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Administration of the 2015 Schools Division Superintendents Examination

As per DepEd Order No. 88, s. 2012, entitled Conduct of the Schools Division Superintendents Examination, the Department of Education (DepEd), through the National Education Testing and Research Center (NETRC) will administer the 2015 Schools Division Superintendents Examination, also known as Educational Management Test (EMT) on May 17, 2015 (Sunday) at the Fort Bonifacio High School Located at the J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo, Makati City.

Passing the EMT shall be a prerequisite for appointment to Assistant Schools Division/City Superintendent (ASDS) and Schools Division/City Superintendent (SDS) positions. The passing grade for the EMT shall be 75%.

Regional, schools, division and district supervisors, public elementary and secondary school principals, division chiefs in the bureaus/centers/services and in the central and regional offices, and administrators and professors in the private schools, colleges and universities, who hold Certificate of Registration as professional teachers issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) shall be allowed to take the test upon filing of applications.

Applicants must possess the following qualifications and submit the corresponding requirements:

At least MA, MaEd, MAT, or any related master's degree with educational specialization
Transcript of Records
At least five years of experience in administration and instructional supervision with a Salary Grade of least P3 (SG 21)
Service Record
Duly certified ratings for the last two semesters which must be at least Very Satisfactory
Performance Rating
Career Executive Service Eligible (CESE), Career Service Executive Eligible (CSEE) and passers of the Career Executive Officers (CEO) Written Examination
Certification by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) / Career Executive Service Board (CESB)
Not beyond sixty-one (61) years old on the date of examination
Birth Certificate

The examination shall cover the following domains:

  • Policy Action and Strategic Planning (PASP);
  • Curriculum Reform, Management, and Evaluation of Learning Outcomes (CRMELO);
  • Research and Evaluation (RE);
  • Educational Leadership and Management (ELM); and
  • Integration (Essay)

The following steps shall be strictly observed:

  • Applicants must accomplish the enclosed application form and submit it to the schools division office (SDO) together with the required documents;
  • Applicants must pay the registration fee of Two Thousand Pesos (P 2,000.00) to the division collecting officers;
  • The SDS shall evaluate the documents from the applicants and submit the list of qualified applicants with their duly validated documents to the Personnel Division, Central Office (CO) on or before May 1, 2015 (Friday);
  • All EMT registration fee collections (supported with an official list of examinees certified by the SDS) shall be remitted intact to the Cash Division, CO either through cash or demand draft. Likewise, the designated NETRC Collecting Officer shall issue an official receipt (OR) to acknowledge receipt of collections. Qualified EMT applicants may pay directly to the Cash Division, CO; and
  • Collections shall be deposited to the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)-NETRC Trust Account to partially cover the expenses which will be incurred in the implementation of the said testing project such as printing of test materials, travel expenses of monitors, supplies and materials and other incidental expenses.

Examinees are required to be at the testing venue at least one hour before the start of the examination which shall be at exactly 8:00 a.m.

Disbursements, which are chargeable to said collections, shall be subject to the existing auditing and accounting rules and regulations.


DepEd Schools Division Superintendents Examination DepEd Schools Division Superintendents Examination

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