ang kanilang score at yun ay dahil sa kakulangan sa teaching experience nila. nakakalungkot talaga ang mga pangyayari kasi parang wala na talaga pag asa makapasok ang iba sa public at ang masama pa nito ay mahirapan na din sila maghanap ng trabaho bilang guro dahil alanganin na ang oras. sana maaga sila nagsabi para mas napaghandaan ng mga guro malamang maraming licensed teacher ang tambay this year o nag iba na ng career. ipinapanalangin ko po kayo mga kapwa ko guro na maging maayos ang lahat at matupad ang ating mabuting hangarin sa buhay

    1. dito sa min ngayong araw daw ipopost ang RQA sa DO pero bigla silang nagpaskil na sa website na lang daw icheck pero di naman makapasok sa site nila.isa po ako sa mga applicants pero tingin ko hindi ako aabot sa 70 pts. Nakakalungkot kung hindi na naman masasali akala ko po napakaraming teachers and kailangan this year lalo na sa high school at ano kayang gagawin nila kung kulang ang mga guro?

      1. samin naman wala pang post, nagpunta narin ako ng DO para makita sana kung may post na sila wala parin kahit sa site nila. Malapit na ang pasukan tapos hindi pa alam kung pasok or hindi, sa totoo lang nakaka stress isipin kung nakapasok ka ba sa ranking, nakakalungkot.

  49. I used to work in the call centre industry for more than 8 years then I felt saturated. I was longing to practice my profession. My college classmate had been egging me for years to apply in public school, and I finally did last 2013 February. I submitted my application at the nearest public school, was scheduled for demo teaching, and such. The principal said I spoke way too much English and that my style of teaching was for college level and not for high school. Then she said, in front of the other department heads after my demo teaching, “Donate your lcd projector to the school and you’ll have a higher chance to get in.” Of course I did not donate it. Then I took the English proficiency test. I was then texted by the division office to submit all the necessary requirements and to complete all the necessary forms, which I did religiously. After like 4-6 weeks of waiting I received sms from DO that the results were already posted and I ranked 4 category A, but there was no school appointment yet. After another 2 weeks, I got sms that I had an appointment letter and had to go through the oath-taking and other paper works to be filled-out and submitted. There was no turning back since then. I got in a bigger school, not the one I applied at originally. There were bumps and potholes along the way, but it was more than luck that I got in. Lucky in a sense that there was mass hiring 2 years ago, and sheer will and talent that I proved to them I deserved to be in the public school and I that have something to offer, the passion to teach using technology for 21st century learners. My advice to teacher-applicants, “Be patient. There’s no perfect system. If at the first hurdle you fail, pick yourself up and try again. Once you get in, be the professional teacher you’re supposed to be, do NOT be eaten by the tradional system, veer away from lazy teachers, and have the heart and passion to teach.” Seriously, you’ll have this feeling of accomplishment, a sigh of relief, once you have gone beyond all the troubles in the application process. Again, the school you will enter is not a perfect school, we all gotta live with it. Intrigues are part and parcel of it. Problems and stress galore, they’re all part of the territory. But we need to face all of them headstrong. We are after all, the new batch of teachers, 21st century teachers of DepEd’s K-12 system. (I just finished my seminar for Grade 10 last Monday, 04 May). I consider myself an empowered K-12 teacher. Good luck to all new teacher-applicants.

  50. Hello po, ask ko lang po yung sister ko po nag apply din siya sa public school after po ng demo and interview, on her way home nadukot po yun phone niya. Ano po dapat gawin niya?

  51. Lilia Valdez Subido

    i think there might be some problem madam.the new guideline states that if you didnt teach for the last five years, you need to take a refresher course.please refer to deped order no 7.

