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DepEd Guidelines on the Appointment and Promotion of Teacher II and III

In consonance with DepEd Order No. 66 s. 2007 “Revised Guidelines on the Appointment and Promotion of Other Teaching, Related Teaching and Non-Teaching Positions”, ranking for vacancies to Teacher II and Teacher III positions for Elementary Level will be conducted at the Division Office and for the Secondary Level and Implementing Units, it will be conducted at the School where the item belongs.

School Heads and TICs are required to inform ALL QUALIFIED ELEMENTARY PERMANENT TEACHER I to apply for Teacher II and III positions and to be ready with their documents and submit applications on the specific date provided by the Division Office. Teachers who are qualified but did not submit their application shall be construed that they are not interested in the promotion.

Attached is the basic qualification for Teacher II and Teacher III positions.

To be eligible for ranking for promotion, the applicant should have at least a Very Satisfactory Performance Rating for the last three (3) rating periods prior to his/her application.

Documentary Requirements on the Appointment and Promotion of Teacher II and III

Interested and qualified teacher-applicants who wish to be promoted shall submit the following documents in your respective Division Office, one (1) photocopy each, to be placed in a long folder (color requirement may vary), arranged as listed and fastened at the top together with an omnibus sworn statement for the veracity and authenticity of all documents:

a. Omnibus Certification (original copy and signed by the applicant)

b. Personal Data Sheet (Revised 2017)

c. Transcript of Records and other school credentials

d. Eligibility Rating

e. Updated PRC ID

f. PRC Board Rating

g. Last Approved Appointment

h. Updated Service Record

i. Performance Rating for the last rating period

j. Certificates of Trainings/Seminars attended

k. Other outstanding accomplishments/documents relevant to the position applied to

Criteria for Ranking of Teacher II and III

The criteria for ranking Teacher I to Teacher II, Teacher I to Teacher III and Teacher II to Teacher III positions and its corresponding points are as follows:

Performance35 points
Experience5 points
Outstanding Accomplishments20 points
Outstanding Employee Award (4 points)
Innovation (4 points)
Research and Development Projects (4 points)
Publication/Authorship (4 points)
Consultant/Resource Speaker in Trainings/Seminars/Workshops/Symposia (4 points)
Education25 points
Training5 points
Potential5 points
Psycho-social attributes5 points

For the ELEMENTARY LEVEL, the selection-line up and facilitation of the documentation (Minutes of the Ranking) and preparation of the ranklist for the Elementary Teacher II and Teacher III shall be prepared by the Personnel Section as the secretariat of the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB).

For the SECONDARY LEVEL, the selection line-up and facilitation shall be prepared by the school committee. A secretariat shall be assigned to facilitate the documentation (Minutes of the Ranking) and preparation of ranklist.

A Division Ranklist for the Elementary Level shall be prepared by the Personnel Selection Board. The ranklist shall be the source of qualified teachers for promotion to Teacher II and Teacher III vacant items regardless of the district of which the item previously belong.

As for the Secondary Level, the Division Review Committee shall be composed of the following:


Assistant Schools Division Superintendent


PSDS In-Charge of the District

Head of the School where the vacancy exists

Chief, CID and SGOD

Administrative Officer V-Administrative Services

Administrative Officer IV (HRMO)

President Teachers’ Association

School Heads/TICs are advised to post the vacancies in their bulletin boards.


Position TitleSGEducation RequirementsExperience RequirementsTraining RequirementsEligibility Requirements

BEED or Bachelor’s Degree plus 18 professional units in Education


BSED or Bachelor’s Degree plus 18 professional units in Education with appropriate major
1 year of relevant experienceNone RequiredRA 1080

BEED or Bachelor’s Degree plus 18 professional units in Education


BSED or Bachelor’s Degree plus 18 professional units in Education with appropriate major
2 years of relevant experienceNone Required RA 1080
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32 thoughts on “DepEd Guidelines on the Appointment and Promotion of Teacher II and III”

  1. 1.Ask ko lang po and thank you sa makakasagot. May promotion guideline po ba sa SHS?
    2. Pwede ba akong mag apply sa division for RQA khit na employed ko for 6 years sa deped. Gusto ko kc malipat sa town na kinalalagyan ko.

  2. good day po. clarification lang po kapag po ba nag school ranking my percentage of points po ba kapag si teacher A ay 18units den si teacher B ay 33 units. or parehas po talaga dapat silang 0 salamat po.

  3. In my case T2 po ako den 25 years in service theirs a vacant for T3, nag apply po ako, i have 24 units SA MAED, den Yung T1 10years p Lang pero may 33 units n xa…who will be promoted? If it is ladderized ?

  4. May I inquire whether a teacher 1 can be promoted to teacher 3 despite having only 33 units in MAED and 10 years of experience teaching in public schools?

  5. Good morning, i just want to be clarified with this case, there is a vacant item in our school due to teacher retirement, the vacant item is t3, and we sont have t2 in our school, we made a school ranking, the t1 rank 1 in the ranking have no masters degree, can he be qualified for the vacant t3 position?

