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Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) LET Online Reviewer

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Technology and Livelihood Education Coverage

  • Basic Drafting
  • Business Math
  • Basic Electricity
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Cosmetology
  • Foods
  • Carpentry and Masonry
  • Basic Electronics
  • Entrepreneurship

Field of Specialization – 130 Items


  1. This test booklet contains 130 test questions. Examinees shall mange to use three and one half (3 1/2) hour.
  2. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet.
  3. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes shaded will invalidate your answer.


  1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set.
  2. Write the subject title “TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION” on the box provided.
  3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B.


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Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego, hailing from the Philippines, has made a profound impact on the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access crucial information and engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas. His contributions have significantly enhanced their instructional and supervisory capabilities, elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. Beyond his domestic influence, Mark's insightful articles on teaching have garnered international recognition, being featured on highly respected educational websites in the United States. As an agent of change, he continues to empower teachers, both locally and internationally, to excel in their roles and make a lasting difference in the lives of their students, serving as a shining example of the transformative power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the teaching community.

90 thoughts on “Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) LET Online Reviewer”

  1. Padoble check po nung answer my mga answer po na mali…

    When materials are to be laid out, the best tools to be used are __________.

    Which of the following shell species can be classified as a univalve?

    Drills and bits are friendly tools that facilitate project making. Which of the following is used for boring holes on wood?

    What series of activities by which discarded are collected, sorted, processed and converted into raw materials are used in the production of new products?

    The process of breaking down complex food substance into unstable form is ______.

    Mortise and tenon joints are usually used in making furniture, door window, and tools. If mortise means “holes”, tenon means === notch po dapat ang sagot dito..

    Which of the following sciences is the statistical study of human population and its distribution? geography po ang sagot but best answer for this is demography kasi po ung term na statistical study at human population…

    It is the care on personal appearance which includes the condition of the body and how one looks and smells. == Dalawa po ang answer given naulit po ito twice ans sa isa is grooming ung isa is proper hygiene

  2. Can I ask for the downloadable file po ng reviewers nyo and the key answers din po? I’m looking for some reviewers po for LET. Thank you po.

  3. Goodpm po. Pano pi ba maka join sa onkine review.gusto ko po kasing mka focus s TLE which is my majoring po..salamat

  4. Hi good evening can you please send me more reviewers in TLE. You can also reach me through my mobile number 09426171380. Please tell me what to do first should I pay for this? I’ll be taking the LET exam this coming March 25, 2018. Looking forward for your reply.

  5. good morning po. pwede po makahingi ng file ng reviewer na to?. salamat po. Para po madownload. T.L.E major po ako . salamat po. Godbless

  6. Good evening po sir/madame:
    Pwede mo bang humingi ng file po nito para po madownload ko sana para din po magamit ko sa review.TLE major din po ako.I am hoping for your response po.Thank you po.

  7. hello there,
    I am so sorry but honestly the answers are not consistent, some of the questions are repeatedly twice but the answers are not the same.I really took time to answer this program of your but such a disappointment.So many wrong answers!

  8. Greetings!
    Maraming salamat po sa review na prinovide niyo. Ask ko lang po yung sa TLE review on the questio
    “In the patrilineal family, the family traces its family from the paternal side. Which type of family traces forms both the maternal and paternal side?”
    The answer im pretty sure is Bilineal but the correct one na lumalabas is neological.
    Thank you.

  9. Sir…good highnoon po..pwde q bang mahingi po ang answer nto? At tska ito na po ba ang lalabas sa exam this coming september 2016?

  10. The answers are wrong.
    Example: study of human population how come that your answer is Geography?.the right answer is Demography.

  11. Good day sir. Gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung may link po kayo sa downlable file nito po with answer key?

  12. Hi sir! Sir pwede magtanong ask ko po my course is B.S. Industrial Education major in Foods Technology matagal na po ako indi re-take ng board exam. Gusto ko po magtake ngaun. Sir ano po ang dapat i review dito. please pa hell po?Thanks and more power. God bless.

  13. sir pwde po bang paki pm po kung meron na po kayong bagong reviewer ng TLE na bago, tnx a lot po, more power!

  14. Napag alaman namin na may mga iilang questions na mali po ang sagot dahil sa system glitch. Aayusin po namin ito sa darating na Sabado. Salamat sa pag-unawa.


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