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Activities Related to Senior High School Enrolment (SHS)

(Enclosure No. 1 to DepEd Order No. 25, s. 2016)

Read: DO 25, s. 2016 – Declaring May 2, 2016 as Commencement of Senior High School Enrolment for School Year 2016-2017


I. Advocacy Campaign and Information Dissemination

1. The Regional Offices (ROs) and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) through their respective Information Officers and/or Public Affairs Units shall organize their Communication Teams, which shall be primarily responsible for the campaign.

2.The Communication Teams shall ensure widespread and effective dissemination of the following information, among others:

a. Location of Enrolment Centers, including dates and time for enrolment;
b. List of all public and private schools offering Senior High School including State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs), Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Technical-Vocational Institutions (TVIs) and their respective SHS program offerings;
c. Requirements for enrolment.

3. The Communication Teams are encouraged to tap partners and stakeholders for harnessing local print, broadcast and other media for this purpose.

4. Schools, in collaboration with parents, local barangay officials, civic organizations and other stakeholders, shall be primarily responsible for the advocacy campaign in their immediate locality and in nearby communities without SHS.

II. Enrolment

1. Schools Division Offices (SDOs) shall be primarily responsible for the overall conduct of enrolment for SHS and related activities in their respective localities. SDOs shall:

a. Ensure and monitor the conduct of enrolment and related activities in all the schools within the division, including private schools, SUCs, LUCs, HEIs and TVIs, and provide technical and other assistance whenever necessary;
b. Ensure the dissemination of common, uniform and consistent enrolment-related information to all schools;
c. Ensure that all SHS providers are treated fairly and without bias toward any particular provider, pursuant to DepEd Order No. 1, s. 2016; and
d. Ensure that all incoming Grade 11 students have SHS provision.

2. The schools shall be responsible for the implementation of enrolment and related activities within their immediate localities. Each school shall:

a. Ensure that SHS enrolment related information (i.e. program offering, registration procedures and requirements, advising procedures, etc.) are prominently and conspicuously displayed within its premises;
b. Identify and set-up an Enrolment Center for receiving and processing enrolment applications and requirements; and a Help Desk for entertaining and addressing queries and SHS-related concerns;

DepEd Junior High Schools which will not offer SHS shall also put-up Help Desks to address SHS-related concerns and advise incoming Grade 11 students on matters related to choice of SHS, and track and strands;

Requirements for SHS enrolment are as follows:

i. Completion of Grade 10 in a public or private secondary school before June 2016;
ii. Documentary requirements, including:

Duly-accomplished completed Senior High School Enrolment Form (see Annex A);
Birth certificate (may be submitted within the school year if not available during enrolment); and
Report card, Form 138 or any documentary proof of completion of Grade 10 in a public or private secondary school.

Although not required, enrolees should be advised to bring their National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) results during enrolment should they require guidance regarding their choice of school and track and strands;

iii. Graduates from private schools that have closed should get a certification from the SDO based on Form 18 Report on Promotion in addition to the documentary requirements above;
iv. Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) and Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E) passers and those graduates from non-accredited private schools who passed the Philippine Validation Test (PVT) should also bring their certificates.

c. Organize personnel to man the Enrolment Center and Help Desk;
d. Ensure that enrolees are properly advised, especially with regard to their choice of tracks and strands;
e. Ensure that students, parents and/or guardians are given a list of subsequent activities (i.e. information on Parent Orientation, date of posting of sections, information on Brigada Eskwela, date of opening of classes and other important information).

III. Youth Find Activities

1. SDOs and schools shall lead the Youth Find Activities, in collaboration with the LGUs and barangays. School principals or school heads and their staff shall work with the chairpersons of the barangay and may also tap the Supreme Student Government Officers and Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout leaders to locate and account for Grade 10 completers in their own and nearby communities who have not enroled for SHS.

For this purpose, SHSs may use the child-mapping tool found in Annex IB of the Enhanced SIP Process provided under DepEd Order No. 44, s. 2015.

2. SDOs and schools shall conduct community and home visits in coordination with the proper government and non-government agencies to assess the needs of learners not yet enroled in SHS, and plan for the appropriate learner support to provide them. The SDS shall designate the District Supervisor to work with the concerned barangay officials to direct such learners to a nearby SHS for enrolment or advising.

