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End of School Year Reminders for Public School Officials and Teachers in DepEd Calabarzon

Attached is a Regional Memorandum No. 195, s. 2019 from Diosdado M. San Antonio, Regional Director, DepEd Calabarzon dated March 15, 2019, entitled “END OF SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019 REMINDERS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL OFFICIALS AND TEACHERS IN DEPED CALABARZON”, which is self-explanatory, for the information and guidance of all concerned.

End of School Year 2018-2019 Reminders for Public School Officials and Teachers in DepEd Calabarzon

1) To ensure smooth implementation of activities relative to the end of school year 2018-2019, the following reminders are issued:

a. DepEd has no policy on mass promotion of learners. While teachers are encouraged to initiate measures that will assist struggling learners to meet minimum standards for the grade level, the teachers’ professional decision on who should pass or fail in the learning areas they handle shall be respected. Summer remediation classes may be organized for learners who failed in certain subjects even after interventions made during the school year.

b. Academic excellence awards for honor graduates/completers are based purely on the actual general average attained by the learners at the end of the school year, provided that final grades in all learning areas are passing (98-100 Gen Average- With Highest Honors; 95-97 Gen Average- With High Honors; 90-94 Gen Average- With Honors). Awards for outstanding performance in co- and extra-curricular activities shall also be distributed during appropriate recognition ceremonies.

c. Number of school days to be reflected in official forms will be the actual number of days schools have operated this school year. It is possible therefore that in one schools division, the number of school days are varied.

d. Clearances are not required for learners to be able to receive their school records/credentials. Those learners who loss books may secure appropriate proof of lost and need not be required to pay such textbooks.

e. Clearances are not also required for teachers and officials to be able to receive their salaries and benefits during summer vacation. Only those who are retiring from the service and those who are transferring to other schools/divisions shall be required to secure clearances from property and financial accountabilities.

2) Strict compliance of all concerned is enjoined.

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