  52. [UPDATE as of 10AM]

    The site’s up again.
    > Saveable na ung fields. Updated all of the info on PDS.
    > TIN box can’t be filled up. Since it doesn’t have (*), the field’s optional so I ignored. Profile almost complete.
    > Hit the Submit button… it failed. A window says: “PLEASE ENTER TIN” No matter what I do, I can’t type on the field, even pasting doesn’t work. So being an I.T., I checked for the source code to look for bugs. I discovered something… headscratching. I relogged the pds site again.
    > The TIN field is now type-able. Strange indeed.
    > I checked again the coding of the TIN field. I wasn’t able to screenshot it but the “READONLY” parameter is now removed, making the field editable.
    > Knowing this is an opening I quickly filled out the TIN and hit the SUBMIT. It pushed through. Thank God. That was an ordeal. Man-made that is.
    > Few minutes later I got a UAN, showed on the dashboard.
    > Since UAN obtained, the PDS can’t be edited anymore but, you can still view the personal info.
    > I rechecked the other accounts. TIN field still not editable therefore, the “READONLY” parameter still remains.

    Now. With that “READONLY” parameter thingie, we can be sure of one thing: This is NOT a technical problem. This is their way of FILTERING the applicants. Now that I think about it, it makes sense why the save issue happened days ago. That was also their way of filtering the applicants. perhaps they put a code that will RESET selective fields like the personal and family information. ONLY A CHOSEN FEW are able save their PDS. (I call them the “DePedestined Children” hahaha.)

    Anyway, all of you applicants deserve to know this. We can’t allow this madness to hinder our dreams as educators. Share the word. Let others know. Let the ones responsible know that we mean business. Mahiya naman sila sa tin.

  53. mam marie joy nameeting n po smin yan na orient n po kmi s pag aaply,DISHONESTY dw po ang ganyan ayun po s DO nmin

  54. mam, hindi po credit yun kasi you’re applying to secondary. eh kung ako nga po nag-volunteer din sa kinder, di rin po credit kasi elementary applicant ako not in kindergarten.

  55. hahaha. parang tama ka dyan madam. kasi kapag volunteer pwede ma-delay ang sweldo 🙂 tulad nung nagvo-volunteer ako last year.

  56. some of my friends do the same as yours mam. nalilito nga rin po sila kung kailangan mamili or pwede sa dalawang division.

  57. ako nga po until now naghihintay sa e-mail ko ng username at password para maka-sign-in na at makapag-entry na ng PDS. pero wala pa rin 🙁 nakakaiyak. bukas na ang final interview namin.

  58. Tired of Stupids

    I understand how you feel. I ranked third in my application two years ago. Despite this, items that were supposed to be given to those in the rank were given to someone else. It was really disappointing. The items were given to the co-church goers of the superintendent. Since I needed money to support myself, I decided to change careers. I practically lost my motivation to teach. Luckily, I was given another opportunity to teach (as an OFW). There lies the problem. Why do we have to waste our time and effort for a system that is not properly implemented? Why do we have to leave our country just so we can teach and be paid enough to survive? It’s unfortunate.

  59. Too much time and money n po naubos nmin hindi p rn po ako mkpgfill-up ng ePDS puro 404 not found pg mgsave n po km ayusin po ang system mhirap lng po km at nauubos ang pera kaloload makakuha lng ng applicant number sa 20 n po test nmin dpa po aqo mkfil-up s epds.

  60. Baldong Maawain

    tama po kayo , ako po 79.45 ang score ko , nabawasan ng 2 points dahil dun sa education , dahil ala ako MA,pero nangangamba pa rin ako, pano na kaya yung 70 na pero nabawasan ng 2 pts dahil dito ,kakaawa,kasi kung konti lang ang makakapasa di ba mas mahihirapan ang division at deped ,bakit kaya nila ginawa ito . at isa pa masyadong untimely

  61. I’m very pleased with how our division honestly and patiently checks our requirements. They were also very sensitive to our need and were always updating us (via facebook and other memos) the schedules and venues for our demos. What saddens me is DepEd’s new cut off score and online registration. I think this new system is not really ready. I haven’t even received any emails from them after registering online and I believe that the cut off score is not “new-graduate-friendly”. I just graduated last year and did not applied yet for a job since I wanted to focus on passing the LET. And being the honest person that I am, I also did not applied for a teaching position even in the private school at that time since I do not have the license yet to teach. After I passed the LET which I took last August 2014, I tried to apply in a SPED teacher 1 position. At first I felt happy because I was the only SPED teacher 1 applicant in our division and when I tried to compute my points I would possibly earn 65-67 points. But now I’m worried that I might not get this job. I’ve always wanted to serve the Filipino people through being an honest and great SPED teacher in the public school. I don’t even have any plans in working abroad since I believe that the Filipino children with special needs need my help here the most.

