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2016 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Guidelines


Pre-test Reminders: Distribution of Test Materials

To ensure integrity of the test and confidentiality of the TMs, utmost care, diligence, and vigilance on the part of all the officials concerned shall be observed.

  1. The NETRC Representative shall deliver the TMs to the Division Office. The packing guide that goes with the TMs shall be the reference in determining the allocation per testing center.
  2. The SDS or his/her duly authorized representative shall receive the materials from the NETRC Representative immediately upon the latter’s arrival. He/She shall verify the number of boxes against the number specified in the Delivery Form without breaking the seal of the boxes.
  3. The SDS/DTC shall turn over the TMs to the CE before 7:00 AM on the examination day in the presence of the NETRC Representative.
  4. In conformity with the procedure indicated in the Examiner’s Handbook, the plastic bags containing the TBs and ASs shall be opened in the examination room in the presence of the REs.

Pre-Test: Entrance and Seating Arrangement, etc.

  1. 20 Examinees in a room
  2. Seats are 5 rows of 4
  3. Count TBs before opening package in front of examinees
  4. Do not allow electronic devices – calculator and mobile/cell phones in the examination room.
  5. Only the examinees’ pencil, sharpener and clean sheet of paper shall be placed on the arm chair. All other belongings shall be placed in front of the room underneath the blackboard.

Pre-Test: Distribution and Checking of TBs & ASs and Other Reminders

  1. Distribute from right to left beginning with the lowest number of TB and AS.
  2. Check the TB page by page.
  3. Place the defective TB and unused AS, if any, inside the plastic bag.
  4. Unused TBs and ASs should be in the custody of the RE while the test is in progress.
  5. As per DECS Order No. 85, s. 1999, the RE is not allowed to read the TBs otherwise a corresponding sanction will be applied.

Pre-Test: Other Information

  1. Provide each examinee the Item Placement Form (IPF) with information on items to be answered in testing rooms.
  2. An examinee shall be allowed to start accomplishing the Name Grid only when the pencil is shown.
  3. Supervise proper shading of the Name Grid (Region and Division).
  4. Read verbatim the boxed portions in the handbook. Do not translate in local language/dialect.
  5. Accomplish the Seat Plan while the examinees are answering the EDQ.

Pre-Test Reminders

  1. Check if the Examinees have shaded the correct circles pertaining to the NAME GRID including all necessary information about himself/herself.
  2. Do not start the Test Proper unless each examinee shall have completely and properly shaded the NAME GRID.
  3. Check if the Examinees have shaded the correct circles pertaining to the Age and Highest Grade/Year Level Passed. Make sure that these jibe with the information in Form A.
  4. Let examinees affix their signatures (found in the last page of the Answer Sheet) before starting the test.
  5. Check the correctness of the item placement assigned to each examinee while the test is going on.
  6. Do not use liquid eraser/tape eraser in erasing the shaded circle.


  1. Give the examinees five minutes to inspect and clean the AS.
  2. Instruct them to tear off carefully the examinee stub before collecting the ASs.
  3. Count TBs and ASs before allowing examinees to leave the room.

Post-Test: Accounting of Test Materials and Preparation of Reports

  1. Count and arrange TBs in sequence of serial numbers
  2. Count and arrange ASs in sequence of serial numbers
  3. Accomplish the ETRE by indicating the number of registrants and the actual number of examinees
  4. After the contents (TBs and ASs) have been accounted for, SEAL the ETRE with the DepED-NETRC paper tape while inside the examination room


  • Name Grid replica to be stored in Testing Centers
  • Examiner’s Handbook to be returned to NETRC

Post-Test: Contents of CETRE and ETRE

CETRE’s Contents

  • Unused AS (duly accounted)
  • Forms 3 and 4

ETRE’s Contents

  • Form A
  • Used ASs placed in original plastic bag
  • Forms 1 and 2
  • Examiner’s Narrative Report
  • LEM’s Copies of Actual Examinees
  • Photocopies of the Birth Certificate and School Records of Actual Examinees

*The ETRE’s to be used are excess from past test administration.
* The original copies of documents should be returned to every registrant.

