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Safety and Preparedness Measures During the Holiday Season

To: Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The Department of Education (DepEd) enjoins all schools and field offices to observe Safety and Preparedness Measures During the Holiday Season. This is to ensure that properties, learning materials and vital school records are secured from any possible occurrence of hazards (fire, typhoon, flood, among other calamities).

2. All schools and offices are advised to do the following:

a. Anchor the facilities built at ground level by guy wire to strengthen the stability of the structures;
b. Store learning materials, teachers’ manuals, vital records and equipment (fax, laptops, photocopiers, TVs, VCRs, among other machines) in a safe place, preferably on an elevated room to ensure protection from rain or flood;
c. Turn off and unplug electrical equipment and appliances;
d. Ensure that windows and doors are locked, especially the storage rooms to protect the schools and offices from burglary;
e. Prepare the classrooms for possible use as evacuation centers and ensure that the staff-in-charge of the keys are accessible;
f. Prune trees to avoid entanglement from electrical wirings and avoid potential harm to life and property; and
g. Coordinate with parents living within the school vicinity for the monitoring of any situation concerning the school.

3. All are advised to keep updated on the weather condition for the proper exercise of precautionary measures.

4. All Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) coordinators should maintain open communication with school officials for any needed assistance.

5. Immediate reporting of any untoward incident should be observed to provide necessary support.

6. This Memorandum supports the DepEd Order No. 83, s. 2011 entitled Disaster Preparedness Measures for Schools and DepEd Memorandum No. 41, s. 2015 entitled Implementing Brigada Eskwela 2015, which seek to mainstream the implementation of DRRM in the systems and processes of the Department at all levels.

7. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.



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