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PRC List of Equivalent Degrees for Teachers Examination (LET)

The following list of equivalent degrees was prepared in the National Board for Teachers pursuant to PD 1006 and used by the Civil Service Commission in its teacher examination and registration functions.

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The following degrees shall be deemed equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in SECONDARY EDUCATION:

  1. Bachelor in Business Teachers Education
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  3. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education
  4. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry for Teachers
  5. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics
  6. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts
  7. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education
  8. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Teachers
  9. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
  10. Bachelor of Science in Physics for Teachers
  11. Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education

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The following degrees shall be deemed equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in ELEMENTARY EDUCATION:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Education with major study in Elementary Education
  2. Bachelor of Science in (Inverted Course)
  3. Bachelor of Arts with major study Elementary Education
  4. Bachelor in Pedagogy
  5. Degree received for successful completion of a four-year teacher education course in schools of Agriculture, Arts and Trades, and of Fisheries.
  6. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics
  7. Bachelor of Science in in Early Childhood Education/Pre-school/Kindergarten
    Any of the following degrees PLUS 18 units of credit in professional education courses and 5 units in practice teaching in the elementary grades:
  • Bachelor of Science in Education (with any major or minor study)
  • Bachelor of Arts with any major or minor study other than Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in Agricultural Homemaking, in Foods and Nutrition, in Home Economics (Secondary), and in Home Technology


Of the required 18 units of credit in professional education course, 12 units must have been earned by completing one subject or its equivalent in each of the four (4) clusters enumerated below:


  • Adolescent Psychology (Adolescent Growth and Development)
  • Child Growth, Development, and Learning (Development Education) Child Study (Child Psychology)
  • Developmental Reading
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Foundation of Education I (Psychological and Sociological Foundation of Education)
  • Human Growth, Learning and Development
  • Learning Theories & their Applications to Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Psychology Applied to Education
  • Social Dimension
  • Social Foundations of Educations
  • Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education: A Comparative Approach
  • The Psychology of Reading
  • Theories of Learning


  • Foundations of Social Studies
  • Instructional Planning and Procedures in Social Studies
  • Language Acquisition Theories, Principles & Research
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Models of Teaching
  • Philosophies and Principles of Teaching
  • Principles of Teaching & Educational Technology/Digital Technology Principles of Secondary Education
  • Reading in the Content Areas
  • Science Teaching and Testing
  • Second Language Teaching
  • Seminar on Secondary Education
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching Strategies I (Teaching Communication Arts) Teaching Strategies II (Teaching Social Studies) Teaching
  • Strategies III (Teaching Science and Math) Teaching Strategies IV (Teaching Values)
  • Teaching Strategies in Other Special Field
  • Teaching and Content of Elementary Subjects (Curriculum & Instruction) Teaching in Content in Secondary Subjects


  • Foundation of Education II (Historical, Philosophical, and Legal Foundation of Education)
  • History of Education
  • Introduction to Education including Philippine Educational System Non-formal Education
  • Philippine Educational System
  • Philosophy of Education
  • The Teaching Profession


  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Principles and Methods of Assessment
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Statistical Methods Applied to Education Student Program/Project
  • Test and Measurements

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The remaining six (6) units may be met by completing any two (2) of the following professional education courses

  1. Administration and Supervision
  2. Audio-Visual Education
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Development of Instructional & Assessment Materials in Reading & Language
  5. Early Childhood Education
  6. Educational Leadership
  7. Educational Sociology
  8. Instructional Media Resources
  9. Observation and participation/Observation and Community Immersion
  10. Preparation of Curriculum Materials
  11. Principles and Techniques of Guidance & any other Guidance Course
  12. Production of Instructional & Assessment of Materials in Social Studies
  13. Special Education
  14. Student Teaching/Internship/Practicum in Teaching
  15. The Child and the Curriculum
  16. Values Education

A total of 18 units of credit in certain graduate courses shall be considered equivalent to the 18-unit undergraduate requirement in professional education. Of the 18 units of graduate courses, the 12 units must have been earned by completing the subject or its equivalent in each of the four (4) clusters enumerated below. The graduate courses must be supplemented with three (3) years teaching experience in a duly recognized public or private school.