    1. Hi Maria. Thanks for sharing your experience! The truth is really saddening! There are many teachers who just want to serve but they don’t get in because of the corruption in some division offices. We wish you and all the teacher applicants the best! Good luck!

  62. Last year my score was 71.83. Pero bumaba equivalent nyan sa bagong memo at nanganganib na hindi pumasok sa cut off. Hindi na ba tlga mahihire. I’ve waited last year. Am I gonna wait for another? Bat ganon. Nakakaiyak tlga.

    1. Baldong Maawain

      Try nyo pong habulin yung special skills criterion, 10 points po yun kung may atleast 10 days na training kayo .

  63. I’m honestly disappointed on the new hiring process. Hindi pa man plantsado yung plano nyo nag-push through na ang DepEd. I mean, seriously? The is usually not working. You shuold’ve at least made the first step of application easy to manage. Another is, in our division, the RQA were already posted tapos binawi pa nila dahil nga sa bagong memo. Imagine the heart break of those who made it in the RQA. Sana next year na iimplement yang new hiring process. Ayusin muna nila.

    1. I agree with you. Sobrang hassle ng new hiring process. Their site is always down or not working. Ang hirap hirap doon pa lang sa pag fill-up ng online form/PDS kasi ang tagal magload minsan nagkaka error pa. Tapos you should wait again for another 48 hours, minsan matagal pa ang hintay mo. Paano na lang yung mga walang computer sa bahay at kailangan pang pumunta sa mga computer shops para lang makapag internet? Sobrang gastos at hassle talaga. Kung kailan malapit na lang sana matapos ang hiring process, dun pa sila naglabas ng bagong memo. Sana ayusin nila system nila. Mag oonline-online application sila tapos hindi naman efficient yung serbisyo nila at napakahirap pa para sa mga applicants.

  64. tanong ko lng po pwd po bang m’edit yung tin number sa PDS…kasi po nung ngrgster po ako voters id po yung ginamit ko po kasi po wala akong tin number…please help… hindi ko pa kasi sinubmit baka po magkamali ako.thanks po

    goodeve! 🙂

  65. isa lng nmn ang rason bkit mas gusto ko sa public… bukod sa graduate ako bilang technician na nagtuloy sa educ kung magagawa kong ibahagi at ituro sa kanila ang skill na natutunan ko upang sa ganon meron na silang tool na maaring gamitin sa kanilang pag unlad… aminin man natin o hindi hindi lahat ng nagtatapos ng high school ay nakakapagtuloy ng kolehiyo kaya kung palarin ako un ang nais kong maibahagi sa knila khit hindi nila kayang magtuloy sa kolehiyo kahit man lang magkaroon ng pagkakataon na makakuha sila ng NC sa TESDA na hindi na nila kailangan n mag aral sa mga voc shool para makakuha nito….

  66. nmn ano nga ba ang naisipan ng Dep ed para pahirapan ang mga aspirant teacher applicants ngayon… 2014 pa ko nagparank at back to zero ako ngayon dhil sa panibagong sistema na inintroduce nila sana man lang meron sapat na panahon silang nilaan upang malaman ng mga aspirant teacher applicants ang bagong processo ngayon tuloy naghahabol ako nalaman ko lang nung may naginform sakin through text na kung interesado pa ko mag aplay bilang guro kailangan ko umatend ng orientation which is a day before ng text sakin… tpos malalaman ko dun na kailangan ko uling kumpletuhin ang mga req. na ipinasa ko last year at bukas na dapat ipasa… nmn isang araw lang para kumpletuhin mga un…

  67. Nakakalungkot… nakakalungkot lang talaga… nasa public school na ako atnakita koang hindi magandang nangyayari. Kung malaakas ka at may im pluwensya, asensadoka. Paano naman yung katulad ko na hindi lumalapit sa mga politiko o hindi paborito ng pr8nsipal? Diba mukhang kawawa. Narinig ko yung kahirapang dinaranas ng mga bagong aplikante, nadismaya ako. Hindi ako nagtataka kung bakit yung ibang nakakapasok sa pampublikong paaralan ay nagbibihis ng ugali… siguro sa hirapng naranasan nila.

