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GSIS Scholarship Program (GS) FOR AY 2016-2017

The field is hereby informed that the GSIS is offering scholarship grants to active and qualified members or their dependents. Employees who have premium payments for at least six (6) months and have been in the service for at least three (3) years are eligible for the grant. Please see attached guidelines for the Scholarship Program for further details. Application period starts on April 27 to June 10, 2016.

For this year, several program enhancements were made:

  • Opening of scholarships for any college level during the K to 12 program’s transition period from AY 2016-2017 to AY 2017-2018. The eligibility requirement shall revert back to the original policy allowing only college freshman applicants in AY 2018-2019 onwards.
  • Aside from active and regular GSIS members with salary grade of 24 or below or its equivalent job level.
  • All Permanent Total Disability (PTD) pensioners who are below sixty (60) years of age may now apply their children using their last compensation as basis for the selection process.
  • Childless married or single member may nominate their dependent but once chosen, a childlress married or single member grantee may only avail of the scholarship once.
  • Increase of scholarship slots from 200 to 400
  • With at least 40 slots allotted for the special sectors of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Indigenous People (IP) and Solo/Single Parents (SP) as defined under Republic Act No. 8972 (Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000).
  • Increase in monthly stipend from Php 2,000 to Php 3,000.
  • Grant of monetary incentive to those who will graduate with latin honors:
    • cum laude – Php 20,000
    • magna cum laude – Php 30,000
    • summa cum laude – Php 50,000

For the qualified members including PTD pensioners may submit the duly filled out application form to the nearest GSIS Office.

If you have concerns / clarifications related to the GSIS Scholarship Program for AY 2016-2017, you can inquire via email to jsscanete@gsis.gov.ph or through telephone number (088) 858-5818 and look for Ms. Jonalyn C. Clitar.

Financial Center, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1308

Application Period: 27 April to 10 June 2016

1. All active and regular GSIS members at the time of application with premium payments for the last six (6) months and are permanent employees in the government with at least three (3) years of service and with salary grade of 24 or below or its equivalent job level are eligible to apply.

Likewise, all Permanent Total Disability (PTD) pensioners who are below sixty (60) years of age may nominate their children for scholarship, with their last compensation to be used as basis for the selection process. From hereon, PTD pensioners shall also be referred to as “members”.

2. The member is allowed to nominate one (1) scholar who meets the following qualifications:

a. Must be a child of a member, including the child/dependent of solo parent-member as defined under The Solo Parents’ Welfare Act or the dependent of a childless married or single member; and
b. An incoming college freshman-dependent or a college student-dependent in any year level who is accepted in or taking up any 4- or 5-year course (Annex A) at schoolsidentified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with its own charter or a school qualified by the CHED as Levels IV and III, Autonomous or Deregulated (Annex B).

3. Eligible members may secure an application and certification forms (see reverse portion) from any GSIS office or may download the same from the GSIS website (www.gsis.gov.ph).

4. For all applicants, please submit the following requirementsto the nearest GSIS office for processing:

a. Duly accomplished forms
b. Dependent’s Birth Certificate
c. Certificate of employment of the member (not a requirement for PTD pensioner-applicants)
d. Certification from the school that the nominated scholar is accepted in any year level in college during the current Academic Year

5. For applicants with sectoral group affiliation, please submit the following additional requirements:

e. Endorsement from the head of agency/office attesting to the veracity of claim that you belong to the sector you have checked
f. Original/certified true copy of government-issued authentication, i.e. PWD ID from the local social welfare development office (LSWDO) or National Council on Disability Affairs; Certificate of Confirmation of Tribal Membership from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples; and SP ID from LSWDO.

6. Eligible GSIS members will be selected based on their annual basic salary and length of service.

7. The scholar shall be entitled to the following benefits during the 4 or 5-year course duration:

  • Actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not to exceed P40,000.00 per academic year, regardless of the number of terms (not to include summer classes and provided that the course is finished within the regular duration prescribed by the school for that 4 or 5-year course); and
  • Monthly stipend of P3,000.00.

8. The scholarship grant is non-transferable.

9. Only those who complied with abovementioned requirements are qualified to apply.


INSTRUCTIONS: Please print and complete all entries in capital letters and check the appropriate box. Attach birth certificate and other required documents.


Download GSIS High-Resolution Application Form (jpeg/pdf file) – Facebook Group Files





This is to certify that as appearing in the records of this Office, Mr./Ms. (COMPLETE NAME) is an employee of the (COMPLETE AGENCY NAME), a (AGENCY TYPE – GFI, GOCC. LGU. NG. etc.) He/she is holding the position of (POSITION TITLE) with Salary Grade (SG/Job Level or SG equivalent). As such, he/she receives an annual basic salary of (AMOUNT).

As a permanent employee since (MONTH/DAY/YEAR), his/her length of service in the government is (YEARS IN SERVICE). Based on records, Mr./Ms. (SURNAME) has premium payments for the last six (6) months.

This certification is being issued upon the request of Mr./Ms. (SURNAME) as a requirement for his/her application in the GSIS Scholarship Program for (ACADEMIC YEAR).

AGENCY AUTHORIZED OFFICER (i.e. Personnel Manager/HR Officer)
Position Title





This is to certify that based on our records, Mr./Ms. (COMPLETE NAME OF STUDENT) is qualified to enroll or enrolled as (YEAR LEVEL) in (COMPLETE COURSE TITLE), a (COURSE DURATION) year degree coursefor (ACADEMIC YEAR).

This certification is being issued upon the request of Mr./Ms. (SURNAME) as a requirement for his/her application in the GSIS Scholarship Program for (ACADEMIC YEAR).

AUTHORIZED SCHOOL OFFICER (i.e. Admission Officer/Registrar)
Position Title

Download GSIS Scholarship Program (GS) FOR AY 2016-2017 (Certification – .docx file) – Facebook Group Files


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