  • Psychological Foundation of Education Human Ecology and Education
  • Advance Educational Psychology
  • Advanced Developmental Psychology


  • Seminar on Teaching
  • Advanced Principles of Teachings
  • Curriculum and Methods of Teaching


  • Foundation of Education
  • Comparative Education
  • Current Issues on Education
  • Current Trends, Issues and problems in Education Non-formal Education
  • Comparative Philosophy of Education
  • Legal Aspects and Foundation


  • Advanced Tests and Measurement
  • Test Construction and Evaluation
  • Methods of Research
  • Intro to Statistics/Basic Statistics/Advanced Statistics

Remaining six (6) units may be met by completing any two (2) of the following graduate courses:

  1. Advanced Administration and Supervision
  2. Guidance and Counseling Course
  3. Educational Administration and Supervision
  4. Educational Management
  5. Human Resources Development
  6. Administration and Supervision in Elementary Schools
  7. Advance Curriculum Development
  8. Management of Educational Innovations
  9. Seminar in Teacher Education
  10. Pre-School Education
  11. Education and Psychology of Exceptional Children

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99 thoughts on “PRC List of Equivalent Degrees for Teachers Examination (LET)”

  1. Elementary educ po ang natapos at board paaser narin ako, kaso gusto ko pong magturo sa senior high ng TVL ano pong gagawin ko upang ma qualify ako sa senior high.

  2. Hello,

    I am a BSED graduate major in English in 2010 and took my first LET in the same year. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Am I still qualified to take another LET? What are the requirements since I graduated a long time ago? Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Good Day po I’m a graduated of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management po, ano po yung pwede kong itake gusto ko po magteacher sana.

  4. Am i allowed to take LET exam i have earned 30 units of Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management and my bachelors degree is Bachelor of Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology

  5. hi BSHRM graduate po ako at nag aaral po ako ng TCP ngayon. ano po kaya ang magiging major ko sa pag takeko po ng LET exam? salamat po.

  6. You should take EDUC units from universities like UPOU. You should look into PTC (Professional Teaching Certificate) so that you can take the LET and be a licensed teacher. That’s what I’m doing now.

  7. Hello.Im a graduate of BS in information technology(BSIT)..gusto po kumuha ng professional education course para makapag take ako ng LET EXAM.. ask ko lang po kung what subjects should i take just to earn educ units under new curriculum.. thank you..

    • pumunta ka sa school kung saan mo gusto mag aral at sabihin mo gusto mo mag earn ng units sa education. Mag aaral ka ng 6 months and then mag review ka kung gusto mo magkaroon ng lisensya sa pag tuturo. Bring your TOR na din kasi yun ang isa sa hihingin nila for evaluation po. I hope it helps.

    • You need to earn 18 units form education mag aaral ka for 6 months may ibibigay naman silang subjects upon enrollment. After 6 months mag review ka para maka take ng board (LET) exam at makakuha ka ng license

  8. Hello.Im a graduate of AB in English Language..what other units should I take before I take the licensure exam? Thanks!

  9. Hi po ano po kinukuha nyong Major? Balak ko din kasi but dko alam anong dapat after ng BSN na gusto mag LeT exam ano mga majors ang dapat kunin na related po thank you

  10. Hello ask ko lang po.kung bsed ka. Tapos magtatake ka ng beed exam. Pwede po ba yun. Or kailangan mag earn ng units from beed.
    Thank you sa sasagot

  11. Hi gtaduate po ako ng BS Marine Engineering also boatd passer ng BSMarE
    gusto magturo, anung course ang etetake ko para magkapagturo aq at makatake ng LET

    • mag earn ka ng units sa education (BSED) for 6 months tsaka ka mag review for LET Exam pag naipasa may lisensya ka para makapag turo po. Upon enrollment bring your TOR for evaluation. Sabihin mo gusto mo mag earn ng units sa education 18 units basta earner ka ng education.

  12. Good morning po,
    Gusto ko maging guro, graduate po ako ng Bachelor of Agricultural Technology. Ano po ang aking gagawin? Please need help po.

  13. ask ko lang po Bachelor in industrial technology major in computer technology po ako? wat po pde ituro ko pag gusto ko po mag turo ng senior high or secondary highschool?thanks po

  14. HI,

    I took my last let exam last 2012, can I still file to take examination for let this year? I heard that I need to take refresher first before taking another let examination, is it true?

  15. Unit taker po ako. Plan to take LET. What major po kayo ako? AB Comm Arts at Bachelor of Laws grad po ako. Pwede po ba ako sa Social Science? Thank you.

  16. Hi! I am a Degree Holder of B.S Major in Psychology. What should be my first step para makapag turo and take LET? Thank you!!!

  17. Hi there

    I took up BS Physical Therapy, then nakapag teach ako sa isang college dito Thailand while studying for M.Ed. in Educational Administration. Because hindi ako Educ. Grad., I was required to get noncredit Foundation courses prior to the required courses.

    Looking at the subjects required above, I have earned credits to most of them in my masteral studies. Can that be used as credits toward earning the 18 units for Profession Education degree and qualify to take LET?

    Thank you……….

  18. Hi. I took BA in English Language and am planning to take MA in Education Major in Educational Administration. Will I be able to qualify to take the LET?