  68. Anong nangyayari sa DepEd ngayon????? Bakit ganun yung system nila??? 70 points! EDI WOW!!! Sa kanila na yung 70 points na yun!!

  69. I share your sentiments, but do you really have to use such foul language? You are a teacher (or about to be a fullpledge teacher) using such words are so unprofessional.

  70. hi friends over there,
    it is already 9th of april and i am expecting that the space for TIN in an application form be replace with other valid IDs, the deadline are set for already.. how can we access and fill up the forms if it is not still change to the other option?

    thaks a lot.. God be with us!

  71. Patience is a virtue.. You know guys when you already do your part all we have to do now is to wait and pray. Let us all put these into prayers.

    #Be calm and pray..

  72. aubrey umacam

    Nakapagturo na po ko ng 3yrs. 2yrs sa private school, pang tatlong taon ko na rin po sa pagsunod sa proseso sa pagkuha ng puwestong TEACHER 1, since 2012. Rank 7 po aq sa area level sa major ko (2012) at rank 9 (2013). Nagvolunteer din po ako ng isang taon sa public school dahil po umaasa ako na mas malaki ang opportunity ko na makapasok. Ang daming gasto at ang dami pong proseso. Hindi ako lumalapit sa kahit na sino, sa pulitiko o sa pwedeng lappitan na empleyado sa division offise dahil naniniwala parin po ako nasa sana masunod ang tamang proseso at masundan ng tamang sistema. Marami na rin p kasing nakapasok na mas mababa sa rank ko. At bukod dun marami po akong alam na mga maruming paraan para madaling makapasok sa public school pero ni subukan hindi ko rin po magawa. umaasa po ako sa tamang proseso at mabuting sistema sana po wala ng palakasan. SUMUNOD PO TAYO SA KUNG ANO ANG TAMA. MABBALO.

    1. Itatanong ko lang po regarding sa situation. Nag apply po ako sa dalawang public school. Isa sa probinsya at isa sa Manila. Since nagkaroon naman nitong registration pwede ko pa rin ba ituloy ang pag aaply sa dalawang school or mamimili na lang ako ng isa? Okay lang ba na gawin itong dalawang pag aaply sa schools? Kasi baka hindi pwede ang mag apply sa dalawang school. Ang akin lang naman gusto kong maghkaron ng chance makapasok this year. I hope to get an answer from teachers here.


  73. Melvin Leonor

    Nakakaiyak itong bagong guidelines na to…15 pts kaagad ang itinaas… Grabe saklap… Tapos na halos ang ranking sa amin deped Quezon province… March 21 kami kumuha ng EPT taz first week daw ng April ang result bigla naman binago ang guidlines-kulang ng coordination sa lahat ng deped offices dba kc bat ganon pabigla-bigla at kung ang layunin ng ating government ay maibsan ang kahirapan at mabigyan ng trabaho tayong mga guro… Well hindi ito maganda!

    1. i keep on sending no verification email to depedhris.twg@gmail .com But why, up to this time wla pang reply…

  74. tama lang po ang sinasabi ng article… instead of Ranking for the Teacher 1 Position, nagiging WRONGKING na!!!

