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Verification of School Readiness Data for SY 2018-2019

Attached is Memorandum DM-PFO-2018-0466 from Undersecretary Jesus L.R. Mateo, Department of Education dated April 2, 2018, relative to the Verification of School Readiness Data for SY 2018-2019, contents of which are self-explanatory for information, guidance compliance of all concerned.

All school heads are requested to validate the School Readiness Data for SY 2018-2019 and must be submitted as soon as soon as possible.

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All Regional Directors
All Schools Division Superintendent



Verification of School Readiness Data for SY 2018-2019

April 2, 2018

In preparation for the opening of classes this incoming SY 2018-2019, an inventory of the level of readiness for school opening is being conducted in all public schools nationwide. This initiative was piloted in DepEd RO I before its nationwide roll-out in other regions. For SY 2018-2019, school readiness shall be assessed based on tire availability of the following six variables:

  • Classrooms
  • Seats
  • Water supply
  • Teachers
  • Toilet bowls
  • Presence of electricity

School readiness is determined through assessment of data available from the EBEIS and NSBI using ideal ratios for each identified readiness variable as standard parameters. The school is classified as ready if the ideal ratio is met, nearly ready if the school nearly meets die standards, and needing support if the school did not meet the standards past the tolerance level.

However, due to developments that may have occurred after the cut-off for updating of die EBEIS and reporting for the NSBI, it is necessary to verify the school level data obtained from the said databases. This shall be conducted by die Schools Division Office (SDO). Pertinent spreadsheets shall be electronically communicated to each SDO for verification. In this regard, Regional Offices are requested to submit within the day a directory of updated official email addresses of the SDOs as well as their respective Schools Division Superintendents.

Please submit accomplished spreadsheets on or before 30 April 2018 through usec.governance@deped.gov.ph, copy furnished the official Regional Office email address. For any inquiries/concerns, contact Ms. Vernice Lorraine D. Quintana or Ms. Susan Anne A. Quirante of this Office at telephone numbers (02) 633-7206 or 631-8494 or through e-mail at vernice.quintana@deped.gov.ph and susananne.quirante@deped.gov.ph.

Thank you.

School Readiness Data

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