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Policy to Intensify Professional Growth & Development of Teachers


Schools Division Superintendents
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Director IV


1. Republic Act No. 4670 (Magna Carta for Public School Teachers), Republic Act No. 10533 (Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013) and Republic Act No. 9155 (Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001) include provisions that stress the need for sustained efforts to support the professional growth and development of all teaching and nonteaching personnel towards higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness in rendering basic education services to the youngsters of Region 4A (Calabarzon)

2. The following guidelines shall be implemented in all offices and schools in DepEd Calabazon:

a. School Principals shall take, steps to equitably distribute training and scholarship opportunities among teachers and staff. No teacher shall attend more than two seminars until every classroom teacher in the school has been made to attend a seminar. This refers to DepEd funded or MOOE funded training activities. However, teachers can still attend seminars/workshops of their choice during vacation time as long as expenses are personal;

b. Facilitation of SLAC (School Learning Action Cells) sessions should be done on rotation basis to equalize opportunities to develop facilitation and leadership skills among classroom teachers;

c. Processing of ERF to reclassify teachers is allowed after six months in the service or after six months of previous reclassification/promotion. School personnel/teachers who complete M.A. can be reclassified immediately without waiting for three years;

d. Teachers/school officials writing theses/dissertations are considered on study leave of absence when they defend their thesis/dissertation. Two days are allowed for their proposal defense, another two days for pre-orals and three days for final defense.

e. Teachers/school officials who wish to pursue graduate studies need not secure a permit to study, as long as attendance to such classes are on weekends or during summer vacation. PROVIDED that school officials on vacation/sick leave basis shall file a leave of absence to attend their classes.

f. Schools Division Superintendents are encouraged to work closely writh their counterpart Local Government Unit Chief Executives for initiatives that will allow DepEd employees to be granted scholarships & financial assistance to complete MA, PhD or EDD.

3. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this memorandum is desired.

Policy to Intensify Professional Growth & Development of Teachers

Policy to Intensify Professional Growth & Development of Teachers 2

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