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General Physics 2: Senior High School SHS Teaching Guide

General Physics 2. Electricity and magnetism; optics; the basics of special relativity, atomic and nuclear phenomena using the methods and concepts of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphical analysis, and basic calculus.

General Physics 2 Teaching Guide

General Physics 2 Senior High School SHS Teaching Guide

Earth Science is a Core Subject taken in the first semester of Grade 11. This learning area is designed to provide a general background for the understanding of the Earth on a planetary scale. It presents the history of the Earth through geologic time. It discusses the Earth’s structure and composition, the processes that occur beneath and on the Earth’s surface, as well as issues, concerns, and problems pertaining to Earth’s resources.

Implementing this course at the senior high school level is subject to numerous challenges with mastery of content among educators tapped to facilitate learning and a lack of resources to deliver the necessary content and develop skills and attitudes in the learners, being foremost among these.

In support of the SHS for SHS framework developed by CHED, these teaching guides were crafted and refined by biologists and biology educators in partnership with educators from focus groups all over the Philippines to provide opportunities to develop the following:

Saysay through meaningful, updated, and context-specific content that highlights important points and common misconceptions so that learners can connect to their real-world experiences and future careers;

Husay through diverse learning experiences that can be implemented in a resource-poor classroom or makeshift laboratory that tap cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains are accompanied by field-tested teaching tips that aid in facilitating discovery and development of higher-order thinking skills; and

Sarili through flexible and relevant content and performance standards allow learners the freedom to innovate, make their own decisions, and initiate activities to fully develop their academic and personal potential.

These ready-to-use guides are helpful to educators new to either the content or biologists new to the experience of teaching Senior High School due to their enriched content presented as lesson plans or guides. Veteran educators may also add ideas from these guides to their repertoire. The Biology Team hopes that this resource may aid in easing the transition of the different stakeholders into the new curriculum as we move towards the constant improvement of Philippine education.

This Teaching Guide is mapped and aligned to the DepEd SHS Curriculum, designed to be highly usable for teachers. It contains classroom activities and pedagogical notes, and is integrated with innovative pedagogies. All of these elements are presented in the following parts:

1. Introduction

  • Highlight key concepts and identify the essential questions
  • Show the big picture
  • Connect and/or review prerequisite knowledge
  • Clearly communicate learning competencies and objectives
  • Motivate through applications and connections to real-life

2. Motivation

  • Give local examples and applications
  • Engage in a game or movement activity
  • Provide a hands-on/laboratory activity
  • Connect to a real-life problem

3. Instruction/Delivery

  • Give a demonstration/lecture/simulation/hands-on activity
  • Show step-by-step solutions to sample problems
  • Give applications of the theory
  • Connect to a real-life problem if applicable

4. Practice

  • Discuss worked-out examples
  • Provide easy-medium-hard questions
  • Give time for hands-on unguided classroom work and discovery
  • Use formative assessment to give feedback

5. Enrichment

  • Provide additional examples and applications
  • Introduce extensions or generalisations of concepts
  • Engage in reflection questions
  • Encourage analysis through higher order thinking prompts

6. Evaluation

  • Supply a diverse question bank for written work and exercises
  • Provide alternative formats for student work: written homework, journal, portfolio, group/individual projects, student-directed research project

Download General Physics 2: Senior High School SHS Teaching Guide

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  1. Good afternoon in the name of our creator, my experience is the same with mam Mary Joy I cannot download the LP of Gen. Physics 2. Can you please allow me to download a copy of LP and learners materials including a copy of the experiment thank you very much and more power. God bless us all.


  3. Hi fellow teachers. I was trying to download the Gen Physics 2 TG but it always say “Access Denied”. I already send a request and hoping to grant me an access. Thank you


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