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2019 Granting of Service Credits to LIS Coordinators

In line with Paragraph 8 of DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2016 entitled Updating of Learner Profiles for End of School Year (EOSY) 2015-2016 on the Learner Information System, which allows the granting of service credits to LIS Coordinators who rendered overtime (OT) services during weekdays, weekends, and holidays when necessary, the Schools Division Office sets the following guidelines:


DepEd Required Documents for Claim of Service Credits

Compliance to a 180-Days Non-Negotiable Contact Time for Teaching and Learning

A. Category A – those who rendered full-time services as LIS Coordinator including the tasks of class advisers as stated in DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2016

Teaching LoadNumber of Enrollment
(2000 enrollees and below)
Number of Enrollment
(Above 2000 enrollees)
300 - 360 minutes3 days service credits5 days service credits
Less than 300 minutes2 days service credits3 days service credits

B. Category B – those who rendered full-time services as LIS Coordinator excluding the tasks of class advisers as stated in D.0.14, s. 2016

Teaching LoadNumber of Enrollment
(2000 enrollees and below)
Number of Enrollment
(Above 2000 enrollees)
300 - 360 minutes2 days service credits3 days service credits
Less than 300 minutes1 day service credit2 days service credits

Service Credits shall be awarded to the LIS Coordinators at the end of the school year after thorough evaluation of the following submitted documents:

1. Copy of the SF 7 reflecting the teaching load of the LIS Coordinator
2. Recommendation of the school head certifying the teaching load and the role of the LIS Coordinator
3. Duly accomplished DTR signed by the school head


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7 thoughts on “2019 Granting of Service Credits to LIS Coordinators”

  1. Sir, ask lang po ako kung kasama po ba sa Memo ang teacher adviser na magkakaroon ng vacation/service credits? Salamat po!

  2. Sir:
    May I request from you a copy of the Week 2 Plan of The National Kindergarten Curriculum Guide 2011 in electronic pdf (acrobat) format.

    Please send us the latest if the Year 2011 of the 40-Week Plan has been superseded.
    We appreciate your kind response and or suggestion.

    Thank you,

  3. Thank you for the info about GRANTING OF SERVICE CREDITS TO LIS/ICT COORDINATORS. In my own opinion, much better if all ICT/LIS coordinators will work full time with this not to bother anymore to teacher advisers because they are exhausted already with deped reports and the so called multi tasking. Anyway, I have done this almost with 2,000 + pupils in our school. Enrolling to finalizing LIS. I have learned to love LIS since I became an ICT Coordinator in our school and even doing Phil -IRI before.

  4. Salamat po, Simula magsimula ang LIS, WALA pa akong nakuhang service credit..I tried the first time just this june to ask mh SH for this, kaso di po ako nagrant..ang sabi ng sh, kailangan daw po may go signal ng DO kesyo ayaw daw ng aming Div Sup. na pinangungunahan ito.

  5. Many thanks for this guideline. It will ensure proper rewards to those working beyond their current heavy load. Special mention to those with teaching loads helping in the clerical task.

    My concerns though are:
    1. Why that late? End of school year?! For a task performed barely within the first 3 months after official start of classes? What if that person transfers to another institution and worse got fired? How then will that service credit be of use?
    2. This should have been first, and suggested earlier during deped’s division office meetings about the subject. But I doubt they’ll respond proactively. It is a fact repeated many times in that meeting how slow the network, server or speed of transacting in the LIS. Too many times mentioned as if mind setting everyone in the audience. It is a problem that can be solved provided we think out of the box. Allow me to share a solution.

    Start by getting initial data on server and network capacity. Plot those and identify how much it can accommodate without slowing down. Let’s call that the Allowable Data Transfers or ADT. With the ADT identified, and with the expected or forecasted lists equated into traffic per region, division or even down to a per school if needed. We can now compute how long it will take to upload everything. Then compare that to your current schedule of processing the grants if it is within the allowable period provided. If not then formulate another ADT but with a bit slower but acceptable speed. Until then, or when the timeline is matched, create a schedule in accessing the LIS. On a per school if needed. Once communicated, create a program to limit only those identified in their scheduled period. Thus prohibiting others to prevent traffic. This however must be strictly implemented with full-proof security measures already on-line prior implementation. This is my cheap suggestion.

    My other suggestion is more simple but very costly. Upgrade to a google or facebook like facility to improve speed. It is expensive, but try making a survey on how much each school would spend on overtime. Convince them to contribute that amount to improving the system and we won’t be having that same problem on the next school years to come. Promote BAYANIHAN! It is within our culture!

    Thank you and more power!


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