DepEd Basic Education Statistics for School Year 2019-2020

The global pandemic forced everyone on the globe to rethink their short-term and long term plans and deal with the challenges it currently presents.

With this, the Department of Education (DepEd) is now faced with a giant task to move and congregate learners, teachers, and their educational personnel in the Philippines in the midst of the pandemic.

If we’ll take a look at the enrollment in the recent School Year 2019-2020, it shows that the total enrollment of learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12 was 27,770,263.

But the Philippine School Overseas or PSOs are not included with the enrollees mentioned above, which has a total number of 21,786.

All in all, both the local and overseas enrollees have a total of 27,748,477. The 22,572,923 from these enrollees are accounted for by DepEd schools.

DepEd Basic Education Statistics for School Year 2019-2020

Total Enrollment in K to 12 for School Year 2019-2020

SectorKinderElemJHSSHSTotal% Share
Total Formal2,044,74513,287,9618,503,6503,194,03527,030,391
GRAND TOTAL27,770,263

Table 1: Total Enrollment in K to 12 for School Year 2019-2020

Source: Department of Education, Philippines

Regional Distribution of Enrollment in Formal K to 12, Public and Private for School Year 2019-2020

Region I665,095625,9761,291,071
Region II457,377439,125896,502
Region III1,490,9791,424,4752,915,454
Region IV-A1,958,2581,875,0223,833,280
Region IV-B453,606434,553888,159
Region V913,745872,0111,785,756
Region VI1,049,509996,5722,046,081
Region VII1,061,3611,022,1602,083,521
Region VIII643,668617,6421,261,310
Region IX524,819515,1051,039,924
Region X665,911645,3461,311,257
Region XI687,019671,8071,358,826
Region XII642,492630,9421,273,434
Grand Total13,744,99513,263,61027,008,605

Table 2: Regional Distribution of Enrollment in Formal K to 12, Public and Private for School Year 2019-2020

Source: Department of Education, Philippines

There are over 900,000 regular personnel that the Department of Education (DepEd) employs, and more than 800,000 of them are teachers.

The number of contract of service personnel are about 10,000, which are all working in different offices of DepEd, and another 300,000 private school teachers and personnel. (You may take a look at Tables 3, 4, and 5 for the data regarding this one.)

If we sum up it all, we can see that basic education directly accounts close to 30 million learners, teachers, and personnel. Take note that with the said numbers, ancillary services that deal with services such as food, transport, and other services are not included in these numbers.

Of the 108 million current population of the Philippines, the said 30 million figure are equivalent to 27.8 percent of our country’s total population.

By taking a closer look, it is actually 20 percent higher than the overall Filipinos employed in the services sector, which is the largest employer in the Philippines’ labor force.

Total Regular Employees of DepEd, as of April 2020

Total Regular Employees of DepEd, as of April 2020
OfficeTeaching Position  Teaching Related  Non Teaching Position  Authorized Personnel Total  
Central Office8903981,2788903981,278
Region I45,2331,24146,4743,3124743,7864,0574674,52452,6022,18254,784
Region II32,12397433,0972,2552292,4842,6606463,30637,0381,84938,887
Region III83,3202,77586,0954,8287735,6015,1479736,12093,2954,52197,816
Region IV-A94,9316,940101,8713,7531,2615,0144,9991,1336,132103,6839,334113,017
Region IV-B31,2801,65632,9362,0903562,4762,1014882,58935,4712,53038,001
Region V62,4093,20665,6153,2906483,9384,1719635,13469,8704,81774,687
Region VI69,2482,54171,7893,7827654,5474,6041,2905,89477,6344,59682,230
Region VII65,8524,02269,8742,9177873,7043,9041,0434,94772, 6735,85278,525
Region VIII50,3241,95752,2813,1015633,6643,4698324,30156,8943,35260,246
Region IX36,3081,17737,4852,5602802,8402,0002922,29240,8681,74942,617
Region X39,9622,37842,3402,1623372,4992,8679623,82944,9913,67748,668
Region XI41,0842,47243,5561,8684932,3612,3624622,82445,3143,42748,741
Region XII40,7171,07241,7891,9074312,3382,4843162,80045,1081,81946,927
Region XIII28,44482629,2701,8262962,1222,4005282,92832,6701,65034,320
CAR68,29450916, 9371,3001141,4141,9953732,36819,72399620,719
TOTAL805,95741,510847, 46743,1298,73751,86653,53912,78866,327902,62563,035965,660

Table 3: Total Regular Employees of DepEd, as of April 2020

Source: Department of Education, Philippines

DepEd Contract of Service Personnel, as of April 2020

RegionNo. of COS/JO
Region I826
Region II593
Region III703
Region IV-A2,166
Region IV-B320
Region V1,846
Region VI166
Region VII315
Region VIII239
Region IX81
Region X286
Region XI276
Region XII996
Region XIII370
Central Office1,050

Table 4: DepEd Contract of Service Personnel, as of April 2020

Source: Department of Education, Philippines

Private School Teachers and Personnel, 2019

Grand Total300,170

Table 5: Private School Teachers and Personnel, 2019

Source: Private Sector Assistance Committee (PEAC)


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