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PRC List of Non-Programmable Calculators Allowed to be Used in Licensure Examination

The Commission issued Memorandum Circular No. 2004-06 dated March 4, 2004 listing the brands and models of non-programmable calculators that are allowed to be used in licensure examinations.

It has been observed during the conduct of examinations that there are still other brands and models that are non-programmable that are not included in the list of those allowed to be used.

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In order to properly guide the examinees and examination personnel, the following is the Updated List of Non-Programmable Calculators that shall be allowed to be used in the examinations after verifications with the distributors and identification of knowledgeable persons.

Accordingly, the examinees shall be allowed to bring in and use ONLY any of the following calculators that were identified as non-programmable.

Other brands of desktop calculators may be allowed to be used in the CPA licensure examination subject to inspection by the room watchers.


530DS- 881 fx- 570ES fx- M- 7LB MW- 4V
20V fx- 100D fx-570MS fx- 991S MJ- 100 MW- 8V
470LA fx -100MS fx-570S fx- 991W MJ- 100T NS- 10T
D- 100V fx- 100S fx-570W fx-992S MI- 120T NS- 20T
D- 120TE fx- 100W fx-580 fx- 992VB MS- 1002 NS- 310TM
D- 120TV fx- 115D fx-580D HC100 MS- 100TEO-40M
D- 208H fx- 115MS fx-65 HL- 100LB MS- 100TVSL- 100L
D- 20L fx- 115S fx-75 HL- 1221 MS- 10TE SL- 200TE
D- 20M fx- 122S fx-82 HL- 4 MS- 10TV SL- 210TE
D- 40L fx- 220 fx-820MS HL- 815L MS- 10V SL- 220TE
D-60L fx- 250HC fx-824 HL- 820LVMS- 115 SL- 300LV
D- 60M fx- 260 fx-825X HL- 820V MS- 120TE SL- 300TV
DF100 fx- 300SA fx-82C HL- 821 MS- 120TV SL- 305TE
DF120TV fx – 300W fx-82ES HS- 8LE MS- 170LASL- 315TV
DF- 240LB fx – 350D fx-82LB J- 120TE MS- 170T SL- 320TV
DF- 320TM fx- 350ESfx-82LP JF- 120TV MS- 20TV SL- 320V
DJ-120T fx- 350HAfx-82MS JF- 200TV MS- 20V SL- 340VA
DJ -220 fx-350MS fx-82 Super JS- 10LA MS- 240T SL- 760LB
DJ- 240 fx- 350TL fx-825X JS- 10TV MS- 270LASL- 787LT
DM- 1200Tfx- 350TLG fx-82TLJS- 110TV MS- 270T SL- 797LT
DM- 1200TEVfx- 350Wfx-85BJS- 120TVMS- 310TMSL- 910TM
DM- 1400TVfx- 401fx-85ESJS- 140 V MS- 350SX- 100
DM- 1600 fx- 451M fx-85MS JS- 20LA MS- 373 SX- 220
DM- 1600TVfx- 500Afx-85SJS- 20TVMS- 470SX- 300
DN- 858A fx- 500ES fx-85SA JS- 40 LA MS- 470LA SX- 300P
DS- 10TV fx- 506G fx-901 JS-SC MS- 470LB SX- 320P
DS- 120TV fx- 506M fx-911W LC- 1000TMS- 7T WD- 220T
DS- 1800Sfx- 509Dfx-95LC- 1000T/ TVMS- 808VWM- 200T
DS- 1TV fx- 509G fx-95MS LC- 160LVMS- 80TE WM- 220T
DS- 208H fx- 520G fx-991ES LC- 401B MS- 80TV
DS- 20TV fx- 531GH fx-991H LC- 401/ LVMS- 812V
DS- 2TV fx- 546D fx-991MS LC- 403LDMS- 8T
DS- 3Vfx- 570ADfx-991NLC- 403LD/ TVMS- 8TV


AD- 11LC- 210HI II GLS- 120HILS- 330HMP- 1211LTSWS- 1210HI
CC- 55LC- 210HI II GRLS120 HI IILS- 355TSMP- 121DTSWS- 1210HI II
F- 604LC- 210 H II PBLS- 120 RSLS- 39HMP- 1411LTSWS- 1610H
F- 710 LC- 210HI VLS- 120TU LS- 566H P1- DTS II WS- 212H
F- 720 LC- 500H B LS- 120V LS- 82Z P23- DTS II WS- 2222
F- 788DX LC- 500H GLS- 120V- BLS- 88HI P3420- DL WS- 2224
FC- 45 LS- 100DT LS- 120V- G LS- 88HI II TS- 120TLWS- 2226
HS- 1200TV LS- 100TC LS- 120V- P LS- 88HV B TX- 1210HI
KS- 1200TS LS- 100TSVLS- 12TU LS- 88HVG TX1210HI II
LC- 210HI LS- 1022 LS- 153 TS LS- 88HV V TX- 12 H
LC- 210HIB LS- 10DTLS- 154H LS- OT WS- 112H
LC- 120HIGLS- 120HLS- 270HMP- 120 LTSWS- 1200TV


EL- 2125EL- 331AEL- 506REL- 209W/ 531W (BK/ WH)EL- 531RHEL- 6053
EL- 233S EL- 376S EL- 506V EL- 510R EL531VH EL- 6750
EL- 240SEL- 378SEL- 506(BK)EL- 520GEL- 531VH (BK/ BL)EL- 6810
EL- 242 MEL- 500MEL- 506W (BK/ WH)EL- 520VEL- 531W (BK/ BL / WH)EL- 6850
EL- 250SEL- 501(BK)EL- 509DEL- 520V (BK)EL- 546LEL- 771C
EL- 310A EL- 501V EL- 509G EL- 520VA EL- 546VA
EL- 310A- GREL- 501W (BK/ WH)EL- 509REL- 520W (BK/ WH)EL- 558G
EL- 327S EL- 506P EL- 509V EL- 531GH


CT- 580 SDC- 8560 SDC- 8620A SLD- 742N W- 11S
ET- 210 SDC- 8610 SDC- 8975 STL- 795
SDC- 84407E SDC- 8610A SLD- 7008 TL- 780


2512 DT210 DT- 394 HC115 HC205 SC- 120
DB453B DT303 EB- 964 HC133 HL- 125 SC- 582
DT120V plus DT393 HC106 HC193 MS- 270LA
ARCUS1 HL- 88L LCD- 612ST SD- 100HW SD- 81H SD- 835
HL- 110 LCD- 186 SD- 100H SD- 805M SD- 828





Calculators whose brand and identifying mark do not appear in the list above shall be prohibited in the examinations.

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6 thoughts on “PRC List of Non-Programmable Calculators Allowed to be Used in Licensure Examination”

  1. A non-programmable calculator means that you are unable to write programs on it! For example, with a TI-83 you can write simple programs, which could be potentially used to store answers.

    Also the purpose of non-programmable calculators is that so you can’t cheat in a test or an exam.


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