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2019 DepEd Standard Policies on School Opening

The Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) is part of the Department’s efforts to ensure that learners are properly enrolled and able to attend school on the first day of classes. The OBE aims to address problems, queries and other concerns commonly encountered by the public at the start of the school year.

Table of Contents

What are the eligibility standards and minimum documentary requirements for enrollment for each key grade level?


  • Children aged five years old by August 31st of the school year.
  • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate. The PSA shall be used as reference in encoding pertinent information in the Learner Information System (LIS) for Learners with no existing profile.
  • In the absence of a PSA Birth Certificate, a BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar’s Office or a Barangay Certification containing the learner’s basic information may be submitted instead. Learners should be given until August 31 st of the current school year to comply with required documents. Submission of birth certificate for purposes of enrolment should only be done once during the duration of the learner’s basic education. This can be attained by ensuring that the BC forms part of the attachment to the learner’s permanent record as it is turned over from one adviser to another or transmitted from school to school in undertaking the transfer/move in process.


  • DMC-PFO-2018-0714, re: Clarification on Requirement of Birth Certificate for the Purposes of Enrolment in DepEd Public Schools
  • DO 47, s. 2016 re: Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten
  • DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018, re: Basic Education Enrolment Policy

Grade 1

Children who have completed DepEd accredited schools and learning centers.


  • Kindergarten Certificate of Completion;
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Children who have completed alternative Kindergarten programs not sanctioned by the Department of Education (i.e. non-DepEd accredited learning centers offering Kindergarten, Day Care centers offering Kindergarten, Home-schooled students) must undergo a validating test administered by the Bureau of Education Assessment in the DepEd Central Office. (A representative from BEA may be requested by the division to administer the validating test)


  • Result of PEPT or PVT
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Children who are six years old and above by August 31 st of the school year they will enroll in and who have not completed kindergarten.


  • Result of ECCD Assessment Checklist
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Reference: DO 47, s. 2016, re: Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten

Grade 7

Grade 6 Graduate


  • SF 9 Grade 6 (formerly Form 138)

PEPT Passer or A&E Passer


  • Result of PEPT or A& E Test
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Reference: DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018, re: Basic Education Enrolment Policy

Grade 11

Grade 10 Completer Requirements:

  • SF 9 (formerly Form 138)

PEPT Passer or A& E Test Passer


  • Result of PEPT or A& E Test
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Note: If the documents mentioned above are not submitted by the end of early registration, learners will be given until August 31st of the school year they will enroll in to produce the required documents.

Reference: DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018, re: Basic Education Enrolment Policy


Who are the priority learners for admission in public school?

Priority preference for admission to new entrants who are residents of the locality where the school is located, subject to the maximum class size; Grade Ito 4 – maximum of 40 learners per class; Grade 5 to 12 students to a maximum of 60 per class) is maintained. However, excess entrants (new or old), who are residents of the locality where the school is located shall be admitted, subject to the provisions of alternative delivery modes and adoption of double shift policy.

Reference: DO 32, s. 2003 re: Additional Policy on Enrolment in Public Schools

Will the school accept transferees without transfer requirements?

Learners from either public or private school who wish to transfer to a public school shall submit SF9 (formerly Form 138) to the school where they intend to transfer. Transferees from public and private schools who failed to submit SF 9 upon enrollment shall be considered temporarily enrolled until the submission of required documents on or before August 31 st of the current school year. They shall be required to submit an affidavit of Undertaking, provided as Annex 3, signed by the parent/ guardian in order to be temporarily enrolled.

Reference: DO 03, s. 2018 re: Basic Education Enrollment Policy

What is the cut-off age for Kindergarten?

As per DepEd order No. 20, s. 2018, the learner should be at least five (5) years old by June 1 of every calendar year to be able to enroll in Kindergarten.

How do we accommodate enrollees affected by the cut-off age?

For affected learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1 in both public and private schools consistent with the school opening in Item VI.15.A of DO No. 20, s. 2018, the following are transitory provisions :

Kindergarten Learners

For SY 2018-2019:

  • Learners who will turn five (5) years old within SY 2018-2019 can be accepted in Kindergarten, provided they pass the Philippine Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist.

