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2016 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Guidelines


Functions and Responsibilities of the Testing Personnel

The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) as LEM Chairman shall:

  • be responsible for the smooth conduct of the test in the division;
  • designate examination centers and sub-testing centers; the designated testing centers should be conducive to
    testing (e.g. free from noise, no distracting activities nearby)
  • assign one of the division supervisors as Division Testing Coordinator; and
  • designate Room Examiners from among the master teachers and/or teaching staff who are reliable, competent, experienced in the conduct of PEPT, and have no history of lost Test Booklets (TBs).

The Division Testing Coordinator (DTC) shall:

  • check the registration forms to determine if the applicants meet all the requirements;
  • check on the accuracy of Age Computation and LLC of each applicant based on the supporting documents (use PEPT Form B);
  • prepare Form A (list of examinees by testing room) based on the LLC indicated in the registration forms;
  • coordinate and monitor the conduct of the PEPT in the division;
  • conduct an orientation or briefing to the testing staff on the standardized administration of the PEPT; and
  • Report/Submit to NETRC the total number of registrants by testing center in the Division through fax or email.

Functions of the Registering Official

Prepare/accomplish the following Forms:

  • Form A – List of Examinees by Testing Center
  • Form B – Evaluation Form for Registering Official
  • Form C – PEPT Documents Review

Three (3) Uses of Form A

  • A reference in locating the examinees for the release of Certificate of Rating (COR) in the division.
  • Address/Contact Numbers of the examinee cannot be indicated in the COR since it is a specified format
  • To be used by NETRC in accurate printing of Name, Age and LLC; the reason why it is one of the contents of the ETRE.
  • To be posted at the door of every testing room as reference for each examinee

The School Head shall:

  1. provide the following: (i) examination rooms with 20 arm chairs, chalkboard, board erasers, and chalk; and (ii) a Location Map of all the testing rooms; Note: Remember that desks are not appropriate for PEPT registrants.
  2. During the examination day, the school should be free from other activities;
  3. assign security officer to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the school compound on examination day; and
  4. assign a janitor to prepare/clean the examination rooms before/after the test.

The Chief Examiner (CE) shall:

  • Coordinate with the school head in the preparation of the examination rooms at least three days before the examination day;
  • Supervise the posting of PEPT Form A;
  • Receive the test materials from the DTC and distribute the same to the Room Examiners not later than 7:00 AM on examination day;
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of the TMs by supervising closely the administration of the test;
  • Check the report of the examiners and consolidate the same; and
  • Prepare the Narrative Report (Form 4) and accomplish the form required after the test.

The Room Supervisor (RS) shall:

  • Monitor the conduct of the test administration in 10 testing rooms in a testing center;
  • Check if the room examiners adhere to the instructions in the Examiner’s Handbook; and
  • Assist the CE in counting the TBs per pack and in accounting the number of ETREs.

The Room Examiner (RE) shall:

  • be in his/her assigned examination center to receive the TMs from the CE not later than 7:00 AM on examination day;
  • check the number of test materials he/she receives before proceeding to his/her assigned room;
  • ascertain the identity of the individual examinees based on the Form A and the picture attached in the admission slip/registration form before letting them enter the room;
  • adhere to the guidelines of the Examiner’s Handbook;
  • give the preliminary instruction before distributing the TMs; and
  • distribute the TMs to individual examinees based on the Form A and the picture attached in the admission/registration slip;
  • distribute the TMs individually to each examinee and administer the test strictly in accordance with the Examiner’s Handbook;
  • go around the room while the test is in progress to find out (i) if the examinees are following directions correctly, (ii) that no paraphernalia like calculator, cell phone, etc. are used, and (iii) proper item placement and proper shading of Name Grid is done;
  • Each RE is not allowed to read the test items in the TB. There is a corresponding sanction to this violation as stipulated in DECS Order No. 85, s. 1999;
  • keep custody of the unused TBs;
  • retrieve individually the TBs as well as the Answer Sheets (ASs) and verify the data entered;
  • return Form A and Examiner’s Handbook to the CE;
  • accomplish reports and submit them to the CE;
  • check if the following are contained in the ETRE: Time Record, Narrative Report, Form A, Forms 1 and 2, and Used ASs including all the supporting documents of each examinees (Birth Certificate, Form 137 and LEM’s copy); and
  • seal the ETRE while still inside the Examination Room.

Reminders to the Room Examiner

Check the consistency of Name, Age and LLC in the Registration Form, Form A, Form 1, Item Placement in the Answer Sheet, and Front Page of the Answer Sheet.

Duties and Functions of the NETRC Representative

  1. Reviews the documents submitted by PEPT applicants in the assigned Testing Center for monitoring as to the accuracy of: (a) age computation based on the examination date, (b) LLC. Use Form B.
  2. Rectifies the entries in Form A based on the reviews informing the DTC about the corrections.
  3. Monitors the conduct of the PEPT in the assigned Testing Center. A form is provided for this.
  4. Counts the TBs during the distribution and retrieval phases in the assigned Testing Center.
  5. Leaves the testing center after all the boxes of the test materials were all sealed.
  6. Reminds the DTC to send the TM’s right away to NETRC through a Forwarder.
  7. Retrieves and accounts the TMs from the assigned Testing Center if there is no Forwarder contracted.
  8. Retrieves and accounts all TBs released in the designated distribution center if there is no Forwarder contracted.

Reminders to the NETRC Representative

A. Count the TBs per pack four times

  • Before these are distributed to each RE
  • Before lunch time
  • Before afternoon session
  • Double count each TB pack submitted by every RE

B. Count the number of sealed Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelopes (ETREs)

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