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Revised Deadlines for the 2016 Principals’ Test

2016 Principals’ Test Application period is extended until July 2, 2016! Here are some updates and Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about the examination, please carefully read DepEd Memorandum No. 80, s. 2016.

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June 15, 2016



Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Geads
All Other Concerned


Assistant Secretary

Revised Deadlines for the 2016 Principals’ Test

With reference to the DepEd Memorandum No. 80, s. 2016 dated May 17, 2016 on the conduct of 2016 Principals’ Test, please be informed of the following changes:

June 20, 2016SAMEStep 1: Securing of the five (5) documents
May 16 to June 18May 16 to July 2Step 2: Online application and submission of requirements via email
June 20July 4Step 3: Submission of the list of eligible applicants from SDO personnel section to RO-QAD
June 20 to July 8July 4 to July 15Step 4: Validation and submission of the list of qualified applicants in the Regional Office to the National Technical Working Group (NTWG)
July 15, 2016SAMENTWG will announce the number of test takers per SDO and proceed for payment
July 8 to 29July 18 to August 5Step 5:

a. Pay the Registration fee - PhP 500.00
b. Submit 2 pieces 2 x 2 ID pictures with name lag (with signature of applicant at the back) to the SDO personnel
August 5August 8Step 6: SDO Personnel submit the 2 x 2 ID pictures to RO-QAD
July 30 to August 31August 7 to August 31Issuance of Official Receipt by tire RO Cashier to the SIX) (Official Receipt shall serve as the Examination Permit)

2016 Principals' Test Application

2016 Principals’ Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2016 Principals' Test FAQ 1 2016 Principals' Test FAQ 2

Why do we need to secure first the Certificate of Eligibility from the Schools Division Office?

This is to ensure that the SDO can certify that you meet the eligibility requirements. It is also a way to track the applications. SDOs are highly encouraged to develop learning interventions to prepare the applicants.

2016 Principals' Test FAQ 3

What are the documents that we should email?

  1. Certificate of Eligibility from the SDO Personnel Section
  2. Performance Rating for the past 2 rating periods: PAST/PASAG in SY 2014-2015 and IPCRF in SY 2015-2016. (Pages with the rating & signature of rater only.)
  3. Signed Service Record;
  4. Designation Order as Teacher-In-Charge signed by the Superintendent (for TICs)
  5. Certification of managerial and administrative experience from DepEd-recognized private institution or CHED-recognized higher education institution (if you had 5 experience from non-DepEd institutions).

* Photographed files shall be accepted provided that the copies are clear.

For easy reference, indicate the following in the email:

  • Subject heading: Surname, First Name;
  • In line text: SDO, school name and cellphone number; and
  • Date and time the online form was accomplished.

Can an Education Program Specialist / Senior Education Program Specialist II/ Planning Officer III/ Project Development Officer II apply for the examination?

If the applicant meets any of the eligibility requirements as of November 6, 2016, they may take the examination. That is, if he/she was previously a Teacher III for five (5) years or Head Teacher for one (1) year before transfer/promotion to that position.

Does NEAP have a review center or is giving reviewers?

NEAP and BHROD value the credibility and integrity of the examination; they are NOT, in any way, affiliated with individuals or institutions offering and providing review sessions or reviewers online.

Test applicants are warned against individuals or organizations that claim to have access to the content of the examination.

Applicants, individuals or organizations who will have direct or indirect request for test content and/or perform any act of bribery (monetary or gifts) to Central Office (CO), RO and SDO employees will be subject for investigation and/or filing of corresponding administrative cases. Such cases encountered may be reported to deped.principalstest@gmail.com.

2016 Principals' Test FAQ 4 2016 Principals' Test FAQ 5 2016 Principals' Test FAQ 5 2016 Principals' Test FAQ 6 2016 Principals' Test FAQ 7


Source: National Educators Academy of the Philippines

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  1. Please consider naman Po sana Yung years of service sa pagtake Ng principal test Kase Ang daming factors kung bakit hirap kaming iba sa pagkuha Ng T3. Napako kami sa T2 sa SEnior High School at Ang tagal Po Ng ERF for T3. Please modify the qualifying requirements for Principal’s test. Consider us na 10 years na in service na di pa nakakaT3 Po..

  2. Our requirements was not able to send always failure. can we still qualified to take a test? Thanks and more power

  3. hello po only this time n nbasa ko n my number five n requirements i have it also pero d ko po n isend yan and paano ko po malalaman f approved n po yong application ko thanks po.

  4. Hellow po. paano po yon sir/mam, Ngayon ko lang nakita na over qouta na po pero nameet ko po yong deadline. salamat po.

  5. Hellow po. failure po yong naisend kong requirements. paano po yon sir/mam? Ngayon ko lang nakita pero nameet ko po yong deadline. salamat po.

  6. I followed what was indicated in Office advisory dated June 15, 2016 but during the process of online application the website is no longer accepting responses last July 2, 2016 8:00 am. We need a clarification regarding this matter.

  7. “Application Form for Principal’s Test 2016” is no longer accepting responses….bakit po closed samantalang na revised untill July 2, 2016 ?

  8. Sir,
    This is to inform u that my application for PT5 wasn’t accepted considering that the deadline is July 2, 2016 as per indicated in the DEPEd Memo 80 , s. 2016.

  9. Good day sir/mam.. bakit po hindi na nag a accept ng online registration s principal’s test 2016? may iba pa po bng paraan to para mag pa online register? thanks po.

  10. Gud am,ngayon po ang deadline ng online application ng principals test,bakit di na po ito nag re response?

  11. gd day po.. bakit po the online application for principals test is no longer accepting responses?.. diba po ba may revised schedule of deadline til today july 2 po..

  12. hello sir mark.I am so glad i was able to follow you online.you are an answered prayer to a school head aspirant like me.It’s actually my second attempt to take the test. I was able to secure the documents needed from our schools division and fill up the application online and lastly, i was able to email the documents needed but up to this time i still dont receive any confirmation yet.Sir Mark, how can we know if our application is confirm po? thank you po.God bless

  13. Madam:
    May I know whether my online application for principal’s test last june 18,2016 was successful.
    Thank you very much

  14. Sir, I still have with me my OR last year. I was not able able to take the Principal’s Test because the schedule happened to be the burial of my uncle who was so closed to me. Can I still use it this year? Thank u very much.

  15. Sir last sat June 18, 2016 nag email na po ako including the scan documents then ngayon ko lang po na check na may failure notice po hindi po nasent for the reason na over quota na daw po ung account.

  16. hello sir/madam:
    how would i know if my application online related to my principals test application has already been approved. thank you

  17. hello sir/madam:
    how would i know if my application online related to my principals test application has already been approved. thank you


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