On photocopied answer sheets

  • In case there will be a shortage of Answer Sheets (ASs) in one testing center, Scannable Answer Sheets (SASs) may be photocopied.
  • The photocopied ASs SHOULD BE PLACED INSIDE THE RESPECTIVE ETRE corresponding with the list of actual examinees in Forms 1 and 2.
  • No Examinee Number should be written in Form 2 (Seat Plan) for the examinees with photocopied ASs. Instead, indicate in the blank “(Photocopied).”
  • Using a red marker, indicate at the upper right corner of the ETRE this note: With _______Photocopied Answer Sheets

The instructions above are important in order for NETRC to locate, transcribe and electronically process the photocopied ASs.

Other Concerns

1. Examinees without COR

  • The Division must submit a letter to NETRC with the complete name of the examinees without COR by testing center.

2. PEPT Review by Schools

  • NETRC does not object to this
    Serves as remedial lessons for least learned competencies

3. PEPT Examiner’s Handbook

  • If not provided, previous handbooks may be used
  • Same item placement (constant over the years); no changes

4. PEPT and PVT

  • PEPT – is the testing program in which NETRC has a direct linkage with Division Offices
  • PVT – is the testing program where NETRC has direct linkage with the Regional Offices

5. Lost PEPT Registration Forms

  • The applicant must pay another registration form in order to be included in the final list of examinees
  • The Division must provide applicants’ original registration forms and not photocopies
  • Each registration form is an accountable document

6. Supporting Documents

  • Original – to be returned to the applicant
  • 1 Photocopy – for the Division (optional)
  • 1 Photocopy – for NETRC

Middle Initial for Illegitimate Children

  • Use the middle initial of the mother of the applicant
    If not applicable, leave it blank

7. PEPT Sub-Centers

25 to 30 examinees are allowed for sub-centers on the condition that these are far from the existing testing center

Request for Special Rate on the Registration Fee of Indigenous People (IP)

  • No special rate will be given since there is no increase of the registration fee since 1978
  • Advise: Look for financial sponsors

8. Lack of Documents due to Typhoon or Fire

  • A certification from the principal will not suffice
  • No Form 137/138 – classify the applicants as “No Formal Schooling”
  • Exert efforts to look for other possible sources of the school document (e.g. District/Division/Regional Offices)

9. Expenses on Photocopying of Supporting Documents

  • If 2 copies of the supporting documents were provided, expenses on the additional photocopying may be charged to the contingency
  • Provide official receipt in the liquidation

PEPT and A and E

Formal School System-Based
Intended for overage inschool or out-of-school children/youth who dropped out from the formal school system
Alternative Learning Module-Based
Intended for those who are unable to go through the formal delivery mode
Grade/Year Level Placement
Qualifiers are placed in a grade or year level higher than the last level completed
Exit/Terminal Assessment
Qualifiers are accelerated into two levels: either an elementary or secondary graduate
PEPT results are taken into account as a valid credential for baccalaureate courses in tertiary educationA & E credential applicability has constraints in some college courses

Pept examinees with special needs

For Divisions with Visually-Impaired (VI) Examinees*:

The DTC must have the exact number of VI examinees and IDENTIFY THEM whether they are Braille or non-Braille readers

A separate report must be submitted to NETRC regarding this aside from the total number of regular examinees

Room Examiner – VI Examinees’ Ratio

Braille Readers:

1 Room Examiner = 3 Braille Readers
1 Room Examiner = 1 Non-Braille Reader

Test Materials (TMs) will be personally delivered/retrieved by an NETRC representative. If not possible, these will be delivered through courier.

*Administered only during the regular PEPT administration.


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