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Balik Eskwela 2016 Campaign

Department of Education
Office of the Assistant Secretary
For Governance and Operations

Memorandum OM-GO-2016-GOA-0163


Regional Directors
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Public School District Supervisors
School Heads
All Others Concerned


Assistant Secretary

June 2, 2016

Balik Eskwela 2016 Campaign: Tayo – Handang Magsimula Para sa Kabataang Pilipino

Our much awaited nationwide Balik Eskwela is on June 13! As we prepare and anticipate the annual school opening, we also remember the uniqueness and historical relevance of this year’s occasion. This is the year that we as a country celebrate the official beginning of Senior High School, the last mile of our K to 12 Basic Education Program reform. As with anything new and with most changes, this beginning is met with some feeling of uncertainty, especially by some of our beloved students and parents. As public educators and administrators, beyond doing our utmost best to prepare our facilities, staff, and materials, it is crucial that we also prepare and welcome our learners back to their second homes; our schools. As we have done each year, it is crucial that we are able make every student, and every member of our schools’ communities feel excitement and hope for this new beginning.

It is with this that we launch the #TayoParaSaEdukasyon and #BestSchoolOpeningEver Internal Campaign. With the theme, TAYO – Handang Magsimula para sa Kabataang Filipino, this year’s Balik Eskwela aims for School Year 2016 – 2017 to start strong by showcasing a most Filipino and heartfelt welcome back to our students and other members of our learning communities.

Schools are asked to take the extra step to ensure smooth operations and create a fiesta-like atmosphere during the first week of school by welcoming students with a simple ceremony, while capturing and showcasing their stories through social media. We encourage all schools and field personnel to capture images, videos, and stories of how we are making this year’s Balik Eskwela orderly, exciting, and truly historic. As we unify our communication efforts through the #TayoParaSaEdukasyon and #BestSchoolOpeningEver hashtags, we mark the first time that the entire DepEd system, from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, will simultaneously engage the public and virtually welcome them to our schools on opening day. Field personnel also have the option to send their stories and materials via email to

Outstanding stories and posts from schools will be handpicked and published in our official national DepEd communication channels. Moreover, these will be the stories and materials that the Department of Education will submit to various media partners and outlets.

Please be reminded that the preparations do not have to be extravagant for them to be meaningful. Central to welcoming our learners is ensuring that school opening is first and foremost orderly and systematic. It is important that our learners and other members of our learning community see and feel that steps were taken to make them feel more welcome back in our schools and ready for the new beginning of education in the Philippines.

Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is directed.


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Balik Eskwela 2016 Campaign Balik Eskwela 2016 Campaign

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