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DepEd Dinagat Islands Special Ranking for Secondary Teacher Applicants

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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
CARAGA Administrative Region XIII
Whitebeach, Dinagat, Dinagat Islands



Education Program Supervisors/District Supervisors
Elementary School Principal/Head Teachers/Teachers in Charge
This Schools Division Office


OIC-Schools Division Superintendent

Special Ranking for Secondary Teacher Applicants

November 17, 2015

1. This Schools Division-Office of the Personnel Selection Board announces the conduct of special ranking for secondary teacher applicants only.

2. The following datelines shall be considered, viz:

2.1 Submission of Pertinent Papers to School – November 19, 2015
2.2 School Evaluation of Applicants Pertinent Papers – November 20, 2015
2.3 Submission of Pertinent Papers to the Division Office – November 23, 2015
2.4 Division Interview, Demonstration Teaching and Computer Hands-On Exercises

Loreto & Tubajon Secondary Schools – November 24, 2015
Albor I & Albor II Secondary Schools – November 24, 2015
Rizal I & Rizal II Secondary Schools – November 25, 2015
San Jose & Dinagat Secondary Schools – November 26, 2015
Cagdianao West & Cagdianao East Secondary Schools – November 27, 2015

2.5 English Proficiency Test – To be announced later

3. For further information and guidance, everyone is enjoined to comprehend and digest DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015 Hiring Guidelines for Teacher I Positions effective SY 2015-2016.

4. Applicants of the previous ranking who did not meet the cut off score of 70 points shall re-apply and update their pertinent papers. They are still subject to the screening and selection processes, respectively.

5. Widest and immediate dissemination of this memorandum is highly desired.

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