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DepEd 6-Hour Teachers Workday Implementation

DepED Memorandum No. 291 s. 2008 and DepEd Order No. 16 s. 2009 allows teachers to render 6-hours actual teaching work inside the school campus and to spend the remaining 2-hours per day outside of the school campus to prepare and perform the following.


1. Public school teachers are not exempt from rendering services of 8 hours per workday;

2. However, a mechanism exists allowing teachers to render 6-hours actual teaching work inside the school campus and may perform the remaining 2-hours outside the school for teaching-related activities, provided that all requirements of the law are complied with;

3. DepED Memorandum No. 291 s. 2008 and DepEd Order No. 16 s. 2009 allows teachers to render 6-hours actual teaching work inside the school campus and to spend the remaining 2-hours per day outside of the school campus to prepare and perform the following;

  • lesson plans, action/work plans, instructional materials, evaluation/assessment of rubrics;
  • preparation and checking of exercises, recording of academic performance and classroom accomplishments; .
  • conduct of research;
  • attendance to seminars, workshops, and similar programs; -counseling, mentoring, coaching of students including home visits.
  • consultation and conferences with parents;
  • performance of coordination activities and recognized community social services; and
  • participation in the improvement and maintenance of school facilities

4. The mechanism for the above mentioned 2-hours work done by teachers outside the school premises shall be agreed by the principal with the teachers, parents, and students, preferably through the School Governing Council or any established mechanism for school community partnership;

5. To ensure that the teachers fulfill the 2-hours for teaching-related tasks, each teacher shall prepare a Monthly Plan of Activities to carry-out these tasks to be approved by the school principal. The enclosed suggested template for the “Monthly Plan of Activities to Perform Teaching-Related Tasks” may be used and

6. To address concerns relative to proper entries on the Daily Time Record, the duly approved Monthly Plan shall likewise be an authority for teachers after rendering 6-hour actual teaching to leave the campus on official time.

7. It is being clarified that the actual teaching load refers to the time a teacher has been scheduled to hold classes in a given school day. In cases where class meetings are not scheduled on a daily basis, the 6 hours actual teaching shall be deemed fulfilled once the total teaching-learning activities facilitated by the teachers’ totals 30 hours or (1,800 minutes) per week;

8. A teacher assigned as a class adviser or who handles individual assignments such as, but not limited to; school paper moderator, gets a one or more hours load credit. A teacher assigned to do multiple special advisorships shall be entitled to a one-hour load credit. This means that class advisers or teachers with individual assignments equivalent to one (1) hour shall facilitate teaching-learning activities for 5-hours per day. ;


1. Every employee who renders service beyond the 8-hour per day requirement shall be entitled to Compensatory Overtime Credit or Service Credits.

a. A teacher assigned to facilitate learning activities beyond 6 hours per day shall be entitled to service credits for every accumulated 6 hours of actual teaching overload as equivalent to one-day service credit.

b. In schools implementing more than a single shift, the head teacher or school head shall render services for 8 hours a day only. The schedule of the head teachers shall be set on staggered bases.

2. Every employee required to render service during holidays or nonworking days shall be granted Compensatory Overtime Credit /Service Credit equal to the actual time service has been provided.

Six-Hour Work Day of Teachers by Margarita L. Galias

Government School Teachers are aware of the CSC Resolution No. 080096, DepEd Order 291, s. 2008, and DepEd Order 16, s. 2009 about the six-hour workday. If a teacher has rendered the 6 hours classroom teaching duly reflected in his time card, he shall be deemed to have completed the required daily work hours and must not be declared to have incurred under time in the report of attendance and must not be subjected to salary deductions by the concerned payroll services unit. Calabarzon, NCR, Region III, and some other schools have been practicing this yet in some regions, this is not the case. This is because some school heads have different interpretations and are still obliging the teachers to be in school for 8 hours as programmed in the biometrics. May I know if a school head is committing an offense for not implementing this 6-hour work day? Suppose the teacher wished to exercise this privilege, and the principal did not approve since he has his own interpretation, as a result, under time/late has been reflected in the biometrics, would the teacher be charged of habitual tardiness and undertime? May this issue be clarified. Thank you.

Civil Service Commission Action Officer Response:

Please be informed that as a matter of policy, the Commission does not render opinions or rulings on issues that may eventually be the subject of a complaint or appeal before it. This is so especially when there are material facts necessary to the judicious adjudication of the issues which are not fully represented or substantiated as in this case.

However based on your representations, a school head who fails to implement a established law or rule may be liable for Grave Misconduct or Simple Misconduct. In OCA vs. Lopez, A.M. No. P-10-2788 dated January 18, 2011, the Supreme Court held: “Misconduct is a transgression of some established and definite rule of action, more particularly, unlawful behaviour or gross negligence by a public officer. The misconduct is grave if it involves any of the additional elements of corruption, wilful intent to violate the law, or to disregard established rules, which must be established by substantial evidence. As distinguished from simple misconduct, the elements of corruption, clear intent to violate the law, or flagrant disregard of established rule, must be manifest in a charge of grave misconduct.”

On the other hand, a teacher may be subjected to disciplinary action such as habitual tardiness and/or undertime for likewise intentionally violating established rules.

Guidelines ng 6-Hour Workday Sa Guro, Pinamamadali Sa Deped

Nanawagan ang isang grupo ng public school teachers sa DepEd na maglabas na ng guidelines para sa implementasyon ng 6-hour workday para sa mga guro.


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  1. how many teaching loads po for those teachers who have double preparation (ex. teaching math 7 and mapeh 8) plus advisorship/special assignments.


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