  19. BSIT degree po ako ngayon gusto ko nalang maging teacher. ano po ang dapat Kung gawin? mg aaral po ba ako ulit back to 0 or mg dagdag lng aq ng ilang units? ilang years pa po ang aarali nko if ever?

    • I think meron tayong options same field tau… una you can take 18 units of Professional Education.. which accordingly madadagan next semester kasi mag babago ang curriculum kung matutuloy dadagdagan nila ng Practice Teaching baka magiging (30-36 units) PERO WALA PA FINAL SAY SI CHED,, pero kelangan din natin mag take ng NC 2-4 kung sa Senior High ang balak mo,, pede rin naman mag MASTER’S Degree ka para pasok sa University.. Kung hindi pede rin naman Tapusin mo nung CSS then take TM – Trainers Methodology,,

  20. graduate po ako ng B.S in AGRICULTURE ma method po sana ako… pagnatapos ko po ang method pwede po ba ako magtake ng LET? at ano pong specialization pwede sakin?

    tnx for your response?

  21. Hello good day, I took up Diploma in Professional Education Major in Math, I graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, is the major subject i took for my DPE suits my course BSA

  22. I take up DPE with a major of Math, I graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, is the major subject suits my course?

  23. Hi Good day,
    I would like to enquire some question; my name is Mario I graduated last March 2002 taken up Bachelor Science in Computer Science as Cum Laude. I perceived if you gain an honor which I have, If I must obtain a unit in Education, does I am excepted for LET exam after I finished? I was a little bit of confused and if ever I will pass, in which sort I am fit?
    Thank you in advance …..

  24. Hi I am Kirsten. I am a graduate of BSBA financial management. I want to earn some units of education to be eligible to take the LET. What do I need? What should I take?

  25. Hi, I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management Major in Public Administration. What should I do so I could pursue Education..Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Marcia, BPA graduate din ako. Ask lang po sana ng update regarding sa journey nyo to pursue teaching. Thanks

  26. hi… I am a graduate of CRIMINOLOGY Course and a licensed Criminologist. I have a plan to take earning units just to qualified to teach in Senior High School. How many units should i take just in case i am qualified to take the LET Exam. Thank You. God Bless….

  27. Gud pm. I am a licensed Criminologist. I have plan to teach in Education. What should I take first before I am qualified. And How many units should I take before taking the LET Examination. Thank You and God Bless!

  28. Hello po! I am a Bachelor of science in social Work graduate. I would like to to take LET and be a teacher for secondary level or senior high grade. How would i do it? Could you help me?

  29. Sir naka 18 unit na ako sa diploma in teaching ano po requirements pag kukuha ng LET?Certification of units earned po ba pwde na?

  30. Hi I am graduate of BSIT. I am planning to take education? can I ask what are the process. so that i can take LET exams? thanks

  31. hello! I m BACHELOR OF SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE i want take let. can i ask permission how many years unity subject for education and also what the category am l belong?

  32. Gud pm. I am a licensed Criminologist. I have plan to teach in Education. What should I take first before I am qualified. And How many units should I take before taking the LET Examination. Thank You and God Bless!

  33. hi… I am a graduate of CRIMINOLOGY Course and a licensed Criminologist. I have a plan to take earning units just to qualified to teach in Senior High School. How many units should i take just in case i am qualified to take the LET Exam. Thank You. God Bless….

  34. Hello, I am a licensed registered nurse graduated 1995. Nursed abroad since 2001 but now wanting to go back to Philippines for good. No place like home. I am 42 years old. What are my chances of qualifying to become a teacher in the Philippines. Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

  35. Hi po. I am a graduate of BS Computer Science and Master in Business Administration. I have passed LET (Secondary Major in Mathematics). I would like to apply as Senior High School teacher. I have 14 years of College teaching experience. I am qualified to teach in Senior High School? What could be my position or rank, if ever? Thank you so much

  36. hi po. i’m a licncesed elementary teacher and i want to teach junior high school. do i still need to take another LET for me to be qualified in the secondary? according to prc kasi, no need na dw but i can’t find a memo regarding this matter. ty po

  37. Hello po, im a licensed customs broker and have an 8yrs experience in bpo industry. I would like take up LET, on which category i belong to.?

  38. Hi im a graduate of AB Psychology and i am interested to teach in pre school and I wanted to have a degree or diploma in BEED in Preschool. What steps i will do? Thank you.

  39. Hello! I’m a BS Computer Science graduate. What will be my field of specialization and what category level am I belong? Thanks.

