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DepEd Homeroom Guidance School Implementation Tool (School Level)

Attached is Homeroom Guidance School Implementation Tool (School Level) of DepEd Memorandum DM-OUCI-2021-346 from the Office of the Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instruction, dated August 25, 2021, announcing the Revised Implementation of Homeroom Guidance (HG) During Crisis Situation for School Year 2021-2022.

Other details relative to the implementation of Homeroom Guidance Program can be read here.

Homeroom Guidance School Implementation Tool (School Level)


E- Evident — 95% – 100% of the total number of classes complied
EI- Evident but Inadequate – 50% – 94% of the total number of classes complied
NE- Not Evident – less than 50% of the total number of classes complied
NA- Not Applicable – the area is not applicable / it is not possible to comply

I. Curriculum Implementation and Compliance
HG MELCs is being followed properly.Class schedule and learner’s output/ portfolio
Objectives of the program are achieved at the end of the school year.Learner’s output and minutes of meeting of advisers per grade level with Guidance Counselor/designate re HG’s impact on learners
II. Delivery Process
HG Classes are programmed for the whole school year.Class Program and Teacher Loading
Learners and parents are acquainted with the competencies that they need to master per domain in each quarterLetter to parents prepared by Adviser regarding the competencies for the quarter
Class Advisers are being monitored as they implement the HG.Results of Monitoring Tool and post conference of Guidance Counselor/designate with advisers
III. Assessment of Learner’s Development
Learners are oriented on the learning objective and how their development will be assessed.Documentation of learner’s orientation about the learning objectives and evaluation of their development
Assessment results are explained to the learners, leading to their realization of the areas for improvement.Documentation of conference with the learners about their development
Learners can keep track of their progress in the programLearner’s Development Assessment with remarks of adviser and parent
IV. Supervision of Homeroom Guidance Implementation
A clear Monitoring Plan (Guidance Counselor/ Designate and School Head) before the start of the program is evident.Monitoring Plans of School Head and Guidance Counselor/Designate
Monitoring Plan is properly implemented.Documentation of the actual monitoring results
Monitoring results are
discussed with the concerned personnel so as to encourage actions needed to improve the program delivery.
Minutes of Meeting with the concerned personnel and the accomplished HG Monitoring Tool (School Level)
Monitoring results are utilized to improve the program delivery.Matrix of Monitoring Results and the actions taken
Proper coordination, planning, and corrective feedback system are being enforced.Minutes of Meeting and Post Conference documentation
Capacity-building for HG is being conducted.Documentation of teachers and personnel training with the attached utilized budget and recorded training
V. Administrative Concerns
Orientation for learners and their parents is conducted by the school before the start of School Year.Documentation of learners and parents’ orientation (e.g. attendance sheet, photos etc.)
An adequate budget is allotted for HG expenses.Approved budget vs Financial Report of HG (e.g materials, training expenses etc.)
Materials and relevant supplies (online or printed learning materials) are available for the learners and teachers of HG.Inventory of supplies and materials vs reports of utilization
The learning modality is appropriate and conducive for the conduct of the program.Number of learners in each learning modality
Duties and responsibilities of personnel are clearly defined.Documentation of orientation for the personnel and teachers
Correct reports are submitted.Year-end report by the school
Issues and consents based on the reports are acted upon.Matrix of issues and consents from the reports and actions taken

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  1. pls send a soft copy of the Homeroom Guidance Learners Assessment Tool and Homeroom Guidance Learner’s Development Assessment Kinder – Gr. 6 and Gr 7-10 (Junior High School) School Year 2021-2022. I am hoping for your favorable action regarding my request. Thank you very much.

  2. Please send me soft copies of the Homeroom Guidance Learners Assessment Tool and Homeroom Guidance Learner’s Development Assessment Grade 11 – 12 (Senior High School) School Year 2021-2022. I am hoping for your favorable action regarding my request. Thank you very much.

  3. Please send us or post the complete set of modules for Grade 11 and 12 Homeroom Guidance. Thank you for your consideration and action.


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