3. Returning learners who have completed Grade 10 or graduated 4th year high school or ALS in 2015 or earlier, who did not enrol in any higher education institution, and who want to be enroled in the formal system through SHS shall present their report card to the person in charge at any Enrolment Center. If the report card is not immediately available, a High School diploma or a certification letter signed by the parent/guardian can be presented as initial proof of Grade 10 completion.

4. Schools near indigenous cultural communities shall ensure universal enrolment of SHS-eligible indigenous peoples (IP) learners. These schools shall coordinate with the IP Education focal person, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and other relevant agencies for support on contextualization of information campaign and other learner support.

5. The SDO through the Division Supervisor in charge of Special Education (SPED) shall facilitate the overall support provided to youth with special needs enroling in SHS. The SPED Supervisor, SPED Centers, SPED teachers and division health personnel shall plan for and implement the following activities in support of enrolment activities:

a. Conduct of orientation on the screening and identification of youth with disabilities in regular schools without SPED programs;
b. Network with organizations/associations of people with disabilities (PWDs) or those working for PWDs, including government agencies, which can provide assistance to regular schools;
c. Prepare a deployment schedule of SPED teachers, health personnel, and NGO/PWD volunteers during enrolment; and
d. Communicate possible interventions to the families/parents/guardians of youth with special needs during the enrolment process to encourage them to enrol their children in SHS.

IV. Encoding and Processing of Data

1. The SHS Enrolment Forms gathered during enrolment shall be used to update learners’ profiles. Online updating of learner’s basic profile and enrolment status through the Learner Information System (LIS) may commence on May 10, 2016.

a. In enroling through the LIS, the School Registrar or LIS Coordinator searches and retrieves the learner record.

i. If a learner record does not exist, encoder selects from a list of reasons the Grade 11 learner does not exist in the LIS. Reasons for exception are any of the following:

From School Abroad (encode also the school name and country where learner attended junior high school);
PEPT passer (encode PEPT certificate number);
A&E passer (encode A&E certificate number);
PVT passer (encode PVT certificate number);
From same school not encoded; and
From other schools not encoded – this includes public, private and SUCs. The originating school name shall be selected from drop-down list of schools.

ii. Prior to the issuance of an LRN, the record of the newly-registered learner shall be subject to approval by the Schools Division Office.

b. If learner record exists, or once the learner is registered in the LIS, Program (track and strand) per learner shall be selected from a dropdown list of program offerings the school is authorized to provide.
c. All enroled/registered learners prior to the opening of classes are recorded in the schools’ “List of Registered Learners”

i. School shall have the facility to view the list of learners by program offering.
ii. School dashboard shall also display summary of learners by program offering.

2. In creating SHS sections, the following data shall be provided:

Program offering selected from drop-down list that school is authorized to provide.
Section name must be unique within a school.
Class adviser selected from a drop-down list of school personnel.
After a class or section is created, assign learners by selecting from a list of learners officially enroled in the program.

3. Starting June 17, 2016, the facility to finalize the enrolment list for each class shall be made available. The class adviser shall encode each learner’s “Date of First Attendance.” The “Finalize” action shall mark all learners with no Date of First Attendance and prompt the user to either provide a valid date or confirm the finalization. After finalization is confirmed, learners with no Date of First Attendance shall no longer appear in the class’ enrolment list.

Learners with no Date of First Attendance will remain in the schools’ Registration List until another school enrols the learner. In this case, the learner has decided to attend a different SHS. The list shall contain a complete list of learners who enroled into SHS but are identified as follows:

Enroled In School
Enroled in Other SHS
Blank if not enroled in any school

Senior High School Enrolment (SHS)

Senior High School Enrolment Form TeacherPH Page 1 of 2 Senior High School Enrolment Form TeacherPH Page 2 of 2

Download Senior High School Enrolment Form (PDF File) High Resolution – Available in our Facebook Group Files


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  1. DepEd should clarify “relevant education”. If a certain Math Teacher will teach the ff. SHS subjects: Statistics, Quantitative Research, Organizational Development will they give credit to his Masters/Ph.D./Ed.D. in Educational Management?


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