For SY 2019-2020:

  • Incoming Kindergarten must strictly comply with the cutoff age policy stated in DO No. 47, s. 2016, as amended by DO No. 20, s. 2018.

Grade I Learners

For SY 2018-2019:

  • Learners who completed Kindergarten during the SY 2017-2018 can enroll in Grade 1, provided that they turned five (5) years old within SY 2017-2018.

For SY 2019-2020:

  • Learners who completed Kindergarten during SY 2018-2019 can enroll in Grade 1, provided that they turn five (5) years old within SY 2018-2019 when they complete Kindergarten.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Learners

For SY 2020-2021:

  • Both incoming Kindergarten and Grade 1 learners shall strictly comply with the policy as stated under Item VI.15.A of the DepEd Order No. 20, s. 2018.

Who are eligible as Grade 1 learners?

The standard eligibility for Grade 1 enrollees are those Kindergarten completers with Learner Reference Number (LRN) from all public and accredited private schools and other DepEd-recognized learning centers/ church-based institutions. These learners are automatically enrolled in Grade 1 regardless of cut-off age.

What are the documentary requirements to enroll in Kindergarten?

The documents needed are:

  • Birth certificate
  • ECD record from day care centers/learning centers, etc.

For other details, please refer to DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018.

What is meant by “pass” in the Philippine Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist”?

For learners who will turn five (5) years old within SY 2018-2019 means that the learners are able to demonstrate adequate skill at a certain age indicated in the Core Developmental Milestones of Filipino Children of the said checklist.

The teacher and the school head in consultation with the parents or guardian, shall determine developmental interventions for the kindergarten learners within the school year.

What is the Philippine Early Childhood Development Checklist (Phil. ECD) Assessment?

This is an assessment tool to determine the child’s growth and development.

All incoming Kindergarten learners in both public and private (DepEd recognized schools/learning centers/ church-based) institutions shall undergo assessment prior to the opening of classes and end of school year.

Who will administer the Phil. ECD?

Trained kindergarten teachers and guidance counselors using the complete set of materials (manual, child record form 2 and the assessment materials).

How often will the teacher administer the Phil. ECD?

Philippine Early Childhood Development Checklist (Phil. ECD) shall be administered prior to the opening of classes and end of the school year. During the mid-year, teachers shall closely monitor and plan appropriate intervention if the skills are not yet present during the initial assessment.

Can other assessment tools be used by private schools?

Yes, as long as the school will determine the Kindergarten learning needs as basis for provision of appropriate and responsive intervention for the learners.

With the K to 12 program, should schools prepare permanent records for Kindergarten learners?

Yes, DepEd Order No. 47, s. 2016 specifically discussed all assessment mechanisms appropriate for kindergarten learners. The prescribed Progress Report will serve as the basis for the Kindergarten permanent record.

What is being developed in a Kindergarten learner?

Learners are given equal opportunities to effectively promote their different aspects of development. Developmental domains are key elements of basic concepts that show interconnectedness in the holistic development of children.

What are the documentary requirements to enroll in Kindergarten?

Birth certificate, (if not available during the early registration, it can be submitted within the school year), PECD record from he Day Care centers/learning centers, etc., or refer to DepEd Order No. 3. s. 2018.

Question #1:

Mark turned 5 years old last January 6, 2018. He finished Nursery in SY 2016-2017 and Kindergarten 1 in SY 2017-2018. His school advised him to enroll in Kindergarten 2, based on the transition provision. Would Mark be allowed to enroll in Grade 1 this coming SY 2018-2019?


YES, if based on the provision of ‘within the school year,’ however, Mark must have his own Learner Reference Number (LRN) issued during his Kindergarten 1 experience, but if he has no LRN, then Mark should enroll in Kindergarten 2 considering that this ladder is the last level before he will be promoted to Grade 1. This is Kindergarten 2 as equivalent level prescribed by DepEd or recognized by the LIS, thus Mark should not skip the Kindergarten 2 level because this is the regular ladder offered by the school and also to ensure he will be issued with LRN.

Question #2:

Barbie was born on March 1, 2013. In June of SY 2017-2018, aware of the Omnibus Policy in Kindergarten Education, her mom enrolled her in Nursery as she was only 4 years and 3 months old (4.3); too young for Kindergarten by then. She just turned 5 years old on March 1, 2018 which was within SY 2017-2018. Can Barbie be enrolled in Grade 1 this coming SY 2018-2019 because she turned 5 yeafs old within SY 2017-2018?


