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Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI)

Attached herewith is OUF Memorandum Number 2020-0051 signed by Assistant Secretary Ramon Fiel G. Abcede OIC, Office of the Undersecretary for Finance on the Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI).

Allotment cover from the DepEd Central Office is already released to the Regions as the basis for the payment of the Php 3,000.00 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI).

Memorandum No. OUF-2020-0051 dated February 7, 2020 with subject “Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI)”

Since the Sub-AROs have been issued to the respective DepEd Regional Offices Proper, the corresponding cash allocations have to be released to the said DepEd-ROs. Hence, the DepEd- ROs have to closely coordinate with their DBM counterparts in their respective Regions for the issuance of Notices of Cash Allocation (NCAs) though we, in the Central Office, are making representations to the DBM-CO for the early release of the NCAs.

The DepEd-ROs, however, may adopt other arrangements/procedures to facilitate the payment of the remaining unpaid balance of the 2019 SRI.

Upon receipt of the cash allocations to cover the cash requirements of the Sub-AROs for the purpose, it is expected that all DepEd teaching and non-teaching personnel will be paid of the subject personnel benefit considering that the allotment downloaded to the ROs to cover the remaining unpaid portion of the 2019 SRI was based on the validated number of employees qualified for the grant of the subject benefit as submitted to the Budget Division, Finance Service, DepEd-Central Office by the concerned DepEd-ROs. – Usec. Anne Sevilla

Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) to DepEd Teaching and Nonteaching Personnel

Administrative Order No. 19, s. 2019 authorizes the grant of a one-time Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) at a uniform amount not exceeding Ten Thousand Pesos (PhP10,000.00) for each government employee for Fiscal Year 2019, to be funded as follows:

  1. Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF) under the FY 2019 General Appropriations Act (GAA) to fund a portion of the SRI in the amount of Seven Thousand Pesos (PhP7,000.00) for each employee; and
  2. Available released Personnel Services allotments of the agency for the remaining Three Thousand Pesos (PhP3,000.00) for each employee. In the event that the available released PS allotments are insufficient to fully cover the remaining Three Thousand Pesos (PhP3,000.00) per employee, a lower but uniform amount shall be paid to all qualified employees of the agency.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) released the funds to cover the PhP7,000.00 portion of the SRI in December 2019, thus, DepEd teaching and nonteaching personnel eligible to the grant of the incentive had already been paid of the PhP7,000.00 before the end of CY 2019.

Inasmuch as our aim is to pay our employees of the remaining PhP3,000.00 portion of the SRI, 2019 PS savings of every DepEd operating unit have been pooled in the DepEd-Central Office with the end in view of determining the amount to be uniformly paid to qualified employees. And thanks to all since the amount of 2019 PS savings we generated is very much sufficient to cover the PhP3,000.00 portion of the 2019 SRI.

It is in this regard that the Budget Division, Finance Service, DepEd-Central Office has issued Sub-Allotment Release Orders (Sub-AROs) necessary to transfer to the DepEd ROs Proper their share of the pooled 2019 PS unobligated allotments to cover in full the payment of the 2019 SRI.

The DepED ROs shall closely coordinate with their DBM-RO counterparts for the issuance of Notices of Cash Allocation (NCAs) to cover the cash requirement of the Sub-AROs they received, subject to the submission of Special Budget Request (SBR) supported by a Monthly Disbursement Program (MDP). The MDP shall reflect that the cash requirement falls due in the month of February 2020.

Inasmuch as the Sub-AROs and the corresponding NCAs would be released to the DepEd-RO Proper, the disbursements of the cash allocations issued for the 2019 SRI shall be effected by the DepEd-ROs concerned including the preparation of the payroll thru the Regional Payroll Servicing Unit (RPSU). The DepEd-ROs, however, are not prevented from adopting other schemes or procedures of facilitating the payment of the said personnel benefit, subject to existing budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Assistant Secretary
OIC, Office of the Undersecretary for Finance

Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI)
Full Payment of the 2019 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI)

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