National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM)

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 524, s. 2004, the Department of Education (DepEd) will join the Department of Agriculture (DA) in celebrating the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) with the theme Be RICEponsible in your Own Way Now (BROWN) 4 Good. The opening of the Celebration will be held on November 3, 2015 at the Quezon City Circle.

The Celebration aims to encourage every Filipino to do their small share of RICEponsibility by valuing every grain of rice and eating healthier rice to benefit themselves, other consumers, rice farmers, and the country as a whole.

In support of this Celebration, DepEd officials, employees, teachers, and learners from both public and private elementary and secondary schools nationwide are encourage to undertake the following suggested activities:

  1. Display of streamer following the enclosed format;
  2. Recitation of the Panatang Makapalay (copy enclosed) every Flag Raising Ceremony during the month;
  3. Conduct of slogan-making contest, photo contest, poster-making contest, and essay contest;
  4. Serving of healthier rice such as brown rice and rice mixed with corn or other staples in cafeterias; and
  5. Promotion of campaign advocacies through quad media and other ways with one’s capacity.

The elementary and secondary school learners and teachers from nearby schools divisions are also encouraged to attend the Opening Program.

For more information, all concerned may contact Mr. Garland Rellegue, Be RICEponsible Secretariat Office, Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rice Research Institute, Maligaya Science Institute of Munoz, Nueva Ecija at telephone no. (004) 456-5390 or at mobile phone no. 0947-996-2556. They can also visit the website address: or facebook page: through email addresses:;; or send a message through email address:

National Rice Awareness Month

Panatang Makapalay
Panatang Makapalay

We Serve Brown Rice We Serve Half Cup Rice


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