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Script of the Master of Ceremony for Secondary Schools/SHS

Script of the Master of Ceremony For Secondary Schools and Senior High Schools

(Voice Over): Friends, the program will start in a few minutes. Let us observe silence.

  1. A pleasant morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Let us welcome the graduating class of School Year 2017-2018 at __________ High School together with their teachers, principals, Division Superintendent and Guests.
  2. To start our program, please stand at attention for the Philippine National Anthem (to be led by ______ Chorale if there is any) under the baton of ___________. It will be followed by the singing of the ____ City/Municipality Hymn and Prayer to be led by __________, student with High Honors.
  3. Today you will witness the graduation at __________ High School. We are pleased to inform you that Our City Mayor, Hon. ________, Congressman/Congresswoman___________, Councilors, Barangay Captain, Schools Division Superintendent __________ (or representative) are with us in the significant occasion.


  1. The Senior High School Graduating Class of School Year 2017-2018 will be presented and attested by our principal,______________. Confirmation of their graduation and distribution of diplomas will be done by the Schools Division Superintendent, ________________(or representative).


  1. To inspire our Graduates, we shall now hear important messages from two of our distinguished guests. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the Hon. _____________, the (Most Outstanding Mayor of the Philippines). Another message will be given by our ever supportive Congressman _________.
  2. Thank you very much for the very inspiring and insightful messages you imparted this morning/afternoon. Your words will surely guide our graduates as they tread a new path in their lives. May your messages motivate them to strive harder.


  1. Deserving graduates will now be awarded medals of honor. We would like to request the parents of students with honors/students with high honors and students with highest honors to come up the state to give the award to their children.

They will be assisted by our principal and the Schools Division Superintendent.

Student with Honors _________

Students with High Honors  __________

Students with Highest Honors ______________

  1. Let us now listen to the farewell message of our student with Highest Honor, after which she/he will lead the Pledge of Loyalty.
  2. Before the Final Song, we gratefully acknowledge the presence of ______ and _________ in the graduation.
  3. At this juncture, we shall listen to the graduates’ final song entitled ____________, Mrs. __________, conducting.
  4. In behalf of the School’s Administrative staff and faculty, we joyfully congratulate the graduates, their parents and advisers. We sincerely thank all the donors of the medals and awards, those who helped and supported us and all our guests who attended this momentous event.


  1. Friends, the recessional will be led by our guests, our Schools Division Superintendent, Principal, Department Heads, Parents and Graduates.

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(For the Principal)

Beloved Schools Division Superintendent ____________, (or Beloved Assistant Schools Division Superintendent/Division Supervisor)_________________, representing the Schools Division Superintendent, ___________________) I have the honor to present the _____young men and ________ young women, a total of _______ graduating students of _________ High School in the School Year 2017-2018.

They have successfully completed the requirements of the Basic Education Curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education for secondary schools of the Republic of the Philippines. May I now request the confirmation of their graduation?


By the power vested in me by the Schools Division Superintendent, __________, and by virtue of the certification made by your principal, _________that you have satisfactory completed all the requirements of the Basic Education Curriculum of the Philippines, I hereby confirm your graduation this ____ day of April 2018 here at _____________ High School.


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