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TeacherPH Principals’ Test Sponsored Review; A Great Success!

Being able to get 25 confirmed slots out of the 388 passers of the 2016 Principal Test / NQESH administered by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines is a great success considering that the sessions were done online run by the Green Pen advocate himself, Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez, a School Head of Paliparan III Senior High School in Dasmariñas City.

It started sometime in September and lasted until the week prior to the rescheduled test last April 9, 2017. Having a minimal charge, members were recruited to join the online group chats per domain and the group where which discussions to each questions and concepts and the exchanges of views took place.

The original plan was that it would only last for two and half months prior to the scheduled December 2016 examination. But again, it was moved to April 9, 2017 so the administrators again opened the second session in January to accommodate those who had heard the manner of the review which is at the preferred time of the principal-aspirants. This time a separate Facebook account was created with group chats and a group where many sample tests were given, explained, and discussed just like the first one but used different set of materials and lessons. Answers to the questions were discussed based on educational laws, issuances, policies, and acceptable practices that gave the takers and those who participated for the advanced review but will only take for the upcoming test once they are qualified.

One week prior to the test on April, some online members and friends who were not able to join requested Sir Kenneth to have a face-to-face review. Hence, a two-day review was conducted at Tubigan Resort, Dasmariñas City and 60 participants from all over the archipelago attended that. There, the attendees were given discussions on the domains and an extensive application test review was also discussed. Again, those who were not able to make it in the face-to-face requested for the videos of that review and they personally watched the sessions for themselves and a group chat was created for that purpose so those who availed could clarify gray matters.

Final coaching on how to shade and other tips were given to all the modes which could have been the reason why the review sessions were able to help 20 passers out of the 17 thousand more who took the exam.

Join this year’s review sessions and let us equip you with the knowledge to hurdle the difficult test that will be your passport towards your dream of becoming a school head to fill the many vacant Principal I item in the country.

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