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SEAMEO-RECSAM In-Country Training Program

The implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum brings imperatives to how teaching and learning for the 21st century be delivered. In the K to 12 programs, a new curriculum has been implemented in schools across the country.

Through this curriculum, the aim is to develop scientific literacy among students such that they are able to make judgments and decisions regarding the application of scientific knowledge that may have social, health, or environmental impacts.

Apparently, the learners are also expected to understand important science and mathematics ideas and master complex skills and reasoning processes that are essential to scientific and mathematical literacy.

This reform in Mathematics and Science education rests firmly on a commitment to enhancing teaching and learning to reach a higher level of achievement. To achieve this vision, teachers need to have ownership of the vision of high standards and quality Science and Mathematics education. They also need to be competent in creating a learning environment that supports the achievement of the vision.

SEAMEO-RECSAM In-Country Training Program

The SEAMEO-RECSAM In-Country training is a learning platform that exposes our science and mathematics teachers, school heads, and specialists to training with an international perspective. It is a face to face training conducted by science and math specialists from the Center based in Penang, Malaysia. The center offers an array of courses to all SEAMEO member countries for their teachers/educators to be trained in their own countries. The courses will be conducted upon request by the Ministry of Education of the member country for science and mathematics teachers/educators for five days or 30 hours’ duration.


Sustained professional development in Mathematics and Science Education for improved learning outcomes among Grade 3-6 learners


  • A cadre of Elementary Mathematics and Science teachers equipped with the right skills for the 21st-century teaching and learning
  • Significant improvement in the learning outcomes in Science and Mathematics among Grade 3-6 learners

Intermediate Outcome

Enhanced teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge on teaching science and mathematics via technology-enhanced and inquiry-oriented professional development.

Expected Output

  • Trained Mathematics and Science Teachers
  • Compendium of Effective Mathematics and Science Pedagogical Practices


  • Promote high-quality learning experiences among Grade 3-6 learners in Mathematics and Science;
  • Train Elementary Mathematics and Science teachers to incorporate ongoing reflection on the process and outcomes of understanding the subject through inquiry; and
  • Create collaborative school-based professional learning situations to enhance Mathematics and Science teaching and learning through Lesson Study


Name: Ligaya Ilagan
Email Address: ligaya.ilagan@deped.gov.ph
Mobile Number: 0949-322-2414
Landline: (02) 8687-2948

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