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List of Marikina Public High Schools with Approved Senior High School Offerings

The Schools Division has released the newly approved offerings for Senior High School to be implemented by 14 high schools in Marikina City.


SY 2016-2017
(As of December 14, 2015)

School / New Offering

  1. Jesus Dela Pena National High School – Animation/Computer Prog.
  2. Barangka National High School – Caregiving, GAS, HUMMS
  3. Tanong High School – ABM, GAS, BP/FBS, Comp. Prog.
  4. Kalumpang National High School – Tour Guiding, Tourism Promotion Services, GAS, Automotive Servicing
  5. San Roque National High School – ABM, Handicraft (Footwear making) Computer Prog.
  6. Marikina Science High School – Animation, Computer Prog., STEM
  7. Sta. Elena High School – ABM, STEM, HUMMS, Sport Track, Art & Design (Performing Arts)
  8. Sto. Nino National High School – BP/FBS, Computer Prog.
  9. Malanday National High School – GAS, BP/FBS, Hairdressing, GTAW/SMAW, Electrical Inst. & Maintenance
  10. Marikina High School – STEM, ABM, HUMSS, B & P/ FBS, Hairdressing, Tailoring, Handicraft (Footwear making), Automotive Servicing
  11. Concepcion Integrated School – GAS, ABM, Animation, Consumer Electronic Servicing, Arts & Design (Media Arts)
  12. Nangka High School – ABM, BP/FBS, Computer Prog, Plumbing
  13. Parang High School – STEM, GAS, ABM, Refrigeration & Aircon Servicing, SMAW, BP/FBS, Consumer Electronic Servicing
  14. Fortune High School – BP/FBS, Hairdressing, Carpentry
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