  6. pwede po bang makirank ang teacher1 to be promoted to teacher 3?
    Given that he/she has 1 year experience, 1 ip rating and other credentials na pwedeng panlaban sa ranking?

  7. Hello i would like to ask if I am qualified for T3. I am a BSED graduate major in TLE, I have units in masteral but my major is MECE (master in early childhood education). Would they reject my application? Thank po sa makasagot

  8. Sir ask ko lng po, pwede po bang ma promote as T3 kung kakapromote pa lang at iisa ang IPCRF na ginamit sa ranking..kug qualified cya kahit isa lang ang IPCRF na ginamit.. Thanks

  9. This is an actual scenario in our school…Just a clarification only. We have an item available for t3 in our school. Currently t2 ako and applying for t3 since my competitor ako na dalawang t1 and it so happen na lamang ang isa ng maliit na puntos.. My question is Who would qualified for that position ang T1 ba or T2 kasi sa pagkakaalam ko ladderized nman. Waiting for the answer for this query. Salamat po..

  10. good day. Ask lng po if ang certificate before latest promotion ay pwede pa po bang gamitin for next promotion? Salamat sa makakasagot.

  11. Hello po. I need help regarding sa ranking ng teachers. Is there a required cut off of points for T2 to T3 promotion? Kumbaga when the T2 applicants cant reach this number of points eh kukuha ng promotable dun sa T1 applicants.

    Thank you po!

    • Good afternoon po ask ko lng din mag apply for promotion din po t2 to t3. I have 36 units with Compre and I would like to apply for t3 position po TNX

  12. Hindi ko alam kunh bakit hindi man lang makita ng policy makers ng Deped na ang napapaboran lang nga mga ERF at promotion ay ang mga teachers ng Core Subjects, Mapeh, Tle and Ap….bakit hindi nila makita amg kalagayan ng ESP teachers! A lot of ESP teachers are potential leaders and deserve to be promoted particularly as HT and Mt….the problem is 2 times lang ang contact hrs per week sa students..and u know what..Even sa large schools ay 3 to lang ang teachers dahil hindi kailangan ng madaming teachers sa esp..pano sila makakapag upgrade ng position nila as Ht and Mt…??? Diyos ko naman po..wake up naman po

  13. Need Clarification po…
    Regarding SEnior High School promotion of T-3.

    Is there any guidelines po ba,if for example,the item is available is T-3 Science Major, pwede bang e promote ibang major when there is also someone qualified for the position with the same major?Who is the priority since Science dn kailangan ng sch sa shs…same major ba dapat o hindi ang e promote,even there is waiting T-2 na nauna but different major?

    I need concrete answer if pwede ko ipaglaban at may karapatan din ako to apply for the positions even I am T-1, although my mga T-2 na sa SHS pero ibang subject?…

    I am on the ranklist also in SHS, my qualification is T-3 to MT-1.Currently im a Hybread Teacher to SHS …thanks you po sa makakasagot.

    • Wala po yan sa major….Position po ang inaapplyan. Pero Laderize po kc ang sinusunod. Pag may T2 applicant for T3 sila po ang priotity. pwede namn po ang T1 to T2 pag walang T2 to T3 applicant. if T1 ka at may T2 ng bakante and yopu applied for T3 na bakante din. Ibaba ka nila sa T2 at doon ka irarank. Based po ito sa experience ko. Ganun po xa.

  14. Hi good evening I just want to clarify po f cno po mas qualified po for d position of T3 promotion T1 po na wla pa po 2 years in the service at nkatapos po Ng 1 cycle lng po Ng RPMS o c T2 po na nka1 year Ng T2 pero Hindi po nkatapos Ng 1 cycle daw Ng RPMS becoz the date of appointment is September and the item to be filled is a natural vacancy po..maraming salamat po sa pagsagot kz naguguluhan din po km sa guidelines po salamat po.

  15. Good day!
    I just wanted to ask this scenario. If there is only one Teacher II position in the school and there will be a vacancy for Teacher III by retirement, who will fill in the vacancy? Is it automatic that the TII will get the item? Or is there a need for open ranking where Teacher I will compete with TII for the item? If TI will get a higher points than the TII upon ranking, the TI who got the highest points will take the item?
    Thank you.

  16. Hi
    Good afternoon I just want to asked if my 36 units of Masters Degree have an expiration. I have been a teacher 111 when I resigned last June 2003 for the reason I went abroad . Then I went back 2018 and applied as a teacher luckily I was been hired and given a position as a teacher 1 last June 3, 2019.My question is do I have to have a refresher course again so I can be promoted as teacher 111 according to one staff here in SDO Caloocan. Does having a 36 units of MA expired.Please enlighten me about this. I have 5 years left before my force retirement.
    Hope for any reply regarding my query.
    Thank you,
    Teacher 1


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