DepEd LIS Correction of Grade Level/EOSY Facility Tutorial

Please be advised that all Correction of Grade Level requests are subject for approval of the Division Planning Office.

To correct the grade level of a learner, here are the steps:

1. Go to LIS website and login using your LIS user account.

deped lis sign in page 1

2. Once login, click the Learner Information System link.

deped lis learner information system 2

3. Click the List of Classes tab. Then, click the View Enrolment button of the learner’s section.

deped lis list of classes 3

deped lis enrollment view 3

4. Look for the learner’s name. Then, click the Profile button on the opposite side of the learner’s name.

deped lis learners name 4

5. Click the Correction of Grade level button on the right side pane.

deped lis correction of grade level 5

6. Select the correct Grade level and section where the learner should be enrolled by clicking the Enrol learner button.

deped lis list of classes 6

7. Complete the Reason for Correction of Grade Level data field. Then, click the Continue button.

deped lis correction of grade level reason 7

8. On the Enrolment section:

deped lis eosy enrollment section 8

a. Tick the Revise EOSY 2016-2017 grade and status option.

b. Click the dropdown list to select the last Grade level.

c. For EOSY status, click the dropdown list to select appropriate status.

9. Update the other learner’s information, if applicable.

10. Click the Enrol button.

deped lis enroll button 10


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