NO, because she was enrolled in Nursery in SY 2017-2018, She cannot skip Kindergarten. Thus, she must enroll first in Kindergarten level this SY 2018-2019.

Question #3:

My daughter, Kristel, attended Day Care last SY 2017-2018 and will turn 6 years old on December 22, 2018. Will my daughter be accepted in Grade 1 this June SY 2018-2019 because if she will be Grade 1 next school year, she will then be over 6 years old, and some parents said she will have to take PEPT?


NO, because Day Care experience has different curriculum for Kindergarten prescribed by the DepEd, and no LRN has been issued to Kristel, since Day Care Centers are under DSWD/ECCD Council. Kristel should undergo Kindergarten level as the first stage under the K to 12 mandatory and compulsory basic education program.

What is Learner Reference Number (LRN)?

A permanent twelve (12)-digit number which the pupil, student or learner shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school or learning center inthe public or private sector, and promotion/moving up to the secondary level”. The LRN shall be incorporated in all documents, forms, examinations, surveys databases which refer to a pupil, student or learner.”


Deped Order 22, s. 2012

Who will issue/assign Learner Reference Number (LRN)?

All public and private elementary and secondary schools, learning centers, state universities and colleges (SUCs), local universities and colleges (LUCs) and higher education institutions (HEIs) offering elementary and secondary schools are directed to register and update their learners’ profile in the LIS.. mobile teachers, district ALS coordinators, instructional managers, and facilitators are directed updating their learners’ profiles in the system to start for 2016.

Note: LRN is not a requirement for enrollment

Reference: Deped Order 52, s. 2016

Can a student request release of credential even authorized school contributions such as BSP, GSP, Red Cross, Anti-TB Fund and PTA are still unpaid?

DO 41, s. 2012 provides that in no case shall non – payment of Voluntary Contributions or Membership Fees be made a basis for non – admission, non – promotion or non – issuance of school credential to a student by the school concerned.

Reference: DO 41, s. 2012 re: Revised Guidelines on the Opening of Classes

Transfer of Learners

The Learner Information System (LIS) shall be used as platform in the request and release of learner’s school records.

Reference: DO 54, s. 2016


No fees shall be collected from school children during enrollment. Non- payment of voluntary contributions shall not prohibit enrollment of learners.

Reference: DO 03, s. 2018 re: Basic Education Enrollment Policy

Allowable Voluntary Contributions

Boy Scouts of the PhilippinesP50.00DepEd Memo No. 513, s. 2009
Girl Scouts of the Philippines
DepEd Memo No. 235, s. 2009
Philippine National Red Cross
DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2012
Anti-TB Fund Drive
DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2001
Parents-Teachers Association (PTAs)
Reasonable amount to be determined by the PTA’s General Assembly
DepEd Order No. 54, s. 2009
School Publication
DepEd Order No. 19, s. 2008
Membership in pupil/student organizations
Based on existing school policies
DepEd Order No. 48, s. 2009

Further, in DO 41, s. 2012, it is stressed that in no case shall non- payment of voluntary school contributions Or membership fees shall be made as a basis for admission, non-promotion, or non-issuance of clearance to a student by the school concerned.


Implementing Guidelines of the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities

  • Participation, especially by learners in co- and extra-curricular activities will be voluntary. No learner shall be required to participate in any off-campus activity
  • Securing travel insurance is mandatory for all off-campus activities.+
  • All co-curricular and extra-curricular activities shall have no grade equivalent. In the same way, all non-participating learners shall not be required with any special projects and/or examination or any form of school requirements.
  • The school head shall ensure that off-campus activities will no way disrupt classes.
  • Participation in all off-campus activities is voluntary. Under no circumstances shall off-campus activities place undue financial burden on the learners and their families. Teachers shall not charge their expenses to learners.

