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Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (ELLN) Goal and Objectives

The Department of Education (DepEd) Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (ELLN) focuses on capacitating the Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers and instructional leaders on the basic knowledge and pedagogical skills in literacy and numeracy and in establishing and managing a school-based mentoring/learning partnership program as a mechanism for the continuous professional development of teachers/mentors, teachers/mentees, school managers and instructional leaders and an avenue for teachers to listen to storytelling and read-aloud activities from the best storytellers through the School-Based Learning Action Cell, per DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2015.


Every K to 3 Learner is a good reader and numerate.


  1. Improve reading and numeracy skills of the K to 3 learners following the K to 12 program;
  2. Strengthen teacher’s capability to teach and assess reading and numeracy skills effectively;
  3. Improve management and administration of the program;
  4. Establish a school-based mentoring/learning partnership program thru SLAC.


  1. All K to 3 learners equipped with fundamental literacy and numeracy skills
  2. All K to 3 learners equipped with competencies needed for academic success in later key stages
  3. Improve ELLNA results.


82,664 educators (regional, division, district supervisors, school heads and 1 select teacher per school)

Capacity Building Provided

  1. Ten – Day Basic Literacy and Numeracy Training
  2. Seven – Day Enhancement on Developmentally Appropriate Practices in the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy (DAP-ELLN)
  3. Specialized training on Oral Language and Bridging for:
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade I
  • Grade II
  • Grade III


Name: Rosalina J. Villaneza
Email Address: rosalina.villaneza@deped.gov.ph
Mobile Number: 09152887163
Landline: (02) 8687-2948

Name: Jocelyn S. Tuguinayo
Email Address: jocelyn.tuguinayo@deped.gov.ph
Mobile Number: 09665926601
Landline: (02) 8687-2948

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