Guidelines on the Utilization of School Facilities in the Conduct of Civil Service Examinations

Then President Corazon C. Aquino issued Executive Order No. 292 promulgating the Administrative Code of 1987.

Under Executive Order No. 292, the Civil Service Commission which is a Constitutional Commission, is mandated to conduct Civil Service Examinations.

No. 7, Section 12, Chapter 3 of Executive Order No. 292 provides that the Civil Service Commission controls, supervises and coordinates Civil Service Examinations. “Any government entity or official in government may be called upon by the Commission to assist in the preparation and conduct of the said examination including security, use of buildings and facilities as well as personnel and transportation of examination materials which shall be exempt from inspections regulations.”

The use of school buildings and classrooms in the conduct of Civil Service Examinations is covered by the aforecited provision of Executive Order No. 292.

Moreover, said provision does not indicate that a certain amount may be exacted from a government agency like the Civil Service Commission for the use of a government facility.

It is therefore advised that if a government agency like the Civil Service Commission will utilize classrooms in the conduct of Civil Service Examinations, no amount of money shall be collected from the Civil Service Commission.


DepEd Guidelines on the Use of Public School Buildings and Facilities

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