    1. May mamemeet tlga tayong mga gnyan pero may iilan tlgang nabibingi sa sansabi ng sarli..three years dn ako ngtyga mgapply sa pblic mrmi kang kaiinisang systema..ung tipong mgttnong ka sa srli mo bakit ganun sila ? Ako sbrang nwlan n ng pag asa ksi ang dming nkkpask n my backer smntlng ako ni isa wlang kilala pero ngdsal ako tlga tatlong tao ngoffer tumanggi ako gsto ko mpsk ako dahil sa sarli ko ksi gsto ko proud ma at pa ko sila nwwlan nrn pag asa skin ako hndi ko inisp n d ako ma in ksi bngay ko lht ng mkakaya ko kaka in ko lng this nov 2014 .u have to believe in God never siyang mgsslita pra icomfrt ka pero ibbgay nia sau kung ano ang desre ng heart ranking din last year nbgo nung npost n sa do results so from B nging C ako bmba ako ng 3 pts ksi ngtaas sila ng points sa wrking d ko n alm kung ano pa bngo ..mrmi din nwla sa list dhl dun meron nga A napnta sa C saklap pero na in prn sia ..bsta may slot pa mkakapsk pa mgupdte lng ng mgupdte may mga nkklust dn ksi pag .may kakilala ..

  75. One of the panelists during my interview ask me why at my age i am still single and she grinned and said that i have a problem with regards to my gender preference. It is very insulting and unbecomng of a public school principal and her question is out of bounds. I answered her that i chose to be single but happy and contented unlike some people i know but have illigitimate relationships and having two families he/she is a public school teacher by the way. So i am not expecting anymore to be hired as teacher. I thought i will be asked with regards to my 4 years teaching experience in a private school and also i took the LET once and passed with a good score. I prepared myself for the interview but surprised with the questions. A horrible experience with horrible bosses.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you experienced such thing. It saddens me that people, like these panels, who hold special titles and positions in the department can ask questions unpleasant and offending to hear. However, we just have to hope for the better. Neither I am not expecting to get hired anymore because of these impossible standards they have just set but still hoping for better results. As of now, we really can’t expect something as we are so helpless. All we need to do now is to wait and move on after receiving the results. More powers! All the best!

  76. My hopes begin to fade when I read Aviator’s comments…it is the truth. But still I am hoping that deped Manila is better than what he’s referring to. I am waiting for the results of my application and I’m really hoping for the best!

  77. I know where you’re coming from fellow teachers (especially those who had bad experiences in the hiring process). Neither I got 70 pts. above nor graduated cum laude but in 2006 but I was hired the first time I applied. I got 59 pts. but I didn’t have an item. Our division called those teachers who are not yet regular “Teacher Aid”. I taught in the same school for 3 years. On my 2nd year of teaching our principal made a word that I was next in line to the item.So on my 3rd year, I almost had the item,unfortunately, our principal was transferred to another school. To make the long story short…I processed all the papers needed, spent money, and time only to hear from the new principal that she was so sorry to tell me about my ranking.I was just in the middle. I got 62 pts. A teacher who got 70 would be coming and would take the item. Actually I didn’t say anything when I was talking to her because I was expecting it already. The first thing that came in my mind was…I thought there’s what you call “localization”. I’ve been a resident in the brgy. for 5 years then suddenly they get someone from the other fill in the position which supposed would me mine.I felt “devastated”, I would have accepted it if they told me earlier. I should have not spent money and expected. My father almost had a heart attacked but luckily he’s fine and still alive. I was pregnant that time and almost lost my baby because of what happened. I felt degraded as well every time I hear her small still voice emphasizing my low rank.I also found out that my points should be higher than what I got. 25 pts for Education (TOR) during that time I only got 6.25. I asked the new principal why did I get that point and she said that my former principal computed it and she’s a Math major…with her tone implying why would I complain. After that conversation, I immediately gave up…I didn’t have any relatives or friends who would assist or help me in the DO. I also pitied myself. I felt like I was begging for that item I knew I couldn’t get . I resigned and honestly, I couldn’t describe my feelings that time.I was just thinking about my baby. I TRAINED myself to forget it, motivated myself and tried to forgive. I had to move on 1 year got a job in BPO and online job.
    Now, I decided to try my luck again because I want a regular income for my 4 kids. I think 6 years is enough to forget and start from scratch FOR MY CHILDREN. I willing to experience the long process of hiring just for my children. Yes, it’s true, I’m after the stability and high income but I still miss teaching despite what happened.

