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Reemployment of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers on a Provisional Status

In line with the incoming School Year 2020-2021 which will start on June 1, 2020, attached herewith are the procedures on the Reemployment of Senior High School (SHS) teachers on a Provisional status, to wit:


Note: Procedures may vary from your Division Office, please coordinate with your Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB)

a. The Personnel Unit shall prepare the Appointment Papers of the teachers;

b. The School Heads or any authorized representaive may get the Appointment Papers starting Monday, June 1, 2020 and onwards following the schedules by Area:

c. Teachers MUST prepare and submit DIRECTLY to the schools the following documents:

i. Personal Data Sheet (PDS) Form 212, revised 2017 in two (2) copies properly attested by any authorized official;

ii. Position Description Form (PDF) duly signed by the Supervising official in two (2) copies;

iii. Oath of Office in two (2) copies;

iv. For TVL teachers: photocopy of National Certification (NC II) and, for those occupying Teacher II positions, please include the Trainer’s Methodology Certificate (TMC I).

d. The School Head or any authorized official shall ACCEPT the documents and CHECK for the completeness of the requirements;

e. The teachers shall be reponsible for the PROPER filling-out of needed entries in all documents and shall MAKE SURE that they indicate their signatures in ALL documents where it is needed;

f. The School Head or any authorized representative shall be responsible for the submission of the Pertinent Documents BACK to the Personnel Unit following the schedules by Area.

g. The Peronnel Unit shall then route the Appointment Papers of the teachers for the approval of the Superintendent.

Moreover, the teachers are hereby reminded of the following:

a. The Superintendent will not indicate the date of effectivity of the appointment UNLESS they will be able to submit their Performance Rating using the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) rating for the latest applicable school year;

b. Although said teachers are not yet obliged to report to the schools, they are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to coordinate with their respective school heads using any means of communication;

c. The longer the teacher will be able to submit the required documents including the IPCRF rating, the longer will be their effectivity date in the Appoinment Papers.

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Manuel P. Albano Ph.D., CESO V
Schools Division Superintendent

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