  40. Hello po. I am a graduate of BS in Fisheries with 36 units in Education. I have my MSc in Marine Ecology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management. Back in 1980, I passed the PBET Examination with a rating of 74.74. When I passed the PBET Examination I did not teach for several years because I was employed at SEAFDEC AQD as a researcher. In 2005, I applied for a teaching position at the University of Antique and I was hired. Because it is required to have a License in teaching, can I use my PBET rating in applying for a licensed? Can I ask what are the requirements. Pls and kindly help me. thank you very much.

  41. Good day. i am a graduate of associate in hotel and restaurant management. I also took up units in education for a semester and a summer. Am I eligible to teach if I had only taken up a two year course? What are my options soI can teach and take the exam? Thank you. I am hoping for your generous reply. thanks

  42. Good day. i am a graduate of associate in hotel and restaurant management. I also took up units in education for a semester and a summer. Am I eligible to teach if I had only taken up a two year course? What are my options soI can teach and take the exam? Thank you. I am hoping for your generous reply.

  43. Good day! After taking DPE, I passed the LET in 2006 with a specialization in MATH. I completed an MA in Early Childhood Ed after that. Will I still be qualified to teach pre-school and kindergarten with the new Dep Ed memo on verticalization? Many thanks.

  44. Hello. I’m a BA Sociology graduate and I have taken Child Psychology as one my electives during my undergrad. Is my degree already equivalent to a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education? Do I still need to take 18 units of professional education courses?

  45. hi, I m doing NTT and Montessori certificate course.So , let me know is it equivalent for Elementary Education ? or not..And also want to know what is Unit? I didn’t get… plz tell me.

  46. hi im a nurse.& taking eprofessional ducation units right now..i just wanted to ask what are the prc requirements for nurses who will take let exam?ill be finishing my prof.ed 18 units until end of november.please i need ur advice.thanks

    • Hi, i am also a nurse and i am planning to take the LET, how many units will be required in order for me to qualify for LET. I graduated last 2010..

  47. hi I am graduated of B.S Hotel and Restaurant Management and I want to take LET and im wondering if what should I take and what subject that is applicable to be and and what year level can I teach?

  48. Hi,

    I have a degree in BS in Accountancy and Masteral in Management major in public administration. What will be do to qualify on LET?

    Thank you.

  49. hi. i just want to know if the sujects i’ve just finished will qualify me to take LET.
    FACILITATING learning
    educational technology 1
    Assessment of student learning,
    teaching profession
    Values education
    curriculum development

  50. Hi. May I just ask if what is observation and participation/observation and community immersion? This is one of the professional education courses mentioned above. Is this the same with the practicum for teachers? Thank you. 🙂

  51. Favor po pashare naman po ng mga reviewer po pls biological science po sana bs nursing po kasi ako salamat ng marami GODBLESS po

    • mam ano pong process ginawa nyo para makapagtake ng LET..help nman po nursing grad din po..pwde po ba malaman pano ginawa nyo gusto ko din sana magshift ng career.

      • pa enroll ka po sa professional education curriculum, mga 18-21 units of education subjects as enumerated by the article above po

  52. Sir I’m a elem graduate under eteeap program and I also passed the exam. Before I took this course I’m a grad of two year associate hrm and one year in bsba I like to ask sana kc plan q mag take ng based ilang units p po h kukunin q at pwepwed po b in knit license elem teacher n me…..

  53. hi! i am planning to take let next year. i am currently taking these subjects. i just want to ask if these subjects will do..
    Child and Adolescent Learning
    Nonformal education
    Principles of teaching , Assessment of student learning,
    remaining 6 units:
    Values education
    Social Dimensions of education.

  54. Hi I am a BS Biology graduate and took up Diploma in Teaching. Till date I earned 22 units but have not finished yet the course as I need to have my student teaching. Am I qualified to take SPLBE.



  55. Hi I am a BS Biology graduate and I tool up online Diploma in Teaching and earn till date 22 units but have not finished yet. I am on OFW and part of the requirement for graduation is Student Teaching. Am I qualified to take LET.



  56. hi po, im a unit earner po ng education..and planning to take let this sept. ask lang po if sa requirements kc tor with mark na “for examination board purposes only”, pati po ba ung baccalaureate ko na tor nid din po ng same mark? Thanks po.

  57. Hi.. I am a registered elem teacher and also i am a graduate of MA Filipino. i intend to teach in the senior high school. So i decided to join the ranking for senior high school. Fortunately i am listed qualified. However, during the orientation of qualified teacherz in senior high they just announced that elementary teachers are not eligible to teach in the senior high regardless i am a MA grad. Inview of this, can i take the license for secondary teacher? Just to be eligible in senior high… Thanks po

  58. Uhm Hi. I am so confused. I’m a registered nurse and I don’t know in which category I fall. I would like to take the LET and I don’t know what to do. Does my catefory fall under Elementary Education Bachelor of Science in (Inverted Course)??


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