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Download Grade 12 Career Guidance Manual for Teachers

The Grade 12 Career Guidance Manual has been developed to help teachers, guidance counselors, and career advocates help senior high school students in preparing them for a career they would want to pursue after senior high. The manual is composed of eight modules all taken up together to form a handbook. The modules build up one after the other such that at the initial module, students are presented with different career choices, slowly developing and intensifying in the next modules that tackle the different factors affecting the fulfillment of a dream/goal, how to deal with these factors, and the preparations for equipping oneself with the skills required of a profession including honing one’s personal attributes and characteristics that are equally essential as the technical capabilities when applying for work. As such, by the last module, the students would have been very confident about the career he/she intends to undertake.

In order to sharpen these skills, various activities have been employed and utilized that will inspire as well as motivate students to persevere in their life goals. Students are likewise required to have a notebook where they will write their reflections and assignments for the entire program. Students will also write their thoughts and feelings after each module.

There are also activity sheets that students will accomplish individually or as a group, and at times, with the participation of parents or guardians. At the end of Module 8, all activity sheets shall be compiled in the students’ career portfolio for compilation at the Guidance Office as part of the student’s Individual Inventory Service.

It is hoped that this Manual will be useful and significant as senior high school students tread the road to their future, a journey they will travel not on their own but with significant others, including you as their teacher and facilitator of learning.


Grade 12 Career Guidance Manual for Teachers

Module 1: Entering the Exits

This module is designed for use by teachers. It is intended to help them facilitate the career decision-making of Grade 12 learners especially in choosing curriculum exit before they graduate from senior high school. The title of Module 1 “Entering the Exits” means entering a curriculum exit after Grade 12. The learners will have to choose whether he or she will proceed to college, do business, look for a job, or develop the middle-level skills.

The module will help learners identify their interests through the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE). This is a tool that will help them choose the curriculum exit suited for them. It is expected that at the end of the module, Grade 12 learners will appreciate their chosen life, career and curriculum exit based on their interests and personality type.

Module 2: Discovering the Cs

Your learners are now another step closer to achieving life and career success!

From the previous module, the learners were able to identify their curriculum exit. Understanding where to start their career whether from employment, entrepreneurship, middle-level skills, or higher education upon graduation will give them better chances of success.

In this module, they will learn the relationship of academic achievement to life and career success. This module will help encourage the learners to strive harder in pursuing their respective strands and tracks, and consequently improve their academic standing. The module is also designed for learners to utilize the Labor Market Information (LMI) for various job opportunities. Finally, they will be able to identify the seven Cs of lifelong skills that will prepare them to meet both the occupational changes and changing individual needs associated with life and career.

So, let us now open the door and explore the Cs of life and career!

Module 3: The Choice of Choosing

The choice of choosing is an ultimate freedom granted to all human beings. This freedom of choosing can be best enjoyed to its fullest when practiced with responsibility. The choice of a profession is one of the lifetime decisions that every individual shall make. Self-introspection and careful self-analysis can be concrete bases for decision making. This module will provide you with an avenue to explore within yourself and thus enjoy the benefit and freedom of responsible choosing.

Module 4: Myself in Another Person’s Shoes

As the old-aged saying connotes, your role as a teacher is to open doors of possibilities for the learners under your care. But you must also accept the fact that you cannot let them trudge the path you want them to take. You cannot decide on their behalf. You cannot force them to chew the chunks of information you served them. Be as it may, you have a crucial role in preparing your learners to pack their individual bags and take their own journey toward the realization of what they envision to become.

This module will help you make your learners realize that their dreams in the future could be achieved a step closer with the help of people who are in the profession or business that they envision to be in the future. Your inputs through the different activities that they will undergo will keep their enthusiasm burning to pursue their career choice.

Continue the learning journey through this module and help your learners affirm more their desire of becoming who they want to be in the future.

Module 5: Future Combo, Activate!

“It takes two to tango!”

This cliche emphasizes the need for people to work zealously in tandem with others to make their endeavors succeed. The same holds true for the career development of learners. While they consider the personal, academic, and familial factors in their career development, they must likewise connect their life aspirations to the pressing demands and trends in the local and global scenario. The word combo, an abbreviated form of the word combination, signifies the convergence of personal career choices to the actual needs in the labor market and industries.

By doing so, Grade 12 learners will be guided in fulfilling the vision of the Department of Education that expects them to “contribute meaningfully in building the nation.” This also ensures that learners are able to attain their life and career goals vis-a-vis working for the greater interests of the country at the macro-level. To help learners clearly determine the direction of their career choices, mission statements become essential as the baseline of their career plans and actions. This module intends to facilitate the learners’ ability to make such convergence possible.

Module 6: Keep Me Balanced!

Values are a fundamental building block of your mission in life (Clarke, 2012). Brown (1995) in her Values-Based Holistic Approach to Career Development third tenet states that values play an important role in the career decision-making process of individuals more than functioning as this presents the direction to a desired end state and has a central role in setting goals or expected outcomes. Values also serve as the basis for evaluating one’s own actions and the action of others, particularly in terms of how the individual and others must function (Villar, 2009).

Values are acquired as a result of value-laden information from the environment interacting with the inherited characteristics of the individual. Since cultural background, gender and socio-economic level influence social interactions and opportunities, priorities placed on values by people from various multicultural grouping vary and influence the choice of careers and other life roles. Values that are influenced by other people’s value systems may not truly represent the individual’s true values.

This module will let our learners identify the values they possess to keep them balanced with those values shared by their significant others—school, family, and community. They may be able to know their selves better as they continue navigating vast opportunities in their lifelong journey.

Module 7: Version of Me 2.0

This module entitled “Version of Me 2.0” refers to the individual who is discovering the real Version of Me 2.0, that can be awesome in his/her own way and able to manifest greatness in pursuing a lifelong career. It is a transition from school to the curriculum exits that the learner will plan for the future job that he/she will be productive and persistently sustain in the real world of work—that’s the real version of me 2.0.

In order to figure out how learners will work with Me 2.0, the learners should understand who they are and how well they function. This will be a great help to learners to be aware and be guided on what they want to become, who they want to be, and know where to begin. What traits do learners possess that they can be proud of? No matter where the learners are or what moment they are in, let us take this module and learn things forward together.

Module 8: Ready to Take Off!

Congratulations, your learners are now ready to create their Lifelong Learning Plan and to conduct personal and career development activities that will help them grow and advance in their life and career!

From the previous module, your learners identified the rights and responsibilities of the employees and employers. They also learned the importance of work values and work ethics in becoming successful in one’s chosen career, and evaluated extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for sustainable work satisfaction.

In this final module, you will guide your learners to conduct their career development gap analysis and develop their lifelong learning plan. Your learners should be aware that their lifelong learning plan will determine the kind of citizens they will be in the future. They will also be asked to write their original career philosophy expressing their love and passion in their chosen career.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for exciting and challenging tasks ahead of you!

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