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2017 Best Brigada Eskwela Implementing Schools Category

(Enclosure to DepEd Memorandum No. 43, s. 2017)


  1. 2017 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines
  2. Reminders for School Heads in the Implementation of 2017 Brigada Eskwela
  3. 2017 Brigada Eskwela School Safety and Preparedness Guide
  4. 2017 Brigada Eskwela Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

To give due recognition to schools whose efforts in the implementation of the Brigada Eskwela Program are exemplary, the Department of Education shall be awarding the Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools in the following categories:

Elementary Level

CategoryNumber of Teachers (National)Number of Teachers (NCR)
Small School9 and below40 and below
Medium School10-2941-80
Large School30-5081-120
Mega School51 and above121 and above

Secondary Level

CategoryNumber of Teachers (National)Number of Teachers (NCR)
Small School9 and below40 and below
Medium School10-2541-80
Large School26-10081-120
Mega School101 and above121 and above

Note: Integrated School (Kinder to Grade 12) may choose which category level they intend to participate in the selection.

Hall of Fame Awards shall be given to schools which were awarded as best implementing schools for three consecutive years.

The selection of the Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools shall be evaluated in accordance to the following criteria:

Criteria of Selection

1. Scope of Work – 35%

Scope of work is based on the school BE plan and physical facilities repair and maintenance needs assessment such as Repair Works, Maintenance Works, New Improvements and Beautification/Landscaping/Learners Kiosk Installation. The computation is based on the percentage of work completed multiplied by 35%.

2. Diverse Volunteer Participation – 25%

The diversity of participation shall consider the group affiliation of volunteers with the following percentage assignment:

a. Parent volunteers – 15%

The computation is based on the number of parent volunteer turn-out over the targeted number of volunteer multiplied by 15%.

The target parent volunteer participation is computed based on the number of enrolment multiplied by the agreed percentage up to 200%.

b. Other volunteers = 10%

Target representative per group is 5 volunteers per entity to get 2 points, below 5 shall be given 1 point then multiplied by 100%.

NGAs and other government organization and public corporationsLGUs
(Brgy / Mun / Prov)
Community Involvement including NGOs and Professional AssociationsPrivate Sector Involvement including Corporate Foundations and Private SchoolsPupil / Student Organization (SSG/SPG) and Alumni Associations

The amount of resources generated shall include all donations-in-kind and equivalent amount of materials used for the scope of work accomplished during the Brigada Eskwela week. It shall also include all resources accepted after the steering and working committees were formed and commence to execute their functions.

4. Alignment to Brigada Eskwela Theme – 5%

The evaluation shall be based on the School Safety and Preparedness Guide-21 points, computed as points meet/21 x 5%
5. Creativity and Innovation -10%

Evaluated based on the presence of value added projects: eg. Medical and dental mission, provision of school supplies and uniform, Awareness/literacy campaigns, Special Services, among others.

6. Increment of Resources and Volunteers – 10%

Determined based on the percentage of the increase of the current performance compared with the previous/last Brigada Eskwela accomplishments.

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