Reference: DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2017


New Entrant with no existing record in LIS (e.g. kinder, balik-aral, transferred-in and others), is required to accomplish the Basic Education Enrolment Form in order to secure LRN– page 4

Birth Certificate with *PSA validation is required. If not available during enrolment, the following will do: Birth Certificate (late registration) from local civil registrar, Barangay certificate (name of child, date of birth, gender, name of parents) – page 6

Late Enrolment may be accepted provided that the minimum prescribed number of school days of 80% will be met– page 9

Non-payment of voluntary contribution from public school shall not prohibit transfer/enrolment. – page 10

Only learner that attended classes (even one day) is eligible to encode LIS. – page 8

Transferee from Private School with Financial Obligation can be accepted in public school as temporary enrolled. An Affidavit of Undertaking must be signed by the parent/guardian – pages 8 & 9

Learner can still attend classes, participate in class activities and receive quality education without discrimination. But in the absence of legal document as reference for eligibility in admission, the following limitations must be observed:

  • Can not be officially promoted or graduated and recognized to receive honor and other citations
  • Will only receive Temporary Report Card (SF9)
  • SF10/Form 137 will only be released/issued upon submission of Form 137 with official grades/ratings from Private School.

Monitoring of policy compliance and gathering implementation feedback shall be done by PPRD and QUAD at the Regional Level. SGOD at the division level is expected to ensure strict compliance at the school level. – page 11


Between Public Schools only. Hand carry of document thru third party is not allowed. – page 1 & 3

Receiving school must enrol/register the learner in LIS as early as day 1 of attendance in school. LIS will automatically send notification of transfer to the originating school – page 4

Receiving school must respond to the request within thirty days upon received of system notification of transfer. – page 4 – as further clarified in Deped Order 58, s.2017, written request shall also be considered which ever came first. – pages 5 & 6

If no respond after the 1st grading period or 30 days from the originating school, the receiving school will elevate the concern to the SDO, particularly, SGOD for appropriate action.

In case of unavailability of Form 137 in the school due to force majeure or other reasons, the SDO shall provide copy of School Form 5 or Report on Promotion with a certification from the office of the SDS. – page 3

Reiterate instruction regarding no holding of document due to non-payment of voluntary contribution. – page 3


DO 15, s. 2010 – Enjoining Schools to Allow Students with Unpaid Fees to Take their Final Exams

To protect every child’s human right to basic education, all schools, both public and private, are enjoined to allow students with unpaid fees to take their final exams. It has to be emphasized that civil liabilities of parents should not in any way jeopardize their children’s continued schooling.



  1. Letter-request for correction of name addressed to the Secretary of Education specifying the schools attended/graduated from Elementary to Secondary, as the case may be, and the name(s) used.
  2. PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate or if there is no Certificate of Live Birth, proof of loss or non-availability thereof duly attested by the Local Civil Registrar concerned and/or the Civil Registrar General together with the Baptismal Certificate of the student.
  3. Joint Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons attesting to the fact/among others, that the assumed name(s) and the legal name of the student refer to one and the same person.
  4. Affidavit of the student if of legal age, or that of the parents or guardian, if still a minor, explaining the circumstances that led to the use of the assumed/erroneous name or alias, attesting the same fact as called for previously.
  5. School records bearing the erroneous name: e.g. Diploma, Transcript of Record or Registration Card (any one of these schools records will suffice except that when there are several name(s) appearing in the school records, each school records bearing different names must be submitted for purposes of verification and identification of the requesting student.


For administrative complaints against employees of the Department, refer client to DepEd Order No. 49, s. 2006.

Administrative Complaints may be filed before the proper disciplining authority or through the DepEd Action Center.

Disciplining Authority

Regional Director

  • Teachers, Principals, Personnel in Regional Office

Schools Division Superintendent

  • Non-teaching personnel within the Schools Division Office


  • Presidential appointees such as Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents.
  • Employees within the Central Office

Commencing a Complaint

  • Proceedings may also be commenced upon sworn written complaint.
  • Administrative proceedings may be commenced motu proprio by the Secretary of Education, the Regional Director, in case of DepED Officials and teaching and non-teaching personnel, and the Schools Division Superintendents in Case of non-teaching personnel within their jurisdiction.


  • For Complaints against Private Schools, reference is made to DepEd Order No. 88, s. 2010, as amended by DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2011.
  • Refer formal complaints before the Office of the Regional Director exercising jurisdiction over the school concerned

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