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DepEd Kindergarten Education Program Objectives, Beneficiaries & Requirements

Pursuant to the “Kindergarten Education Act of 2012” (Republic Act No. 10157) and the K to 12 law on the “Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013” (Republic Act No. 10533), Kindergarten education provides equal opportunities for all children to accessible, mandatory and compulsory kindergarten education that effectively promotes physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills stimulation and values formation offered to all five (5)-year old Filipino children to sufficiently prepare them for Grade One.

It is highlighted in the said laws that “Kindergarten education is vital to the development of the Filipino child for it is the period when the young mind’s absorptive capacity is at its sharpest”.


Section 3c of the Republic Act 10157 of 2012 states that “Kindergarten education shall be understood in the Act to mean one (1) year of preparatory education for children at least five (5) years old as a prerequisite for Grade 1”, which is adopted in item III 6A of DepEd Order No. 47, s. 2016 – Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten Education and item #2 of DepEd Order No. 20, s. 2018.

Kindergarten education aims to make education responsive to the needs, circumstances, and diversity of learners, schools, and communities using developmentally-appropriate and culturally-sensitive practices. It is anchored on the principles of developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) which immerses the learners in meaningful experiences thru engaging playbased, and child-centered activities. The Mother Tongue of the learner shall be the primary medium of teaching and learning.


To provide access and learning opportunities to all diverse types of Five (5)

Year Old Filipino Children, the following program policies are issued:

The following provisions on Kindergarten entry age enrolment per DepEd Order No. 20, s. 2018 states that:

Age qualification for Kindergarten learners in both public and private schools should be five (5) years old by June 1 of every calendar year. However, the school may consider learners entering Kindergarten who will turn five (5) years old by the end of August on the condition that the Philippine Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist must be administered to the learner prior to the start of the opening of the school year, to ensure that the learner is capable of meeting the expectations of the grade level. Parents may provide documentation and/or certification of the learner’s previous Early Childhood Education (ECE) experiences (i.e., preschool, day care, pre-Kindergarten) in addition to the results of the Philippine ECD Checklist.

For schools commencing their school year beyond June, the requirement that Kindergarten learners should be five (5) years old by June 1 and the extension period ending on August 31 shall be adjusted. For schools commencing their school year in July, Kindergarten learners should be five (5) years old by July 1 and the extension period shall be until September 30. For schools commencing their school year in August, Kindergarten learners should be five (5) years old by August 1 and the extension period shall be until October 31.”

The Philippine Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist is an assessment tool to determine the child’s growth and development. There is no overall score interpretation of “pass or failed” in the ECD assessment. The report shall serve as initial assessment of the child as one of the bases in planning and implementing appropriate interventions for Kindergarten learners, monitor progress, and refer learners at risk of developmental delays for further assessment by a specialist and/or provision of specialized intervention/s.


All Five-Year Old Filipino Children nationwide


Register to the nearest school and bring the basic documentary requirements to enroll in Kindergarten per DepEd Order No. 3, s, 2018

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) birth certificate

Affidavit of Identity certified by the barangay (if birth certificate is not available upon enrolment)

Copy of Phil. ECD record (if the enrollee attended pre-Kindergarten in Day Care or Child Development Centers)


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