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Pointers to Minimize Administrative Complaints Against Teachers and School Heads

Being the disciplining officer in the Region, Dir. San Antonio cited that 1221 complaints from the component divisions were filed in his office in 2014. The cases were about the violation of the No Collection Policy, non-remittance of GSP, BSP and Red Cross contributions, lack of transparency in the utilization of MOOE fund and other funds, inability to pay just debt, child abuse complaints and conduct unbecoming of a professional teacher.

RD San Antonio said that almost 70% of the complaints were dismissed due to lack of any reasonable ground to engender a well found belief that the offence was committed. However, 104 cases were formally charged. Eighty-nine per cent (89%) of these were found guilty and were meted penalties of either termination from service or suspension without pay.

He explained that the complaints against the school personnel can be avoided if only those reminders, memoranda and orders of the Department were strictly followed. He grouped his reminders as highly recommended, prohibited and highly discouraged actions.

Attached is DepEd-CALABARZON Unnumbered Memorandum dated March 2, 2015 re: Pointers to Minimize Administrative Complaints Against Teachers and School Heads, content of which is self-explanatory, for information.

Pointers to Minimize Administrative Complaints Against Teachers and School Heads

To advance the right and welfare of public school teachers and to protect them from possible abuses, harassment, complaints and from unknowingly participating in any illegal/unauthorized practices which are perceived/tolerated as legal actions due to prolonged practice and unchecked system, this Office hereby issues this memorandum to inform all concerned of actions which are highly recommended, prohibited and strongly discouraged, to wit:

Highly Recommended Actions:

  1. Establishing and capacitating the School Grievance Committee in the School and District Levels;
  2. Capacitating the School Anti-Bullying and Child Protection Committees in the School Level;
  3. Posting a copy of the MOOE, School Organization Fund, Canteen Fund and PTA Liquidation Report with attached receipts in the school transparency board;
  4. Recording all donations received by the school in the school property inventory; and
  5. Implementing Transparent, Ethical and Accountable (TEA) Governance through the SCOUTERS ROCK.

Prohibited Actions:

For their own protection, Teachers and School Heads should NOT be allowed to do the following:

  1. Imposing a permit/clearance system where students are made to pay any contribution before being cleared to graduate, get promoted or to take an examination;
  2. Imposing a year end clearance system where teachers are made to comply certain tasks and pay certain fees
  3. Forcing students to buy from canteen trays and/or for teachers to pay for whatever items not sold in said trays;
  4. Endorsing any company or selling any products to their students, such as but not limited to the following: reading materials, workbooks, CD’s;
  5. Collecting any P.T.A. contributions/fees even with the consent of the P.T.A.;
  6. Selling or collecting from students any money from any Red Cross and B/GSP fund raising activity other than Red Cross and B/GSP Membership dues;
  7. Selling tickets or other materials of the same nature and/or collecting from students any money from any fund raising activity, except Anti-TB fund drives;
  8. Requiring/ mandating students to attend school field trips, film showing, jamborees and/or any school activity needing financial contribution/dues;
  9. Allowing school personnel to settle and investigate child abuse cases in the school without proper authorization;
  10. Having financial interest while engaged in purchasing materials needed by the school or by acting as the direct supplier of the school; and
  11. Requiring or influencing subordinates to purchase items from a superior or a particular supplier.

Highly Discouraged Actions/Activities:

The following are highly discouraged to promote teacher, student and employee’s welfare and from shelling out personal resources for their own development and eventually for the betterment of public service:

  1. Scheduling meetings/seminars/training’s/workshops or other related school office-sanctioned activity during Saturdays/ Sundays and/or Holidays, unless extremely necessary and provided the service credits or overtime benefits, whichever is applicable, is provided;
  2. Organizing seminars/training/workshops or other related school and office-sanctioned activity requiring the payment of registration fees from participants out of their own personal funds; and
  3. Organizing a compulsory or highly extravagant school affairs.

For your guidance and information.

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  1. Can I ask for further advice ? kc yung kapatid ko may fieldtrip na worth 7k na baguio lang nman. He is Major in Education and with seminars daw mga yun na I think still pricey kc marami nman nag ooffer ng mga seminar sa mga nagpupursue maging teachers ng di ganun kamahal or free pa. Di daw mandatory pero in 2 months ONLY they require their students to have 5 researches for different subjects and a program na cla mag oorganized at gagastus. May record of accident na rin cla dahil sa fieldtrip (na wala nman cla nagawa sa buhay ng mga victims) tas ganun na nman khit alam nila na mostly nag enroll sa knila ay di ganun ka previlege sa buhay para mag aral sa mamahaling school/university pero kung makapag paactivity mas mahal pa sa mga private school.
    Seeking for assistance, dame kc nila kabataan na namomroblema san kukuha pa ng ganun kalaking pera makagraduate lang. THANKS!

  2. sir good pm po…pwede po bang mag sagawa nang initiative ang principal at teachers nang isang fundraising para sa school?sabi po nang principal namin na it is their common practice?

  3. May anak po ako na mahina po ang memorya siya po ay 12yrs old na at kasalukuyang nasa grade 4 nakakabasa naman po siya ng mga letra pagpinagdikit npo hindi nmn nya mabasa at yung iba naman po ay nababasa.kinausap po kami ng Principal ng school dahil po sa ganoong sistema. sa ngayon po ay napasok pa din cya kaya lang ndi po cya nakarecord sa school year na 2018 at sinasabihan padaw po cya ng kanyang teacher na hindi na cya kasali. ang tanong kpo legal pba ang ganoong sistema na kapag ang bata ay hindi kaagad makabasa ay idadrop na po cya. ano po ang magandang gawin namin . maraming salamat po.

