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Cancellation of Classes During the National and Local Celebration/Activities

This Office is flocked with inquiries and requests for suspension of classes/work in school due to local celebrations particularly for the Annual Barangay Fiesta/Town Fiesta.

Policy on Cancellation or Suspension of Classes and Work in Schools and Offices During the National and Local Celebration / Activities

Under DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2019, DepEd School Calendar for School Year 2019-2020, par.4, states that Schools may observe national and local celebrations/activities and holidays, provided that the activities are beneficial to the teachingleaming process, and that the total number of class days shall not be compromised.

Relative to the above paragraph, work shall not likewise be compromised.

Annual celebration of fiesta of barangay or town is not one of the activities that shall benefit teaching-learning process, thus the cancellation/suspension of work and or classes is not allowed.

School Heads are advised to observe and implement this policy within their area of responsibility.

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  1. Thank you very much sir for clarifying issues about fiestas held during schooldays. May we be clarified and enlightened if we are obliged to participate town fiesta and do we violate any Philippine law, deped orders/memoranda and policies,etc. of not participating to Town Fiesta Celebration, this time during Summer Vacation, and are we teachers be safe and/or allowed to involve our schoolchildren during the town fiesta held in summer vacation?May you please inform us any law, DepEd orders/memoranda,Policies,etc. obliging and/or requiring us to attend/participate such, if there is any? Thank you very much, sir.


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