    I have a question…do you think if I tell the DO that I have 3 years teaching experience would be my edge to get hired again?

    I would like like to leave this message…
    “Bad things do happen; how we respond to them defines our character and the quality of our lives. We can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of our loss, or we can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift we have – life itself.”

        1. FrancisJan Gonzaga

          I registered last april 6, 2015.. they prompted with a msg that says wait for 48 hrs… but up until now, i haven’t received any msg from them.. yesterday i email but still no reply.. today April 10, 2015 is the deadline for the submission of application #s.. so where does that leave me?

  78. joanahfernando

    Question lang po..nag teach ako last school yr for 8 months sa now nag aapply ako sa high school..maccredit kaya yun?
    Pro di ko sya nilagay sa application letter ko at pds kasi wla pa ko certificate dhil lahat ng ksma ko sa school including the principal naka bakasyon na during the time na nagpasa ko ng papers…pwede ko pa kaya ihabol yun


    1. good morning po. I need legal advice. nakarating na po sa division office namin yung complain ko regarding ranking of teachers 2014.nagagalit po visor ko. ayokong ipakitang takot ako sa galit nila. please advice me what to do pag pinatawag na po ako sa division office. should i consult and get a lawyer na po ba to defend me?

      Hi ma’am! I”m so sorry about what happened. There is no need to consult nor get a lawyer unless they file charges but I think you will only be asked to explain your side. There is nothing to worry yet and in case a filing of any defamation case happens, you’ll still win because what you have written on the website’s page is true and based on your experience. Both sides then can initiate an investigation about what happened during the 2014 ranking. I know truth will prevail so there’s nothing to worry. god bless you ma’am and more powers

    1. Good Afternoon,

      Please wait for UAN in your email within the next 48-hours. We experienced some technical problems that resulted to backlogs. If by Monday, April 6, 2015 no UAN had been sent, please email with subject NO UAN SENT AS of April 6, 2015.

    2. ganun din nangyari sa kin kahapon sabi ng ibang kakilala ko send lang daw ng send yun nga nagsend ako kaya lang may email ad is already used kaya ang ginawa ko nagsend uli ako at iniba ko ung email ad ko ..gamit ko ung isa ko pang email ad… ayun agad agad may dumating na confirmation.

  80. These do not happen all the time.

    We can change the system.

    Social media can’t settle things though.

    You should have narrated all these to the regional director in your place.

    Facebook can’t give you explanations.

    And as teachers, we must choose our language.

    Everyone seeking for employment is lining up, waiting patiently.

    If you have problems with the process then you could have told them. At least with that, you could have started making a difference.

    1. Yes, social media can’t solve this issue but at least, this can make it possible for the divisions’ officials to know the unpleasant things which are going on in some regional office and admit it! The long waiting of teacher applicants immobilises them! Of course you would want to be available anytime once you have submitted your application and you sometimes choose to quit you job!!!!

      And yes! As teachers, we do have to watch our language but we are just humans who react on things impulsively. And this is my impulsive reaction to what I and my co-applicants have experienced.

      Or sir…. Maybe you are one of the panels and officials in a certain division? And it just hurts you to read the truth.

      1. Hi Aviator. You sound just like the other public school teachers i have met – there is no decency in your choice of words; you are vulgar; and your reasons to teach require serious modification. You complain about the hiring system of DepEd while i cheer for your misfortune. No teacher-applicant like yourself deserves to be inside the classroom of any public school, nor be in front of students. I am quite sure that you will never be a role model, a source of inspiration or an aviator who ismorally upright to guide the students to quality life. You are poor and so are others.but these others are able to go beyond their poverty by being examples of maturity, self-respect and professinalism.

        If the hiring process sucks, i suggest you try the marketplace or the gutter where your kind breeds heavily! Our children are bot deserving of your kind. I am sorry!