    • Bawal po iyon na I drop, dapat po ay gumawa ng intervention ang teachers at school. pm nio lang po anong name ng school at ng teacher baka po makatulong ang National PTA

  4. I hope someone can help me with this…

    We had an outstanding balance from last school year on my son’s current school, they allow me to enroll him buy paying partial amount and issuing a cheque for the remaining balance so that’s what i did, time frame to complete all payment is just 1 week which is really hard for me but the hardest part is that the “school” obliged us to purchase books from them for this school year despite of telling them that we already have borrowed books from a former grade 10 student also they want us to pay it in full after a week and failure to do so will cancel his enrollment… is this legal? Os this really the policy? The reason why we just borrow books is for us to save money, can they really still cancel and widraw my son from their school just because i will not purchase books from them? I need answers please, thanks!

    • Intervention of the City Mayor or any City Officials, NGO po is needed, lapit po kayo sa inyong Mayor or Congressman. reporting this issue will help, mayroon pong educational assistance ang bawat city, PM po ninyo ang Name ng School, School head, so we can review their policy. madami pong case na ganyan. . . National PTA might help by gathering this kind of complaints para po mapag aralan at malagyan ng kaukulang batas salamat po https://www.facebook.com/Ptanationalphilippines/

  5. wish we can have a PTA transparency board in Division office and regional office, for easy access on PTA Financial Report, being a clearance requirement for principals, this will prevent Corruption on PTA Masterminded by School heads, as there are reports Donations and PTA receipt are recycled and used in MOOE, Basketball rentals, Fund raisings of faculty and school heads using the PTA as Front. Abusing their jurisdiction over parents and students.

    • Private Schools have their Own PTA laws, But if the PTA is Strong and reasonable, you can find a private school near your school with strong PTA, Communication with administration will help. or lose their Enrolees

  6. applicable po ba ito sa lahat ng regions sa bansa? ano pong DepEd order ang basehan ng memo na ito? please reply po para magkaroon po ako ng depensa kung sakaling ilaban ko po ito sa school namin. taga region 1 po ako, maraming salamat po

  7. Its good to know that the student welfare was given priority in the said memoranda. But what about if the school teachers or principal was not morally upright? Same for example, a principal embarrass a teacher applicant. What should a DepEd do about it?

  8. Is it allowed that if a child did not joined the fieldtrip, they will be marked absent for 2 days? Even if they know the reason why my child could not join them. Additional to this, they overcharged their students for the sain fieldtrip. I have checked their itinerary and only one of the activity has a fee, all are free except for 1! I think they are overpriced, 1,550/head for and entrance fee of 625.. I don’t think they will pay much for the service bus for the place was not to far from here. Cavite to Batangas . Please reply so I will know how to file a complain.

    • in my experience as a PTA federation president and Interim Regional PTA President, offers of 5 10 30 pesos per student as commission to approve and implement Field trips and other projects, Also the commissions of SDS thru PESPA and school heads, a rampant OLD practice in DepEd public schools. i am also a victim of Field Trip in 2008 in Lyceum University of manila, Ms. Anne Sarmago gave us projects worth 10 times the fee, even we have paid, but cannot join the trip. (field trip should not be a compulsary project and be abolished in schools, as this leads to corruption, Bullying, not going to class, and rig between poor parents and their childrens, discrimination of teachers to students and student to students.

  9. I just want to complain about a teacher. Her name is Maribel Masibac Dayao. Elementary teacher I. San Fernando Elementary School in Pampanga. She has no values, because she has an affair with a married man name Rodolfo Evangelista Gozum Jr. Father if my son, Nathan Rajesh Cayanan Gozum. I was pregnant, weak and bedrest when they started their relationship without knowing it. Til I read a tweet in my live in partner accnt post ” Can’t be anymore happier” that was Saturday Feb 28, 2016. He (Rodolfo known as Oro or jun) keep on denying he has a secret love affair with that teacher. As a Public Servant of being a teacher, she has to be a good example to our society. She appears to be so imoral and no values. Because of that my son has been abandoned by my live in partner. Which my live in partner is married. Code of ethics in whT boundaries will I do or case I demand. Thanks. It would be very helpful for me and my kid to have right. Ano po kayang magagawa namin? Hoping for your response and action regarding my case.

  10. I just like to report a teacher whose so imoral and no values. Shes indecent. She violated the code of ethics being for being a teacher. Her name is Maribel Masibac Dayao. She’s having an affair with a married man, Rodolfo Evangelista Gozum Jr. Plus, this married man has a live in partner. This said teacher, teaches in San Fernando Elementary School in pampanga. Her boyfriend whose a Married man who has a live in partner that time is pregnant. So, she also cheated on her. Is this teacher would be a good example to the students and to the society?

  11. Hope everything stipulated here will be strictly followed and implemented. . There were already issuance of these kind before but sad to note they were not implemented to the letter. They remained in papers alone and many teachers suffered the brunt to keep paying for contributions not to their liking. Teachers were submissive to their superiors or they will not be cleared of financial responsibility and TWs or salary be withheld to their disadvantage. MOOEs must be transparent too for all school personnel to know where the money was spent. Many school heads are using MOOE for their personal interest because many teachers complain at the back but do not lay down to the open whatever grievance they have against their immediate superiors. Many school heads do not want their teachers to meddle to their own affairs including illegal acts prejudicial to the service like transparency of expenditures from the MOOE.
    Solicitation also is very rampant in the schools and financial statements on said solicitations are not also transparent.

    • PM lang po mam might help po as we have the same experirnce, thanks to sir Mark Llego for having this infos that can help the education system National PTA Philippines


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