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Leveling up ICT Competencies through an ICT-enabled Teaching (LICIT)

The LICIT Program undertakes the role for the development of teacher competencies in ICT by providing strategic directions to have relevant and quality education by 2020.

The Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers or PPST supports this by including two strands on usage of the Information and Communication Technology of Teachers in the Teaching and Learning Process. These are Strand 1.3 on positive use of ICT under content and pedagogy domain and Strand 4.5 teaching and learning resources including ICT under the domain of curriculum and planning that paved the way in continuing to address the needs of the digital society.

Furthermore, the LICIT program reflects the direction of PPST on enabling teachers for competence specifically to:

  • apply developmentally appropriate and meaningful pedagogy;
  • create a learning-focused environment and efficiently manage learner behavior in physical and virtual space;
  • utilize range of resources and provide intellectually challenging and stimulating activities; and establish learning environments that are responsive to learner diversity”. (p.4 PPST attachment to DO 42, S.2017)

Leveling up ICT Competencies through an ICT-enabled Teaching (LICIT) Program

It is a program designed to develop and empower teachers on the effective use of ICT in teaching and learning. It is focused on ICT integration, tools, learning models, and trends that could increase their ICT competencies including knowledge, skills, and abilities. As they continue to serve as a teacher, this is an opportunity for continuous professional development and networking to work hand in hand for ICT education of Filipino learners.


Learners are globally competitive and functional 21st Century Filipinos who are responsive to the changing needs of the society thru utilizing technology appropriately and responsibly.


The activities of the program aim to:

  • develop an ICT Education Framework, Policies, Standards and Competencies for Teaching and Learning; and
  • provided classroom instruction (teaching and learning) effectively with the currently available technology in the schools.


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