Requirements Checklist for SPED Teacher I, II, III

Documentary requirements for SPED Teacher I, II, III:

  1. Transcript of Records/Special Order/duly approved Updated ERF – for determining the educational preparation of the candidate;
  2. Service Records – for determining the experience of the candidate;
  3. Certifications of Relevant Training’s – for determining the training’s the candidate has to his/her credit;
  4. Civil Service Eligibility – for determining the eligibility of the candidate;
  5. Sworn Statement in accordance with Department Order No. 12, s. 1962;
  6. Permit to study;
  7. Item number per updated and post-audited Plantilla of Personnel;
  8. Copy of the Plantilla of Personnel, reflecting the name of the candidate; among others;
  9. Updated PSI of the division/school;
  10. Computation/Matrix for the resulting salary increment;
  11. Rank list of all personnel who are qualified for the desired position, duly signed by the Chairman and Members of the Ranking Committee, and attested by the Schools Division Superintendent;
  12. Waiver from concerned personnel(s) – in the event that the candidate is not the most ranking;
  13. Plantilla Allocation List
  14. Ample justification(s) for the need of the position;
  15. Certification that the school where the candidate is assigned is an existing authorized SPED school/center;
  16. Certification that the candidate has earned the required number of units in SPED issued by any of the duly authorized training institutions;
  17. Certification of the Principal that the candidate has at least 3 years experience in teaching children in any of the categories of children with special needs;
  18. Certification of the Principal that the candidate has Very Satisfactory ratings for the last three (3) years;
  19. Enrolment by exceptionality and by year/grade level for the present school year;
  20. Data on the number of pupils/students enrolled in the category of children with special needs handled by the candidate.

Note: The term ‘exceptionality’ is used by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to identify patterns of strengths and needs common to groups of students.

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  1. Yolanda I Padasdao

    Sir, may I know if the Bachelor of Information Technology is qualify to register without examination

  2. Ask ko lng if how many units required for reclassification from SPED T1 to SPED T 2. 6 years experience as sped teacher 1 with 27units MASPED

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