        PTA President

        1. WOW! MR. RAMIL SANCHEZ! Look who’s talking! An evil rejoicing for the misfortune of others! You yourself should choose your words too! Butt hurt sensitive! Are you just one of these officials I am complaining about??? Truth hurts, sadly!


          AND ADMIT IT OR NOT, THIS ROTTEN AND SLOOOW SYSTEM NEEDS CHANGE! And it can only be changed if the deped officials and those people who are behind this hiring process will do their jobs well! THEY NEED TO BE ORGANISED!



  81. Joel Fernandez

    I am saddened on what you have experienced while applying for a Teacher I position in a public school. I still remember when I applied in the school where I am now employed. I sought for application twice. I waived during my first try (that was in 2006) because they require me to be substitute teacher first before they could hire me. That time I was just employed in a private school in Katipunan Ave. Q.C. I do not want to gamble because I don’t know if they will really hire me after I substitute, aside from the fact that the salary that I would get from substituting will be given in no definite time. So after 6 years, I decided to give myself another shot. During the last quarter of 2011, I started completing some requirements like renewing my PRC license and getting an NBI Clearance, which at that time was the most crucial one. In 2012 , DepEd also issued a new guideline on hiring Teacher I applicants. I applied both in the elementary and high school in our town but due to financial strain, I only completed my requirements in the elementary school. I also went through the process of being interviewed and showed my teaching skills through a demo, and the panel were very pleasant (thank God!). Then, after I completed the process, they said (so cliche) that we just wait for their call. And that call from the District Office happened after 3 months! During those three months, I was jobless and almost penniless. Then I got employed in August 2012. That was a regular-permanent item so, it’s worth the wait. If you think that having employed is the end of all the challenges, think again. After being employed, of course back to work now. But, I received my first salary after two months. It’s okay , I said to myself. But what I failed to foresee during that time was the fact that I won’t get my salary in the months of April and May (including June and July) due to the proportional Vacation Pay. Though I got my salaries on those months in lump sum, it was still so depressing because the money that I got will just be paid to all my debts. That’s bureaucracy at its worst! I shared my experience from the time I applied up to my first year in teaching because for you also to be ready in case you want to give yourself another shot in the public school. I agree of what you stated that the hiring guidelines are not for the masses. In terms of ranking, our schools Division office posts it in their website. They adhere to open ranking procedures and its good for applicants like me (it started in 2012 only).

    1. nangyari rin sa akin yan.. i was rank 4 in our district. pero nauna sa akin ang mga applicants ranks 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 and even category C. ang nakikita kong dahilan, hindi ako nagregalo sa aming District Supervisor. ang Baboy diba? ang katulad nila ang bumubulok sa sistema ng Kagawaran. mabuti na lang retired na sya. Ang mahirap kasi pag nagreklamo ka, pag iinitan ka, sasabihan na kabago bago pa lang eh may attitude na. the fact na sila ang may matinding attitude. . Ang sabi pa ng walang hiyang bisor sa akin as i remember, Maalaman sa Birtday ko (PSDS) kung mapermanent na si Lexter! Damn!!!! anuh ireregalo ko, pambili nga ng bigas, at pagkain ng pamilya ko un, kasi sole bread winner ako. ang hindi ko maintindihan sa mga katulad nya na ganid sa pera, bakit kung sino pa ang may malaking sweldo sya pa ang PATING sa pera.. pag nireklamo mo, ililipat lang ng district..
      Salamat po at nagkaroon ng mapaglalabasan ng sama ng loob.. but now i am 2 years permanent.

      1. nangyari din sakin yan way back 2004. Rank 1, Category A ako pero nalampasan pa ng dalawang applicant na nasa category B. Buti ngaun at medyo ok na ang sistema

        1. Reading all ur experiences made me more closer to God. Because i believe that He is just. No one promise that life is fair,it’s really unfair in most cases esp. In our system,but let us just entrust them all to Him, let’s wait for God’s perfect timing,we have so many plans but only His plab will prevail. Let’s pray that God will touch the heart and mind of those in the position. Hope for the best.God bless us all!

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