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Download Grade 11 Career Guidance Manual for Teachers

The Grade 11 Career Guidance Manual has been developed to help teachers, guidance counselors, and career advocates help senior high school students in preparing them for a career they would want to pursue after senior high. The manual is composed of eight modules all taken up together to form a handbook. The modules build up one after the other such that at the initial module, students are presented with different career choices, slowly developing and intensifying in the next modules that tackle the different factors affecting the fulfillment of a dream/goal, how to deal with these factors, the preparations for equipping oneself with the skills required of a profession, including honing one’s personal attributes and characteristics that are equally essential as the technical capabilities when applying for work. As such, by the last module, the students would have been very confident about the career he/she intends to undertake.

In order to sharpen these skills, various activities have been employed and utilized that will inspire as well as motivate students to persevere in their life goals. Students are likewise required to have a notebook where they will write their reflections and assignments for the entire program. Students will also write their thoughts and feelings after each module.

There are also activity sheets that students will accomplish individually or as a group, and at times, with the participation of parents or guardians. At the end of Module 8, all activity sheets shall be compiled in the students’ career portfolio for compilation at the Guidance Office as part of the student’s Individual Inventory Service.

It is hoped that this Manual will be useful and significant as senior high school students tread the road to their future, a journey they will travel not on their own but with significant others, including you as their teacher and facilitator of learning.

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Grade 11 Career Guidance Manual for Teachers

Module 1 – Road to the Right Choice

Module 1 of Grade 11 Career Guidance Manual entitled “Road to the Right Choice” covers different professions and life choices for Grade 11 learners. It provides information on the different senior high school curriculum exits and professions that will facilitate their career decision making as they pursue college. This module also tackles the different factors affecting learners’ life and career choices considering that deciding for career and life is not an easy task for Grade 11 learners.

As facilitator of this module, you will help the learners identify these factors and lead them to appreciate how these factors affect their choices of profession.

Module 2 – Releasing the Power Within

Module 2 of Grade 11 Career Guidance Manual entitled “Releasing the Power Within” is practically about unleashing the knowledge and skills of every learner. They will focus on their innate talents, interests, skills, and abilities to help them identify their potential through the different activities and opportunities of learning capsulized in this module. They will be encouraged to explore possibilities of knowing their skills and abilities and manifest these in related activities as applied in the workplace and in given situations.

This module includes an animated video presentation about the different professions that will help guide the learners in finding the career that fits their knowledge and skills. As guidance counselor/teacher/career advocate, you will be assigned to facilitate discussion about the video presentation.

It is recommended that as learners go through this module, the parents and significant others give their support and words of encouragement so that the learners will be able to realize their goal of becoming a career professional.

Module 3 – Reaffirming the Chosen Track

Information is essential in every decision making. Information is usually gathered from various sources to give a better picture of what we want to know and on what bases we are making such a decision. This module presents several sources of information about career choices that could influence or modify the decisions we make for our future.

Module 4 – Fit Me Right

Choosing a career is a very crucial aspect of a learner’s decision making process. It could make or unmake his/her future. Deciding on what to pursue therefore needs to be taken slowly and cautiously.

In this module, learners will be led to a process of making decisions on what career to pursue, taking into consideration different intervening factors. Moreover, learners will realize that most of the time, there be people around them who would influence, control, or pressure them in their decisions. The role of parents and other support system in the learners’ decision-making is also given emphasis in this module.

Module 5 – Rising Toward the Reality of My Dreams

This module is about helping the learners identify the skills and abilities that will help them determine the most realistic profession and career for them.

The learners’ knowledge of their skills and abilities will enable them to make career decisions that match their potentials and expertise. Facilitating the learners’ skills assessment will aid them in making career choices that will empower them to maximize the available local and foreign opportunities after they exit from the senior high school curriculum.

Module 6 – Up in the Ladder of My Career

There are many career options to choose from, so senior high schoolers must learn to manage their choice of career and life goal. When they encounter challenges that somehow affect them from reaching their goal, they should not give up. Just as career options are numerous, so are the possible ways of addressing the tests that come along with the preferred career. The same is true when they encounter challenges that hinder them to reach their dreams. For each of the challenges identified in the attainment of their career choice, let us identify possible ways to address them.

This module will guide the learners in applying their abilities and maximizing their resources in deciding for their career. It will also make them realize that there are many factors that affect and in a way, strengthen one’s decision making for a career choice.

Module 7 – Beginning the Journey Where I Am

This module, “Beginning the Journey Where I Am” is about the process toward strategic implementation leading to the realization of the learner’s chosen profession or career goal. The activities included herein will help learners learn more about their interests, values, and skills in relation to their current situation which is vital to their profession in the future. This session will also guide learners in exploring occupations that are applicable to them and in learning to decide on the best choice.

Module 8 – Plan to Succeed!

Congratulations, your learners are now ready to develop plans for their chosen career and put them to action!

In the previous session, the learners identified their strengths and weaknesses, and analyzed the opportunities and threats that go with them. They also learned that the SWOT framework is not only an effective tool for business but is also beneficial for job seekers and students like them who aim to climb the career and success ladder.

In this module, students will learn the step by step procedure in making their own career plans and the ways to achieve them. They will set their goals with the corresponding time frame to achieve them. Finally, this session will enable them to focus their talents, skills, and values to the career and life plans that they dream of.

So, let us now take off and begin their future today!

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