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2017 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines

March 09, 2017

DepEd Memorandum No. 43, s. 2017



Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Division Chiefs and Unit Heads
Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The Department of Education (DepEd) will conduct the 2017 Brigada Eskwela with the theme Isang DepEd, Isang Pamayanan, Isang Bayanihan Para sa Handa at Ligtas na Paaralan from May 15 to 20, 2017. The Brigada Eskwela is the National Schools’ Maintenance Week that aims to bring together all education stakeholders to participate and contribute their time, effort and resources to prepare public school facilities ready for the opening of the School Year in June.

2. On May 15, regional offices (ROs) and schools division offices (SDOs) shall hold a caravan to launch the first day of Brigada Eskwela. A kick-off ceremony will be held in a public school offering Senior High School Program, which will also be the final stop of the caravan. This year’s national kick-off ceremony will be held in a public secondary school in Region VII, the host region.

3. All regional directors and schools division superintendents shall mobilize their Adopt-a-School Program/Brigada Eskwela coordinators to ensure the six-day implementation of Brigada Eskwela in all public elementary and secondary schools and to ensure involvement of the community and local stakeholders.

4. School Heads (SHs) shall take the lead role in planning the activities geared on making schools ecologically conscious, resilient, clean and conducive to learning. Important reminders to SHs in the conduct of this activity are indicated in Enclosure No. 1.

5. Individuals or groups from the national government agencies, local government units, private sector, international organizations and other parties, who are interested to help the schools and to volunteer may coordinate with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Partnership and External Linkages, External Partnerships Service in the Central Office (CO), Education Support Services Division in the regional offices, Social Mobilization and Networking Section under the Schools Governance and Operations Division in the SDOs and /or the beneficiary school itself, for guidance.

6. All DepEd employees are encouraged to join the Brigada Eskwela activities by offering their skills and by sharing their time or providing their assistance in-kind, and by supporting public schools near their respective residences. Interested employees are given two days to do volunteer work on official time, provided that such work is approved by their heads of offices.

7. The CO Key Officials are enjoined to participate in activities related to the implementation of Brigada Eskwela.

8. Schedules of activities for the 2017 Brigada Eskwela implementation are as follows:

a. Pre-Implementation Stage of Brigada Eskwela (Assessment of Physical Facilities and Maintenance Needs of the Schools, Resource Mobilization, Organization of Brigada Eskwela Committees and their Orientation on Specific Roles and Tasks, among others)March 1-May 13, 2017
b. Brigada Eskwela National Kick-off Program and CaravanMay 11, 2017
c. Brigada Eskwela Regional and Schools Division Kick-off Program and CaravanMay 15, 2017
d. Brigada Eskwela Implementation and Monitoring of SchoolsMay 15 to 20, 2017
e. Submission of Consolidated Brigada Eskwela Accomplishment Reports by the Regional Coordinators to the External Partnerships ServiceJuly 30, 2017
f. Regional Selection and Deliberation of Brigada Eskwela Awards CandidatesJuly 1-August 8, 2017
g. Submission of Final List of School Candidates as Brigada Eskwela National Awardees to External Partnership Service, including the submission of rating sheets reflecting the ranks of the candidate-awardeesOn or before August 15, 2017
h. National Validation of the 2017 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing SchoolsSeptember 1-October 31, 2017
i. Conduct of Brigada Eskwela Regional Awarding CeremonyWithin October 2017
j. Conduct of Brigada Eskwela National Awarding CeremonyWithin November 2017

9. To implement effectively the selection process in the Search for Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools, DepEd issues a set of criteria, details of which are provided in Enclosure No. 2.

10. The SH shall make the Brigada Eskwela Program not just a tool for improving the school facilities, but also as a catalyst for achieving a higher learning outcome for the school. Brigada Eskwela Plus will be the mechanism to elevate the level of participation, the amount of resources generated, the number of volunteer turn-out and the level of awareness. The implementation of Brigada Eskwela Plus will focus on the following three main activities:

a. School maintenance activities throughout the school year;

b. Community-led effort to improve student participation and reduce dropouts or enrol in the Alternative Learning System; and

c. Community-led effort to improve student performance.

11. All Brigada Eskwela Hall of Fame Awardees shall serve as pilot schools to implement innovative and community-led effort of the new Brigada Eskwela Plus 2017, the details of which shall be contained in a separate issuance.

12. For more information, all concerned may contact Mr. Roily V. Soriano, Project Development Officer III, External Partnerships Service, Department of Education Central Office, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City at telephone nos. (02) 638-8637 or (02) 638-8639 or email at roily.soriano@deped.gov.ph.

13. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


(Enclosure to DepEd Memorandum No. 43, s. 2017)

  1. Reminders for School Heads in the Implementation of 2017 Brigada Eskwela
  2. 2017 Brigada Eskwela School Safety and Preparedness Guide
  3. 2017 Brigada Eskwela Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  4. 2017 Best Brigada Eskwela Implementing Schools Category

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  1. We are done with around 90%.With the remaining 10% for further refinements on quality of outputs and additional improvements as some school buildings in Iloilo City National High School are still on construction or renovation stage on the way to completion.
    Mabuhay School Brigades!!

  2. Thank you for a very good reminder to every deped employee who are very collaborative and initiative effort to.read on this teacherph.com website, once again thank you very.much …


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