Guidelines for the Implementation of New Construction of Classrooms

Enclosure to DepEd Order No. 35, s. 2017

Enclosure 1 of the Revised Guidelines for the Implementation of the Basic Educational Facilities Funds

Guidelines on the Implementation of NEW CONSTRUCTION OF CLASSROOMS under the Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF)

1. Manner of Allocation

The annual lump sum allocation for the School Building Program shall be equitably distributed to all legislative districts on the basis of the following priorities:

a. Data on schools needing classrooms based on the classroom needs analysis of the enhanced Basic Education Information System (eBEIS), the National School Building Inventory System (NSBI), and/or the latest survey data of OUA/EFD.

b. Replacement of school buildings totally damaged by typhoons and other calamities and those that are already structurally unsafe or declared condemned by building officials and poses hazards to the school populace;

c. Provision of science, computer and technical and vocational laboratory workshop buildings.

2. Manner of Prioritization

Priorities for the construction of classrooms are as follows:

a. Requirements of Kinder, Elementary , Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools;

b. Schools with at least 50% enrolment of Indigenous People Students;

c. Schools in 6th class Municipalities

d. Multi-grade schools

e. Special Education Centers/Schools

3. Implementation

As provided for in the Special Provisions of the General Appropriations Act (GAA), the New Construction of Classrooms program under the Basic Educational Facilities Funds (BEFF) shall be implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The implementation arrangements and the specific roles of the DepEd and DPWH in the implementation of the projects are incorporated in the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as attached in Annex A.

The highlights of the MOA include the following:

a. Conduct of joint validation activity between the DepEd Engineer and DPWH District Engineering Office to ascertain the specific construction program in the priority schools provided by the DepEd.

b. Manner of Fund Releases and Utilization;

c. Procurement and Monitoring;

d. Definition of a Complete School Building;

e. Acceptance and Booking up of Completed Project.

4. Monitoring

a. The department will allocate the necessary manpower and other resources to effectively monitor the implementation of the projects.


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