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Guidelines for the Special Educational Financial Assistance for Thesis Writing

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Government Center, Candahug, Palo, Leyte

DepEd Regional Advisory No. 020, s. 2016

February 26, 2016


Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary and Secondary School Heads

The Manila Teachers’ Mutual Aid System, Inc. (MTMASI) and the Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (MTSLAI) are providing Educational Financial Assistance to School Heads. They are requesting for nominees for the program from Eastern Visayas. Nominations are up to February 29, 2016 only. Attached are the letters and the guidelines for your information.

Regional Director

For the Regional Director:

Chief, Field Technical Assistance Division

Guidelines for the Special Educational Financial Assistance for Thesis Writing

Project Title:

MTSLAI Financial Assistance
For the Completion of Masteral Thesis Writing
For Public School Managers


Financial Assistance of Thirty-Thousand Pesos (P 30,000.00) to a qualified teacher-member and non-teacher member to finish his/her masteral thesis.

There will be ten (10) available slots per year admission.


The successful candidate must finish his/her thesis for two (2) semesters and one (1) summer.

Must enroll or must be have been enrolled in any State University/College, locally funded University or College, National Teachers College (current) and any private schools.

Should the beneficiary fails to finish his/her masteral thesis within the term, the Board shall determine whether the reason is valid or not. If the reason is valid the term shall be extended; If not he/she must return the whole amount to the association.


The candidate must be an

  1. Incumbent teacher-in-charge of school (Elementary or Secondary)
  2. Incumbent Head Teacher in-charge of school (Elementary or Secondary)
  3. Incumbent Principal I or II but have not written and defended his/her thesis
  4. Not more than 50 years old
  5. Must have an Outstanding Performance Rating for the past three (3) years.


  1. Submit certified Xerox copy of attested appointment
  2. Submit approved permit to study
  3. Present Certification and/or Grade that the applicant has taken and passed the comprehensive examination which will entitle him/her to enroll in Seminar in Thesis Writing (3) units and Thesis Writing (6) units
  4. Submit approved “Title of Research Study” to be conducted
  5. In case the beneficiary is done with Chapters 1, 2 and 3, he/she must submit a copy and the result of his/her pre-oral defense to the scholarship committee
  6. Fill up and submit application form to the MTSLAI Scholarship Committee with the above requirements as attachment
  7. Submit copy of his/her finished thesis to the Associaton (book-bound)

Scheme of Payment


Second Semester of School Year 2015-2016 onwards until rescinded.


  1. DM 32, s. 2016 – Dissemination of Republic Act No. 10743 (An Act Declaring the Fifth Day of October of Every Year as the National Teachers’ Day)
  2. DM 30, s. 2016 – 2016 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees

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  1. Good evening po, How about if hindi po sya current head teacher, pero administration and supervision and kinukuha sa masters and currently in thesis writing na? Makakaqualified po ba to get the assistance?


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