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Phil-IRI Reading Materials (Filipino Graded Passages)

The Phil-IRI Graded Passages is an informal individualized assessment tool used to record the student’s performance in oral reading, silent reading and/or listening comprehension.

The Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test is administered in order to:

  • identify the student’s miscues in oral reading;
  • record the number of words that a student reads per minute; and
  • find out how well a student understands the passage read.

The Phil-IRI Listening Comprehension is administered when the student is identified as a nonreader. The purpose is to find out how well a student understands the selection which will be read by the test administrator.Then the test administrator reads the multiple choice questions and the student answers them orally.

The Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test may be administered after the Oral Reading Test is conducted to further check the student’s comprehension skill. This is an optional activity.

Phil-IRI Graded Passages

The Graded Passages range from Grade 2 to Grade 7 Readability levels for English and Grade 1 to Grade 7 Readability levels for Filipino. The selections for Grade 2 to Grade 4 are narrative texts, while those from Grades 5 to 7 are expository texts. The expository texts in Filipino deal with Social Studies concepts, while those in English focus on Science concepts.

Phil-IRI Graded Passages are both in Filipino and English. For both languages, there are four sets (Sets A, B, C and D) of passages with a readability level of Grade 2 to Grade 7 to be used for the pre-test. Similarly, there are also four sets (Sets A, B, C and D) of posttest graded passages. The pre-test and the posttest for each grade level are comparable in the following: number of words, concept load, level of vocabulary used, sentence complexity, nature of themes and cohesion. Appendix A5 to A12 presents the titles of passages used for the Phil-IRI Graded Passages (Pre-Test and Post Test) in both Filipino and English.


Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test (Filipino) – Pretest

Download Filipino Graded Passages

Grade 2: Gatas na Pampalakas

Grade 3: Tagumpay ng Isa, Tagumpay ng Lahat

Grade 4: Paggalang, Mabuting Katangian

Grade 5: Mga Planeta sa Ating Kalawakan

Grade 6: Malaking Problema

Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test (Filipino) – Posttest

Grade 2: Mag-ingat!

Grade 3: Ang Pagbabagong Anyo ng Palaka

Grade 4: Kahangahangang Tanawing Kalikasan

Grade 5: Kabataan, Katuwang sa Malinis na Kapaligiran

Grade 6: Tayo ay Magdiwang

Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test (Filipino) – Pretest

Grade 2: Kokak Palaka

Grade 3: Sayaw sa Palatuntunan

Grade 4: Magiliw sa Pagtanggap sa Bisita

Grade 5: Galing ng Pinoy, Hinangaan sa Hollywood!

Grade 6: Mga Astronomer

Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test (Filipino) – Posttest

Grade 2: Ang Daga at Keso

Grade 3: Pagdiwata

Grade 4: Iba si Inay

Grade 5: Loboc Choir, Nagtagumpay sa Europa

Grade 6: Ang Pagsilang ng Malawak na Kalawakan

DOWNLOAD: 2018 Updated Phil-IRI Manual

READ: Phil-IRI Reading Materials (Filipino Graded Passages)

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