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Procedures to Be Undertaken If the GFAL Applicant Has Due and Demandable Loans with the GSIS

Below are the official instructions on the procedures to be undertaken if the GFAL applicant has Due and Demandable (DND) loans with the GSIS.

Procedures to Be Undertaken If the GFAL Applicant Has Due and Demandable Loans with the GSIS

GSIS shall provide the borrower the tentative computations of the monthly amortizations for both the GSIS Conso-Loan and the GFAL. Attached is a sample computation.

If the resulting net take-home pay (NTHP) after accommodating the GFAL and GSIS Conso-Loan are more than Php 5,000.00 or the required NTHP threshold, the borrower shall be advised by GSIS to proceed with the renewal of Conso-Loan through the GSIS kiosk.

The GFAL processor shall print the GFAL calculator results, and write the resulting NTHP after deducting the computed amortization for CNL:


The borrower shall submit his/her payslips, tentative GFAL computation and tentative Conso-Loan to the Authorized Agency Officer (AAO) as supporting documents in the loan application to be evaluated by AAO.

The Authorized Agency Officer (AAO) shall certify/approve the GSIS Conso-Loan application if the following conditions are met:

The private lender/s whose existing deductions will be dislodged after accommodating the due and demandable GSIS Conso-Loan are prioritized under GFAL; and

The borrower’s resulting NTHP after accommodating the GFAL and GSIS Conso-Loan shall not be lower than Php5,000.00, or the NTHP threshold required in the provision on Authorized Deductions, General Provision of the applicable GAA.

The borrower is informed of the Conso-Loan approval through SMS. The due and demandable loans with the GSIS are deemed up-to-date.

The GSIS shall re-process the GFAL application of the borrower.

In the loan counseling stage, the GSIS loan processor shall explain that the Conso-Loan amortization deduction may cause some deducted obligation from private lender/s, if any, to be dislodged in the borrower’s payslip, albeit temporarily, while the GF AL application is in process.

Once the proceeds from the GFAL is received by the private lender/s and applied to the borrower’s loan account, the improved NTHP is realized by the borrower.

The borrower shall likewise be reminded that any remaining balance due the private lender/s, after settlement of the loan through GFAL, must be settled directly and without delay.


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