An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend

Mark Anthony Llego Mount Ulap Itogon Benguet
Mt. Ulap @ Itogon, Benguet – June 04, 2017

To my future princess,

I have met and been with incredible women like you. Yes, they were all incredible but it did not just work out for us. They were not meant for me because it is you, who are really for me. I can’t wait to see you. But before I can tell you my plans for us, let me just get some things clear.

I want you to know that I would be willing to join you in all the crazy things you want to do and I would be willing to learn and do the things that you love but it doesn’t mean that you would have to require me leave and forget the things that made me happy before I met you. We have our own thing and we might be of different interest but rest assured that I will try my best to let the thing we love meet in the middle. I am sure we will work it out and I know we will help one another make it work.

I give you the full freedom to do everything freely under the sun. You can go and hang out with your girlfriends. And rest assured I’d be very happy and patient to be with you for long hours of shopping— choosing and helping you pick the best clothes, bags and shoes that will make you look like the prettiest princess in the world! And yes, though difficult, I’ll try to be more understanding whenever PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is playing in your system. And though I won’t say I LOVE YOU often, I’ll make sure to give you warm hugs and always ask HOW YOUR DAY WAS. I will try to comfort you when everything is going tough. And although I am easily annoyed when I hear someone crying, I will allow you to burst out crying whenever you feel down. I will allow you to let me listen to the loudest frustration of your life and will give you time to get the quiet that you need. I’d be sitting beside you. Then after you cry, I’ll let you listen to the quiet— to the loudest beating of my heart that says you are loved and though broken, you are beautiful. I will not tell you anything. I will just be there, holding you. Then after you have wiped your tears, I would ask you to dine in to your favourite restaurant then we’ll have a good night sleep after.


Let me remind you that although I am willing to give you anything I can and I have, I want you to remember that I have my set of friends too and some of them are women like you. I don’t want you to get jealous nor ask me to stop checking on them or meeting them. They are a part of me and they did a lot to shape my life. I want you to understand that they can our greatest companion if ever we might face difficulties in the future. They will help us get up if ever we stumble. I want you to know them and love them like I do. There’s no way you can get jealous of or feel bad about them.

I have my own weaknesses and I have accepted these weaknesses and am trying to fight them. I would like you to read me like an open book and know that I, overcoming my flaws will take long. I am in the process of the making and so you are. Let us put in each other’s mind that we are here for each other to serve as the strength of each one. The strength of our true love will be measured not on how much we made each other happy but on how we bear all the difficulties in the relation and still find reasons to stay and stick with each other. Although we are together, we both have our own ways. We will be responsible for each other’s happiness. I will not be your IDEAL or DREAM MAN. I will be a boyfriend you choose to love and live life with. You will not stop me from doing things. You will be happy when I achieve things and I will always thank you because you are the reason why I achieve things.

Please… always tell me how you feel—even the most unpleasant ones. I want you to be who you are and I want you to be real. When you are angry, tell it. Don’t wait for me to figure out that you are as I will not know.

I hope that what I am asking you is not too much. Don’t worry because in exchange, I will apply all the learnings I had in my previous relationships so that I can be the best of me. I will always be loyal and will always admit all my shortcoming and will try to make it up to you. I will always listen to you and tell you all things that’s happening to me openly (even if it is about picking my nose in public). I will love you as you are and will always help you achieve all what you want in life. I will be giving you space when you need it and I’ll be holding you when you made a mistake and will still believe in you. I will be your instant nurse when you get sick. I’ll be googling the top ten things that make a woman happy and will out them on my checklist. I’ll do the corniest things ever. Just for you. Just for your happiness. I will give you flowers and treat you on our anniversary dates. I will find reasons to make even the ordinary days extra special just to make you feel good and to keep you happy. I will cook for you though not every day because I believe you are a better cook. I will always read your heart and intentions before reacting to your words. I will return texts and messages promptly or as fast as I can. I will protect your name and character and be thinking of you in every decision I make.

I can’t wait for you to read this.
I can’t wait for my heart to feel at ease.
I can’t wait to hold your hand.
And explore the farthest places of the land.
I can’t wait to journey with you.
And prove the world that “forever” is true.




Mark Anthony Llego
Your Future Boyfriend

August 3, 2017 at 6:11 pm


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  1. apple says

    Hello, uso na po ata ngaun ang single na Teacher, but like you im also waiting for my Future Boyfriend too.

  2. jeanette says

    awww… heart full of hope.. <3 🙂 entrust that unknown-future to our all-knowing God, Sir.
    She'll be there some day just believe for a perfect/right time. ayieeee… 🙂 #Art of waiting