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Tips and Suggestions in Taking the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers)

1. Familiarize yourself with the parts of a multiple choice item

All test items in the LET are of this type. Knowing the parts of the item can facilitate the analysis of each item and the choice of the best option.

The National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT) is administered to secondary school students before they graduate. – Stimulus Material

What does NSAT measure? – Stem

a. The strength and weakness of students. – Distractors
b. How much the students have learned – Key
c. The students’ potential for college work – Distractors
d. The learning problem of high school students – Distractors

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2. Know the test directions ahead of time

A thorough understanding of the test directions as well as type of questions will not only save time but also prevent misunderstanding of what you are to do.

3. Be alert to read the test items as they are not as you would like them to be.

4. Pay attention to the key terms in a test item.

5. Use time wisely.

6. Consider all the alternatives


Three is to triple as

a. twelve is to dozen
b. multiply is to many
c. pair is to trousers
d. two is to double

7. Relate options to the stem of the item.

8. Make use of grammar to help decide the correct answer.

9. Use logical reasoning

Make the completed statement logically consistent

10. With regard to items on verbal analogies, be aware of the commonly used relationships.

11. On reading comprehension items, remember that there are 2 broad categories: explicit and inferential.

12. Use the time remaining after completion of the test to consider and improve your answers.


1. Clarifying one’s goal

  • Why do I have to take and pass the LET?
  • Do I fully understand the rationale and significance of the LET?
  • What is the relevance of the LET to the general aim of the state to promote quality education at all levels as provided for the Section 1, Article XIV of the Philippine Constitution?

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2. Intellectual Readiness

  • Have I recalled and synthesized the basic concepts/principles learned in general education and professional education courses?
  • Do I have an adequate understanding of new concepts / principles / theories / terminologies learned from the handouts / lectures given during the review classes?
  • Have I paid special attention to highly relevant concepts / principles which are most likely to come out in the examination?
  • Have I made supplementary readings on concepts / principles which seem to be rather vague and need further classification?

3. Skill Readiness

Given the similar or different test items / situational cases, have I mastered the following skills?

  • Understanding and interpreting directions and questions
  • Identifying what is given and what is asked for each items
  • Relating options to the questions
  • Balancing options against each other
  • Looking for clues and specific determiners using logical reasoning
  • Choosing the best option from the alternatives given
  • Evaluating the correctness of chosen options

4. Emotional Readiness

  • Am I highly motivated to do my best and pass the LET?
  • Do I appreciate the usefulness of the LET in assessing my personal competence and aptitude for teaching?
  • Do I possess the right attitude and proper mindset for the examination?
  • Am I ready to concentrate, avoid distractions and keep tension under control on examination day?

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5. Physical Readiness

  • Am I in top shape or best physical health for the examination?
  • Can I now relax and be assured of a good night sleep before the examination?
  • Have I located my designated place of examination as well as examination room?
  • Am I ready with the materials I need for the LET; permit to take the examination, No. 2 lead pencils and ID?


Relax and God Bless!

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  1. Good Morning!
    My name is Janine B. Tagulabong, BEEd Major.”
    I have concerned regarding with the Brown Envelope that we can buy to the PRC Office. I filed last July 18, 2016 (Monday) at Cebu City for the Sept.2016 LET. My place of examination will be at Bacolod City. This is the problem, the moment when I am about to buy the envelope they asked where will I take the exam? I said Bacolod. The Cashier said, Buy in Bacolod City.”
    But the Bacolod-PRC did not have enough Envelopes that time. Can I use another Brown Envelope that is/was not prescribed by the PRC?
    Hoping for your positive Response.
    GOD Bless and More Power!

  2. i hope sana makapasa na ako this september 25, 2016 kahit nawawalan na ako ng pag asa 5 times ko na kumuha ng exam kahit na nag abroad ako hindi ako pinalad basta bahala na si God sa kanya lang ako umaasa


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